Just Words, a Glee fiction

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1. Christmas Eve, cuddled up the couch watching Christmas specials

Kurt yanks on his sweater. "I swear, I've gained five pounds in Christmas cookies."

Blaine grabs his hand. "Then that's just five more things to love about you."

2. Before homeroom, standing at Blaine's locker

Kurt runs a hand around his boyfriend's neck. "Your bow tie was crooked."

Blaine blushes. "No it wasn't."

Kurt blushes back. "I know, but I wanted an excuse to touch you."

3. Midnight of a hot summer day, asleep at Blaine's house

Kurt rolls over. "What time is it?"

Blaine opens an eye. "Time to fall back asleep."

Kurt peers up at him. "My dad'll kill me if I don't come home."

Blaine tightens his grip on him. "I'll be your shield."

Kurt gives in. "Maybe just a few more hours."

4. Age 23, standing in doorway of their apartment

Kurt glares at him. "Why is your coat pocket meowing?"

Blaine reaches into his coat. "Meet the newest addition to our family, Meow Wedance. Meow, this is Kurt."

Kurt reaches out a hand to pet her. "You are so not naming our future children."

Blaine smiles, realizing he said children, plural. "Yes dear."

5. February 14th, straightening the bedroom pillows

Kurt holds up a mangled flower. "Why is there a chewed up rose on my pillow?"

Blaine frowns. "Meow wanted to help with your Valentine's present. Sorry."

Kurt wraps his arms around him. "Don't worry. It's perfect."

6. Age 25, rocking in the chair of the newly painted nursery

Kurt cradles the newborn. "She has your beautiful eyes."

Blaine beams down at her. "How could she? She's adopted."

Kurt holds her out to him. "Just shut up and take the compliment Blaine."

7. Age 26, exploring a two story house that is for sale

Kurt runs across the empty house."Look, it has a spiral staircase, like the one at Dalton."

Blaine shoves his hands in his pockets. "This house is way out of our budget."

Kurt lightly shoves him on the shoulder. "Way to ruin the moment Blaine."

Blaine shoves right back. "I love you too Kurt."

8. Saturday morning, attempting to surprise Kurt with a breakfast that doesn't consist of toaster pasteries

Kurt sniffs the air. "Why do I smell pancakes?"

Blaine turns from the stove. "They're fresh, and for you. No special reason."

Kurt pulls on the edges of his apron. "Aw, come here."

Blaine, after some time, reluctantly pulls away. "Do you smell something burning?"

Kurt bites his lip. "Maybe we should hold off kissing until after breakfast."

9. Baby's first birthday, cleaning up after an exhausting family party

Kurt throws the remainder of wrapping paper in the trash. "Can you believe all that's happened in the past year? Adoption, buying a house, your … amusing proposal."

Blaine pauses from drying the dishes. "It's not my fault I lost the ring."

Kurt grabs a dish from him and puts it away. "You know I would've said yes regardless, right?"

Blaine sets down his rag and steps closer. "You deserve perfect, because it is what you are."

10. Random Tuesday night, lying under the stars with popsicle blue mouths quietly murmuring the words

Kurt turns his head to the right. "I love you."

Blaine turns his head to the left. "I love you more."

Kurt shakes his head. "That's impossible. I love you with all your heart."

Blaine scrunches his nose in confusion. "My heart?".

Kurt places his hand on his chest. "Well you already stole my heart, so I had to take yours of course."

Blaine blinks. "Oh."

Kurt nods. "Yup."

Blaine pauses for a moment. "Hey Kurt?"

Kurt hesitates. "Yeah?"

Blaine grabs his hand and places his hand on his chest, just like Kurt did to him. "I love you with all of your heart too."

And that's where they stayed.

Until the baby started crying because Meow had leapt into the crib.

It may have spoiled the moment, but who needs a moment when you have a lifetime?