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Shuri couldn't stand this , the boy who had captured his heart was lying in a hospital bed looking pale to his liking. It was five in the evening, after classes had ended he decided to A/N: Hey all my lovely's , it's my turn to write this chapter of Choices so please bear with me !Also a return and watch over Teito.

He did it in fear that the ever fear-some Chief of staff Ayanami would come to cause more harm to Teito. The man petrified everyone in class today when he and Teito started a battle in the middle of combat practice.

Just the sight of Teito so angry when he faced off against Ayanami-sama was purely terrifying . He had never seen Teito's mask of absolute calm break that way . And it scared him.

Ayanami-sama on the other hand had been too interested in Teito to notice anything else in the room. What did that man want to do with Teito?

He shuddered; when he saw the two of them fight he felt something in that moment. Teito no matter how small he was, or how weak he was. Was never to be underestimated, there was more to him than what the eye could see.

Something that was obviously intriguing Ayanami-sama a lot. It scared him to think that Teito was so dangerous and powerful. He knew about most of teito's past of a battle sklave, but beyond that he had no idea.

Teito was a mystery, but it seemed he was hiding something. Something in which if others knew, it would cause more trouble for him.

He wondered what it was; Teito had an odd presence surrounding him. An aura that practically oozed power and it scared him. Teito had many things forced upon him, many things that would surely upset anyone.

Teito had seen so many things, terrible things. He had also done many things too, things Shuri himself was sure he couldn't go through with.

Teito was strong, that much was for sure. But even someone as strong as Teito surely had a breaking point, didn't he?

Shuri sighed; he no longer wanted to think of such things so instead he looked back to the object of his thoughts still unconscious on the bed.

He knew Teito would be alright but still, he couldn't help but think it was like his last meeting with Teito for a while.

All day he felt as if someone was watching him. But when he looked around no one was there. Just an empty hallway or classroom, he thought he was just being paranoid.

He shook the thoughts from his head as he once again directed his full attention to Teito .For the first time he got to see Teito sleep. While it wasn't the way he would have wanted it was still something.

Slowly but cautiously he reached out his arm, and petted Teito's head gently. He stopped after what seemed like hours and lied back on the chair and let out a yawn. He was tired; all of today's events had worn him out. He decided to get a short nap in, and closed his eyes.

But he never noticed the pair of gold eyes behind him, glaring with passion. No, he never saw what was to come the next day, and he will never forget it.


Mikage yawned as he walked the halls of Barsburg Academy .After two long days of rest; he had finally gotten over his cold. He wondered down the hallways looking for his favorite brunette. Teito, his best friend and 'secret' crush.

Although it wasn't much of a secret everyone but Teito who was very simple minded when it came to emotions. But then again that's how Teito was trained to be.

He smiled at the thought of Teito actually showing his true feelings. He would truly be even cuter than he is now.

Mikage stopped; he reached his Barsburg history class. He hadn't seen Teito this morning when he got up.

So he guessed that Teito still assumed that he was still sick. He would surely be happy to surprise Teito; it would be fun to see his reaction.

He chuckled a bit just thinking about it. He walked into the classroom, he was first greeted by some other friends and after that he went to his seat.

But was surprised to find no Teito. He scanned the classroom once more before getting up and walking over Kane.

"Kane-kun, do you know where Teito-kun is?" He asked with absolute innocence.

Kane on the other hand glared at Mikage before sighing.

"The sklave is in the infirmary." Kane said snidely.

Mikage's eyes widened at the word infirmary, he dashed off quickly. Screw classes Teito was hurt, again.

He ran through the many hallways, it wasn't long before he reached his destination. He stopped at the door, letting out pants as he tried to calm himself before stepping in quietly.

No one was inside the front area; he made his way to the back area tip-toeing to make sure no noise was made.

He stopped at one of the back nurses desks, and looked for the rollester sheet. Once he found it he looked for Teito's bed number.

Name- Teito Klein

Bed – 13

Date in / Date out – May 7th -

Mikage let out a breathe he had been holding, Teito had only been here one day. That was good it seemed like he hadn't had a mission then.

He made his way to the back. Once he reached the thirteenth bed he noticed the curtains were closed. How usual for Teito, he never closed the curtains. With one hand and was shocked at the sight before him.

Teito lay on the bed , pale as the sheets on the bed .and sitting on one the side chairs right in front of him was no other than Shuri Oak. This pissed him off, did Shuri hurt Teito again. 'No 'he thought, if he did he would have never come to sit at his side.

No one but him , should ever be by his side like that but he himself.

Because no one else liked Teito , they all thought he was Chairman Miroku's pet. Now he was glaring he took one more look at teito before he left.

He didn't want to fight were Teito could see his personality slip from its mask. No , because then he would surely disappoint Teito , and that would just hurt the both of them. He was Teito's light in the darkness , teito himself had told him so.

He went to his room and quickly slammed the door. He wanted to be with Teito , no he wanted Teito to acknowledge his feelings. He smiled sadly , teito would surely be looking at him with sad eyes if he saw him this way.

He brought his hands up to cover him eyes for a moment . He wanted Teito to be his and only his.

" He-he do you desire him so much?" A nasally voice asked amusedly.

Mikage jumped, he opened his eyes to see a shadow-like figure of a man looking at him with a big smile.

"W-who are you ?"He asked cautiously . He put his hands up in defense in case he needed to release his zaiphon.

" Ha-ha-ha put your hands down boy , I just want to know if you want Teito-Chan to be yours ? So answer my question okay." The shadow-man said again in sickly sweet voice.

Mikage blinked for a moment before the man's words registsired in his head. He watched the man wearily for a moment before answering

" I- I , yes I do like him. I want him to be mine but I can't even match up to him." He said sadly. He avoided the shadow-man's gaze and directed his attention to Tetio's desk.

" Do you want power?" The shadow-man asks gleefully.

Mikage's eyes snapped to the man once again this time on full alert. What was this guy getting at ? Power , was he seriously asking him that question.

" What do you mean , do I want power?" He asked hesitantly .

"I mean , do you want the power to make Teito yours and only yours ? Don't you want him all to yourself ?" The shadow-man asked grinning dangerously.

Mikage was taken aback , he didn't know how to respond . Hell he didn't know what to even say to that type of instead he nodded , hoping he wouldn't regret this decision .

He was desperate , and he knew this might come back to haunt him, but right now he wanted Teito. And he would do whatever it took to get him . No matter the price.

He looked to shadow-man once more , before nodding more confidently . The man before him grinned even bigger than before if possible .

" Is that so, then I'll help you but before that I'll tell you something interesting about that child. It's a secret , one that you must never tell anyone about." The shadow-man said in happy but dangerous tone.

And so Mikage listened and was shocked at what he had been told . From then on he no longer cared about regrets , because he was already in too deep.

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