Naruto Uzamaki

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I'm new at this and have many ideas for Naruto. I'm a Naruto x ino fan. I don't know if people are going to like this but I am willing to take that challenge. I am going to have four different stories of Naruto. There is going to be when he is young then when he is a teen (I have A LOT of ideas also longest story.)When he is a jounin then when he is hokage the bloodiest story. The one who inspired me is one of the Naruto x Ino authors on , Skymaiden. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her. Now is the first chapter of young Naruto enjoy.

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Chapter1: his first friend

Summary: Naruto is a hated kid. When walks around town, that changes

Naruto Uzamaki: story 1 chapter 1

His name is Naruto Uzamaki. 12. Blonde hair. Orphan. The same boring and sad routine every day. Wake up, eat ramen at his favorite place, walk around, get beat up, go home, and sleep.

Then one day while he was walking around town, he saw a platinum blonde girl close by, she was walking then suddenly she tripped over a rock luckily Naruto caught her in time.

"Thanks" she said

"No problem um" Naruto said

"The names Ino, Ino Yamanaka" Ino said

"Naruto Uzamaki" Naruto said

"I was going to the field, wanna join me?" Ino asked

"Well I have nothing else to do, so sure" Naruto said

"Then let's go" Ino said

They went to the field and talked a little

"So you go to Konaha elementary?" Ino asked

"Yeah I like everything except one girl" Naruto said

"Who" Ino said

"This girl named Sakura Haruno" Naruto said

Ino looked at Naruto with happy look. "You hate Forehead too!?" Ino said

"Forehead?" Naruto said

"That's what I call sakura" Ino said

"Why?" Naruto asks still playing the question game

"Because she has a big forehead duh Naruto keep up, you're bad at this game." Ino joked while laughing.

"You're missing one rule of this game though." Said Naruto with a grin on his face.

Ino looked confused. "What other rule am I missing?" Ino asked

"What! You don't know what rule you're missing? Its most important rule. I don't know maybe you're bad at this game."Naruto said

Now Naruto was switching the cards on her. "Come on Naruto don't leave me hanging." Ino said

"You have to be ticklish" Naruto said as he ran to Ino and attacked her with tickles.

"Hahahaha Naruto hahaahahaha stop it" Ino said

When he stops Ino grabbed Naruto by the collar and both of them went tumbling down a hill and stop when they reached the bottom.

"Dang Naruto you are so much fun I bet your friends are lucky to have you" Ino said.

"I don't have any friends, all the kids hate me" Naruto said

"Oh well at least you have your parents, right" Ino said

"I'm an orphan" Naruto said

Ino was sorry for him "How come?" Ino asked

"To make a long story short twelve years ago a monster called the Kyuubi was forced to attack Konaha by a man named Madara Uchica. He wanted make world domination. The jinjuriki of the Kyuubi was my mother and wife of the fourth hokage, Kushina Uzamaki. Madara Uchica took away Kyuubi from her. The fourth hokage my father had to seal the Kyuubi in a human vassal me. In all of that both of my parents died. The reason people hate me is because they think I am the Kyuubi and I'm going to kill them. Well there you have it.

Ino was so sorry. "Then will." Ino said

Naruto looked confused "you'll what?"Naruto asked

"I will be your first friend" Ino said and smiled

"Thanks Ino you're the best!" Naruto said

"Omg look at the time I have to get its getting pretty dark" Ino said

"Ok bye Ino" Naruto said

"Bye Naruto" said Ino

"My first friend" Naruto Thought to himself

Hope you enjoyed it I know it's nothing that good this chapter but I liked it you still going to be hearing more from me. Late (means later)

P.S chapter 2 is in progress