Two Daddys – Chapter I:

Blaine arrives at the kindergarten to pick up his 5 year old son. As soon as Adrian sees him he comes running and jump on his father saying:

"Daddy B!"

Blaine hugs him firmly and gives him a kiss on the cheek. While he collects the backpack and lunchbox of the little one, the principal approaches them:

"Mr. Anderson? I need a word with you and your husband, can we schedule an hour next week?"

Blaine is taken a little by surprise:

"Is there anything wrong with Adrian, Mrs. Bane? Anything we should worry or take any precaution?"

"Nothing to worry; Adrian is a wonderful child. But we still need to talk."

"Okay then; I'll talk to Kurt and we'll call to set up an appointment."

"Thank you, Mr. Anderson, I appreciate that."

Blaine walks to the subway still carrying the little one in his arms. Adrian asks:

"Where's Daddy K?"

Blaine starts tickling his son as he answer:

"Oh, this is how you treat me? I left work early to pick you up at school and you only care about Daddy K?"

Adrian is laughing loudly:

"No, I love you too, Daddy B! But it's Daddy K who picks me up at school."

"Don't you remember he had that meeting today? Maybe he'll be already home when we get there."

When they get home Kurt isn't there yet, but Blaine soon receives a phone call from his husband:

"Blaine, I'm sorry. It's a mess around here. They could only meet me one hour after what they had schedule with me. I won't be home for an hour or latter."

"But did you get the job?"

"I don't know yet. We're on a coffee break; I think they liked me but nothing official yet. And there's something more: I ran into your brother here in the building…"

Blaine gasps and, as he's not answering, Kurt goes on:

"He asked me if we could have dinner with him today, I said we couldn't go out tonight because of Adrian and he asked me if he could come over. I haven't answered him. What do you say?"

"So now Cooper wants to meet Adrian?"

Blaine's tone is very angry and Kurt tries to calm him down:

"I think he's seeking for peace, honey. He said I should consult with you and give him an answer later. What should I tell him?"

Blaine sighs loudly on the phone. After a beat he answers in a small voice:

"Tell him to come."

"I knew you'd be the bigger person. Could you get Ady prepared?"

"Prepared as in dressed as dapperly as possible?"

"No, but that's an excellent idea. Prepared as in tell him he has another uncle."

Blaine sighs again. He's not sure if he's ready to have this conversation with Adrian and to deal with all the consequences Cooper can bring:

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Thank you, gorgeous. I miss you both a lot, I'm counting the minutes to be back home. Love you."

"Love you too. Bye."

Blaine puts the phone down and goes back to the little table where he and Toronto were drawing. He starts the conversation:

"It was Daddy Kurt. He told he would come home late but he's bringing a gest. Do you know you have an uncle that's Kurt's brother, right?"

Adrian opens up a big smile:

"Uncle Finn is coming tonight?"

Blaine keeps his eyes fixed in the drawing as he continues:

"No, not Uncle Finn. You have another uncle; one that's my brother. It's your uncle Cooper"

Adrian looks inquired:

"Why I don't know him?"

Blaine still doesn't have the courage to look him in the eyes:

"Because he works a lot and lives in another city. But know he's visiting here and wants to meet you. Will you meet him?"

"I don't know Daddy, will he… will he love me?"

Blaine looks deeply into Adrian's eyes; his son is looking scared. He smiles:

"Of course, Ade. Who doesn't? You're adorable."

He kisses the son in the forehead. Adrian seams a little calmer. Blaine gets up and reaches his hand for the son as he says:

"Daddy Kurt asked me to get you dapper. Let's go change those clothes."

"Can I be a superhero?"

Blaine knew that Kurt wouldn't like it at first, but he'd understand it was important for Adrian to feel safe:

"Of course."