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SasoDei - One Gold Doubloon

Chapter One

The Lightning Queen

Deidara was bobbing in the water, barely managing to tread water with his legs – his hands were currently tied tightly behind his back. The blonde's red haired lover was barely a metre away, but he appeared as calm as he always was. "Don't worry, Love." Sasori cooed tenderly, trying to comfort him in the dire situation that could only end in their deaths, "Everything will be alright."

"How can you say that, un?" Deidara gave him a wide eyed look of fear, "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" He paled further once he saw the shark fin that began to circle them.

It pointed towards Sasori and sunk below the water's surface, though the blonde could still see the silver shimmer of the shark – it was headed for the red head. Sasori gave him a small tender smile, "I love you." The shark reached the older male and he disappeared underneath the surface of the water.

Deidara gave a loud scream, "DANNA!" Tears were rolling from his one eye – his other having been gouged out on his first night aboard the ship – the liquid mixing with the burning salt water that made up the relentless sea. The people in the pirate ship sadistically laughed, loud enough for the blonde to hear.

How had it even come to this? What had they done to deserve this cruel death anyway? They had been in love, and that had been their downfall…



"OI! GET BACK HERE!" Deidara bolted with the loaf of bread clutched tightly against his chest. The angry baker ran after him, waving a cane as he did so. The blonde was pushing his way through the crowds of foreigners and locals who were meeting at the dock-side markets.

Deidara lived in a large town called Iwa – it was a thriving community that was located near the ocean. The city had one of the largest ports in all the land, but the amount of poverty was astounding.

The blonde boy was nineteen years old, and he had been hungry and alone for as long as he could remember. Deidara abruptly ran into a woman, knocking them both to the ground. He hissed and was about to continue running away, but was stopped when two strong men abruptly grabbed him, a cutlass quickly positioned at his throat.

The woman got to her feet, repositioning her hat with a scowl at the blonde. Deidara paled when he recognised the style of the hat and of the girl's clothing; she could only be the captain of a pirate ship. And he guessed that the people holding him were her crewmen.

The baker arrived and growled at the boy, the cutlass being taken away from his throat as the man yanked the bread from Deidara's hands. "Filthy street rat!" The cronies let go of him as the man whacked him across the face with his cane. Deidara collapsed to the floor, clutching at his burning cheek in agony.

"Baker," the pirate captain spoke to the man with a voice full of anger, "this boy ran right into me! I demand that you punish him harder!"

Deidara felt at his cheek meekly – the man hadn't broken the skin but an angry bruise would definitely form soon. At least it had been on the left side of his face – his fringe would hide the majority of it. "Better yet! I'll sell the runt to you for two gold doubloons – as pirates you must be drowning in the stuff."

"This kid isn't worth even one gold doubloon!" The woman gave a scowl before pulling out two shiny coins, "I'll give you two silver pieces…And you better throw in that loaf of bread." The man thought for a few seconds before smirking, taking the coins off of the woman and handing her the bread.

"You got yourself a deal, lady." He sniggered and disappeared amongst the crowd, leaving the blonde in the hands of the pirates. Deidara was pulled to his feet, stumbling as he stood, staring at the group of four.

The captain wore a prestigious outfit that was quite normal for the leader of a ship. Her hat possessed two long feathers that almost touched the ground – one was orange and the other was dark blue. Her clothes were coloured magenta, white and black, including a pair of tight short shorts, a large belt, a short white tank top, and a large open jacket which almost touched the floor. It was magenta with golden buttons, and she wore black boots that reached halfway up her thighs. Her ears were pierced and currently decorated with a pair of gold doubloon earrings. She possessed eyes that were green, and her hair was a light pink in colour. Her locks were tied in a low ponytail that reached halfway down her back, and the woman was currently snarling at Deidara.

The second crony was a boy who looked to be around the same age as the blonde. He had dark blue hair that resembled the butt of a parrot, and his eyes were dark. The third was the oldest of the lot, and he possessed deathly pale skin. His hair was long and raven black, reaching his lower back. The male had golden eyes that were positively snake-like, while he wore golden hoop earrings. The last male was only a few years older than the blonde, and he had dark eyes that were covered by a pair of circular glasses. His hair was grey and in each ear he wore silver earrings that were in the shape of stars.

Their clothes consisted of dirty tank tops, and shorts that had various stains on. Other than that, all of them were wearing matching royal blue jackets, although unlike the captain's theirs ended at their waists.

"Boy; you're going to be worked to the bone." The woman tossed him the loaf of bread and he eagerly caught it, "Enjoy that; it'll be the last decent thing that you will ever eat." Deidara swallowed – he didn't like the idea of working for the pirates until the day he died. "I'm Sakura Haruno, Captain of the ship known as the Lightning Queen. This is Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto; they are my favourite crew members. The rest of the gang are still on the ship, while our navigator/doctor is off fetching some more medical supplies…Tell me your name."

The blonde swallowed again and looked down to his bread that no longer seemed to be of any worth, "…Deidara…"

"Good boy." Sakura turned to her cronies, "Kabuto, you can take 'Deidara' here to the ship. Show him the ropes…Punish him severely if he tries to run." The grey haired male gave a nod, smirking very slightly before he looked at the blonde.

"Let's go." Kabuto began to walk away, and Deidara assumed that he was supposed to follow behind him. The blonde quickly pursued the male, not wishing to suffer punishment for being slow. Deidara was led to a mighty ship, and Kabuto stopped just in front of it. "Welcome to the Lightning Queen."

It was a decent looking vessel, with broad white sails and a superior appearance about it. The flag which waved at the very top of the central mast was black with an elegant crown printed on it. There were three jewels on the accessory – one was blue, one was orange and one was pink. A lightning bolt pierced the crown right through the middle, and a pool of blood was forming around it.

Deidara swallowed and Kabuto walked up a plank that led onto the ship, and the blonde shakily followed, still clutching his bread tightly. He hadn't eaten in three days and he knew that he would have to eat, even if he no longer had the appetite. They went up onto the deck and Kabuto gave a shout, "Naruto!"

A male - of about the same age as Deidara - who was wearing clothes that were similar in quality to Sakura's poked his head out from one of the doors that lined the upper deck. He wore blue shorts, an orange shirt and a floor length jacket that was white - except it had black flame patterns at its ends. He had short blond hair and was wearing a hat similar to Sakura's, although the feathers were much shorter and coloured dark blue and pink. "Yes, Kabuto?"

"This is Deidara; Captain Sakura just bought him." The silver haired male pushed the blonde forward a few paces, and Deidara nearly dropped his bread. "Show him around."

Naruto nodded solemnly before fully exiting the room, closing his door behind him. He came down the steps to the main deck and Kabuto turned, leaving him in the hands of the blond. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours?" He smiled at the blonde but Deidara only flinched initially, before swallowing.

"…Deidara…" The blond gave a nod and put a hand out for him to take, although Deidara just shrunk away from the offered contact. He had been living on the streets since before he could remember; and it was extremely rare to ever be offered a friendly touch.

"…It's alright; I won't hurt you, Dattebayo…" He gave a notable grimace, "Just…Please be weary of some people here…Like Orochimaru and Kabuto…" Naruto looked away from the blonde, a pained expression on his face, "And Sasuke to a smaller extent…He might beat you up and hurt you a lot…But the first two might - and will - go further…"

Deidara swallowed and gave a slow nod, understanding what he meant by the last part…

The blonde looked to the hand that the other blond still offered, and he shakily took his hand in his own. Naruto blinked in surprise and looked back at the blonde, giving him a wide smile that held a touch of sadness. "Welcome aboard the Lightning Queen. Our Captain is Sakura, while Sasuke and my self are co-captains. Each year the leadership changes; like last year Sasuke was Captain, and next year I will be in charge." He shook Deidara's hand, his eyes turning down to the bread that the blonde held. "You should eat that before we start the tour of the ship, Dattebayo."

The blonde nodded and began to eagerly shove the bread into his mouth, his appetite returning without warning. He ravenously chewed and swallowed, downing the entire thing in a matter of minutes. Just after he finished the last part of it, there was the sound of boots boarding the ship. Both he and Naruto turned to see five people climbing up onto the deck.

The first was Sakura, and she was followed by Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto. Naruto began to say something, but all noise faded from Deidara's ears as he saw a fifth person whom he had never seen before.

A male was following after the other four, an apathetic expression on his face. He had hair that was blood red, and he wore a black pirate hat that bore one short red feather. The man wore black pants, black boots, and a black belt with a decorative golden buckle. He wore a clean white blouse, tight black gloves and a brown satchel. The red head was wearing a long jacket that was crimson in colour, a few shades darker than his hair. The sea breeze wafted through his soft locks, and his cloak billowed in the wind. Deidara stared at him in awe, and the man's head turned.

The blonde's icy blue orbs met with the other male's dark brown eyes.

The red head looked at him for a few calculating moments before he turned away, disinterestedly. Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto set to work on raising the sails and unroping from the docks. Sakura climbed up two cases of stairs to the very top deck where the large wooden steering wheel was. The red head walked up just one staircase and disappeared into the last door of four without a second glance.

Naruto caught the blonde staring, and he gave a frown, "That's Sasori Akasuna…He's the navigator and the onboard doctor…But that guy gives me the creeps…Don't let his looks fool you; he's as cold as he is venomous." The blond notably shuddered and Deidara gave a very slow nod. "Now let me show you around."

He led Deidara to a staircase which led below deck. There were many hammocks hanging between beams, and a few moments later Naruto affirmed the blonde's thoughts.

"This is the sleeping quarters for the crew, including you." A few people were sleeping in some of the hammocks and Naruto gave a frown, "We're casting off, Dattebayo! Wake up and get to work!"

The people were awoken, some giving groans but all of them getting to their feet. They looked to the blonde with interest, immediately guessing that he was a new member of the crew.

Naruto began to introduce people one by one. The first was a male with short brown hair and odd intricate tattoos on his face, "This is Kankuro." The next was a boy a few years younger than Deidara – he had black hair that was cut in a bowl-like shape, "This is Rock Lee." Next was a boy of about the same age as the blonde with short brunette hair and a small white dog on his head. "This is Kiba and Akamaru." The last person was a male with short black hair and pale skin, "And this is Sai. Everyone, this is Deidara."

They all greeted the blonde before disappearing up the stairs in order to help out with departing. Naruto led Deidara through the sleeping quarters to a place where there were several tables, and the blonde could smell something cooking.

"This is where we eat. When I'm the captain I always hire this awesome chef called Teuchi, but Sakura thinks that he is too expensive so she's hired this guy called Yamato…He's alright, except he rarely cooks meat since he's a vegetarian…" Naruto grimaced and shook his head. "And I think that is everyone…Oh! Except for-"

"Who's this?" A man with short blue hair approached them, giving a frown. He wore a dirty tank top and a black jacket that didn't even reach his waist. The boy wore no shoes and had three-quarter pants that were black and puffy at the ends. He wore a black hat, however, and it had a white origami flower attached to it. His eyes were a bright amber colouration, but there was something about him that was highly suspicious.

"Oh! Perfect timing!" Naruto gave a wide grin, "This here is Deidara." The blond turned to the blonde, gesturing to the bluenette, "Meet Konan; he'll show you the jobs that you're expected to do around here…"

"Nice to meet you, Deidara." Konan put his hand out to shake, and after a few moments the blonde shook hands with him. "If you're wondering as to why my voice sounds so high, I used to be with the church when I was younger. I was a choir boy, but to stop our voices from breaking they made us into eunuchs…" He shrugged and pulled their hands apart. "And you know what they say about voices; if they ain't broke, don't break 'em!" Deidara gave a nod and Konan raised his eyebrows, as if amused, "You don't talk much…"

The blonde blinked in surprise before looking away in embarrassment, Konan giving a pitchy chuckle. "Okay then," Naruto smiled at them both, "then I'll leave it to you to show him the ropes."

"You can count on me, Naruto." The blond gave a nod and left them alone.

Deidara blinked at Konan, giving a frown before he finally spoke up, "…You're a girl…?"

Konan looked at him with a violent expression, and the next moment the bluenette's cutlass was at Deidara's throat. The blonde stared at 'him' with wide eyes and a bitter smirk curved Konan's lips, "What gave me away?"

"…" Deidara swallowed, "You're wearing orange nail polish, un…" Konan blinked at him in surprise, before her expression became almost bored.

"…You know, that actually isn't very solid proof…" She pouted and gave a sigh, pulling the blade away from the blonde's neck. "Lots of guys have their nails painted – Sasori's nails are friggen teal but I bet you didn't think that he was a girl…" Konan blinked in surprise, as if reminded of something, before she grinned at the blonde. "I like you, kid…I'll do you the biggest favour of your life."

The next thing the blonde knew he was pinned to one of the tables, and he panicked when he saw that Konan had drawn a small sharp knife as opposed to a cutlass. He tried to fight against her, but escape was impossible.