The first thing people noticed about Jackson Rippner were his eyes. They were solely blue: bright, piercing blue. They were smooth, much like his personality and I guess that's why he caught people's eye. Well, that's why he caught my eye. You see, when he looked into my plain hazel eyes, it felt like he uncovered things that no one else could see. I may as well have been standing there naked right in front of him, that's how those eyes made me feel. Not that I wanted to be naked in front of him after finding out he was using me to carry out an assassination and after I stabbed him in the neck with a pen.

It had been 2 weeks since the incident and it was still difficult to sleep at night. That sounds kind of cliché I suppose but every time I closed my eyes, I could just picture his expression as he brushed over the 5 inch scar on my chest. He saw the scar, I told him what happened and he still tried to kill me. Bastard. Despite the fact that I hated him, I still remembered how I was drawn to him. He was charming and funny. He wore a nicely fitted suit and his hair was almost perfect. But this was all part of the persona, I knew that now. Under all that bullshit, he was just another lying, manipulative son of a bitch. The strange thing was that I never really felt scared of him. He was a violent man, I wasn't stupid enough to breeze over that but somehow I knew he could never kill me. There was a sensitivity that came with the violence. But like I told him on that flight, I was a people pleaser. I was always desperate to find the good in people even after I was constantly shown otherwise. What he did was unforgivable but in the end, I chose not to listen to logic.