Second chapter is about Sakura not okay that Naruto is hanging with Ino when she wants to hang out with her. So Sakura challenges Naruto to a fight. He knows he should not hit girls but something happens…..

Chapter 2: the bloody fight part 1

Rated T for English

Naruto and Ino have been best friends since the day they met. They been doing almost everything together, they have been play games, pulling pranks, having lunch and hanging out.

One day, Sakura was going to see her rival.

"Hey Ino-pig." Sakura said

"Forehead what do you want?" Ino said

"I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out" said Sakura

"I love to but I promised to hang out with Naruto today." Ino said

"Naruto what the heck are you doing with him?"

"Naruto and I are best friends"

"Well in case you know Naruto in love I see him checking me out in the academy"

"That is not what he told me"

"What did he tell you he would enjoy having sex with me?" she said sexily

"He says that he hates you"

"Why" now Sakura was a little shocked

"Because you beat him up all the time"

"How come he does not fight back?"

"Because he knows he can not hit girls"

"Would you want to hang out with me the outstanding Sakura Haruno or that bastard?"

"Naruto and he is not a bastard he is really nice guy and I am leaving to get to Naruto you bitch" she said quickly and left.

"Ino-pig you pulled the last straw"

"Whatever" Ino said

Sakura was pissed now. "How can she pick him over me" she thought wait now she gets it. Is she jealous?

"No I can't be jealous over him" she thought

Then she saw Naruto and Ino eating ramen with Sasuke (Naruto and Sasuke are really close friends). This pissed her off. Now he is buddies with Sasuke. She walked over there.

"Hey Saku-" Naruto was cut off because Sakura punched him to the floor.

"Sakura! What is your problem?" Ino and Sasuke said at the same time.

"Naruto I challenge you to a battle!" Sakura yelled.

"Sorry I can't hit girls." Naruto said

"Well you will have to" Sakura said

"What are we fighting for?" Naruto said

"Who ever wins the fight gets to be Ino's best friend, who ever loses can't see Ino for a month. Sakura demanded.

"Is this what it is about? You're jealous right." Naruto said

"Meet me at the training ground at 5:00" Sakura said before disappearing without answering Naruto's question.

"What was that all about?" Sasuke said

"I don't know." Naruto said

"Are you going to fight her?"Ino asked

"I have to." Naruto said

"Are you going to fight in those conditions Sakura gave you?" Ino said

"No, I cannot go one day without seeing your beautiful face." Naruto said with a smile.

Ino blushed at this. "Thanks Naruto, now let's get ready!"

5:00 came faster than Naruto excepted. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Ino were there on time.

"Ready, set, fight!" Ino yelled

To be continued

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