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Chapter 3: the bloody fight part 2

Naruto and Sakura ran to each other.

"I can get the first hit, this is Naruto you are fighting" she thought.

She tried to punch him, but Naruto dodged it and kicked her in the chest not that hard so that when she went flying through the sky, he could ran behind her and kick her in the back.

"Naruto is pretty good" Sasuke said

"Yeah" Ino said

"When did Naruto achieve this speed" she thought before getting hit by a tree.

Naruto thought it was a perfect time to throw some kunai. He threw a few and all of them hit Sakura and she coughed out blood.

"Shit!" She yelled

She thought it was time to use some justu. She formed a few hand signs.

"Shadow clone attack!" She yelled. Suddenly shadow clones appeared charging at Naruto. She thought she could get some time to heal. When the clones where at Naruto, they brought kunai to attack him. Naruto brought an out a kunai to deflect the kunai attacks.

"Naruto is keeping up I wonder where all that stamina comes from" Sasuke said

Sasuke was right he was keeping up.

"Why is he encouraging Naruto? He is supposed to like me!" she thought. Sakura thought she should toughen her clones. She did and Naruto had a harder time keeping up and got sliced by the clones and blood was dripping.

"Damn! It's time to end this!"Naruto said

"You cannot stop me you are too weak." Sakura said

"Or am I?"He said

Just then he created six shadow clones. They charged at Sakura. Sakura tried to move but she got hit by a clone that said "Na" the next clone hit Sakura upwards then said "ru" and the third clone hit her more upwards and said "to" and the fourth clone hit higher in the sky and said "Uza" the fifth hit her even higher and said "ma" the sixth one hit her even higher and said "ki" and the real Naruto punch in the stomach to go down and said "Naruto Uzamaki barrage!" he yelled and Sakura was slammed to the floor. Sakura could not move.

"Naruto wins" Ino said

"We better take her home I guess" Sasuke sighed

"Yeah" Naruto said

While carrying Sakura home, Ino said "you did great Naruto."

"You guys can go I will carry Sakura home she lives on the same street as me." Said Sasuke

"Thanks Sasuke. She you at school tomorrow." Ino said

"School again already? This weekend was so short." Naruto said

"Well bye Ino and Naruto." Sasuke said

"Bye Sasuke" Naruto and Ino said at the same time.

"It is getting pretty dark let me walk you home, Ino"

"Ok" Ino agreed

While they were walking to Ino's house, Naruto and Ino were thinking.

"Naruto looks so cute in the moonlight" Ino thought

"Ino looks so hot in this light" Naruto thought

When they reached Ino's house, they said their goodbyes then thought at the same time

"Do I like Naruto" Ino thought

"Do I like Ino" Naruto thought

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