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Pairing (s): Ash/?

Summary: One year after his defeat in the final round of the Unova Conference, Ash spent most of his time at home thinking about his future. Soon his entire life would turn upside down when his world is consumed by the Heartless. With his world gone, Ash is thrust into a whole new adventure where he will come across new foes, new friends, and new worlds. While at the same time, piecing together old memories he once had to bring forth an event that will lead him to his ultimate fate and destiny. Set after Kingdom Hearts II and before Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Dive into the Darkness


'What to do…' a familiar black-haired teen pondered while slowly munching on a piece of meat that was sticking out of his closed mouth, staring off into space with his cheek leaning on his palm and elbow propped on the dinner table. 'What to do…'

"Ash?" a familiar female voice called out to him.

'…Now that I think about it, I did go through every possible region out there. So, what's left for me to do?'


'Hmm, I could always try Kanto or Johto again. That would be something.'


'Or maybe I should go pay Iris and Cilan a little visit since I haven't seen them for a year now, not since I lost to Stephan in the finals of the Unova Conference,' the young teenager by the name of Ash Ketchum thought for a brief moment. 'I wonder what they are up to now.' He took a short pause. 'I'm guessing Cilan is back to being a Gym leader while Iris is probably training hard to be the best Dragon M-'


Snapping out of his trail of thoughts, Ash immediately jerked his undivided attention over to his mother who was frowning deeply at him with her arms crossed and pressed against her chest. "What is it, Mom?" he asked her after nearly choking on his piece of meat.

"What do you mean, 'what is it?'" his mother queried angrily. Her son slightly flinched at her tone. "I've been calling you for three minutes now," Delia told her only child.

Ash gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, Mom. I guess I got caught up in my thoughts," he replied softly.

After hearing that, the young mother's anger quickly subsided. She stared at her boy for the longest time and could tell right away that he had been going through a lot lately. Ever since his loss at the Unova Conference and the departure of both Iris and Cilan, he always seemed to be depressed and lonely. She guessed that a whole year apart from his old friends and traveling around could do that to someone - especially to her son. But at the same time, the year apart did help her Ashy mature a little. He was no longer that arrogant, reckless, and stubborn boy from six years ago who had just started out on his Pokémon journey. No. He was far different from that. Ash was now a mature young man. Sure, sometimes he acted goofy and reckless but only on certain occasions. The young mother still couldn't believe her baby boy was sixteen and going to turn seventeen in a few months' time. In her eyes, he was still ten, no matter how old he was. But that wasn't the case when it came to his features.

Her son's body was mildly-built, probably due to his hard training over the years with his Pokémon. His messy black hair was slightly longer now. In her opinion, he looked much better without his traditional cap on his head. He still had those little Z's under his eyes and on his cheeks. And since he was not in usual traveling clothes, he was just wearing a plain black T-shirt with blue jeans and red and black shoes. Aside from his features, he was now a lot taller than he was a couple years ago.

Her Ash was such a unique and amazing person. And since his mood hadn't changed one bit during lunch, maybe an early birthday present from her would lighten his mood and boost his spirit a little. "Hey, honey," Delia called out to her son again who had just got done eating his lunch.

"Yeah, Mom?" The raven-haired teenager quickly turned his attention right back to his mother who unexpectedly pulled out some kind of rectangular box from her pocket and held it out towards him. "And what is that?" he asked curiously as he stared at the box with interest.

Delia giggled at her naïve son. "I know it's a little early but I decided to give you your birthday present now!" she exclaimed with a warm smile.

Ash's eyes widened with great surprise. "What? Really?" Then the young male looked at his sudden birthday gift within his mother's grasp for a few more seconds before turning his gaze right back to her. "But, Mom, I don't think I can accept it until-"

"Oh, don't worry about that, honey," Delia abruptly cut her boy off with a wave of her hand. Her son stared at her incredulously. "One little present won't hurt you, will it?" The Pallet Town prodigy did not have an answer to that. "So just take it sweetie."

Ash hesitated for a few moments until he finally gave in and accepted his birthday present from his mother with a deep sigh. Delia smiled happily that Ash had finally accepted her gift. With that, she gave him an affectionate hug without warning which of course made him groan with a deep blush.


Delia could only giggle at her disgruntled and embarrassed son as she embraced him once more despite his protests and whining. Once the young mother was done embarrassing her only child and moved away from him, Ash slowly lifted the top part of the box up before looking inside as to see what his beloved parent had gotten him this time. He hoped it wasn't something girly. To his surprise, it wasn't. Inside the box was a brand new blue and white Pokégear.

"Wow!" the young prodigy said in awe as he picked up his new device from the case and studied it closely. That was the very first time his mother had actually got him something that wasn't clothes or pink plush dolls. He could easily see himself using it a lot in the future. "Thanks, Mom," he breathed gratefully.

Delia was so happy that she was able to boost her boy's mood with her gift. "It's no trouble at all, honey." She smiled and then added, "Knowing you, you will probably need it in case you decide to go on another journey or visit some of your friends."

"You know me all too well, Mom." Ash grinned at his mother goofily. "And I promise that I'll take good care of it." He then started to play and fiddle around with his new Pokégear.

"You better, mister," Delia playfully teased her son.

Ash laughed heartily. "Don't worry, I will."

After spending an hour or so with his mother, the young Pokémon Trainer decided that it was time for him to head off to Professor Oak's laboratory to check on Pikachu and the rest his of Pokémon from the various regions. "Well-" He slowly stood up on his feet and pocketed away his brand new Pokégear into his pocket. "-I'm off."

"Oh, where are you going honey?" Delia asked her son as she picked up the dishes off the dinner table and walked over to the sink and set them down.

"I'm going to the lab for a little while," Ash answered. "I'll be back before dinner."

"All right. Well, have fun," the young mother said with a smile.

Once Delia gave her big boy another affectionate hug, Ash left through the back door and headed off to Professor Oak's place on the dirt path. With her future Pokémon Master finally gone, the young mother slowly went back to the sink and prepared to do the dishes. But before she could even get started on them, a sad and regretful thought suddenly came to her. It was something that involved her dear son and a secret that she has been hiding for such a long time since her 'boy' was five years old.

"If only I had told him the truth…" she muttered to herself in a very sad tone.

The truth? About what?

While the brown-haired woman was completely lost in her thoughts over her past decisions and mistakes, multiple shadowy figures with long antennas and creepy yellow eyes started to surface and emerge from the kitchen floor.

The nightmare had begun.


The walk to Professor Oak's laboratory was one of the few things Ash actually tolerated and didn't complain about during his life and career as a Pokémon Trainer. The young prodigy really liked walking to the Pokémon researcher's place. Not because it was a short distance away from his house. No. It was mainly due to him being used to it. The fact that it gave him all the time in the world to enjoy the fresh air and wonderful scenery around him was an extra bonus.

As Ash continued to walk down the dirt path with Oak's lab almost within sight, he unexpectedly came across something that was a little strange and out of the ordinary. Just up ahead, the young Pokémon trainer spotted a mysterious figure in a black coat. He was quite baffled as to why someone would wear a heavy coat like that on a hot, sunny, and clear day like this. Not wanting to judge, Ash moved along and noticed that the figure in black was in his way. Seeing this, the raven-haired teen quickly stopped in his tracks and studied the mysterious figure closely. He couldn't tell if this person was a he or she because the hood was casting a shadow over the stranger's face. He was getting a weird vibe from the newcomer though, one that told him to be very careful around this person.

Listening to his feelings, Ash approached the shady character with extreme caution. "Um, excuse me." The figure in black didn't budge from its spot. "I don't want to sound rude but-" The Pokémon Trainer stared at the suspicious individual who he knew must be staring right back at him underneath that hood. "-you're in the way. Could you please step aside?"

"…" The mysterious character did not heed a single word from the teen's mouth. It continued to stand still.

Ash blinked. "Uh, hello, are you even listening?" he asked the hooded figure who still refused to make any attempts whatsoever to respond or move from its position.

Seeing that this was leading him nowhere, the Kanto native could only sigh in frustration. Whoever this person was, he/she was really getting on his nerves. He had asked nicely and yet the stranger still refused to cooperate with him. Figures. If he were his old self from a few years ago, he would've started yelling by now when dealing with people like this. But time had changed that facet of his personality. Sure, he had been that way with AJ at first and most recently Paul but that was it.

"Fine. If you won't cooperate with me-" The young prodigy stared hard at the motionless stranger. "-then I'll just go around you and completely ignore you at the same time. Would that make you happy?" the raven-haired male asked sarcastically.

"…" As expected, the mysterious figure did nothing but stand still like a statue.

Shaking his head, Ash decided to take his leave now before he wasted any more of his time with this weirdo. But before he could even go around the figure, the shady character abruptly stopped him with a hand before pointing its finger right past the teen's shoulder over at something that involved the sky.

The Kanto native did not know if he should turn around and look at what the hooded figure was pointing at. For all he knew, it could be a trick to lower his guard. But for some odd reason, his gut was telling him that he should look anyway. Maybe it wasn't a trick. Maybe the figure in black was trying to tell him something that might be important.

After a few moments of debating whether or not he should look over his shoulder, Ash finally made a decision. Quickly, the young Pokémon Trainer twisted around and looked up to the sky where he took notice that the once clear and sunny atmosphere was now shrouded in darkness, not by storm clouds, but by pure, unnatural darkness.

'What the heck is going on here?' the raven-haired teen wondered with tiny beads of sweat beginning to form on his forehead. 'A second ago, it was clear as day, but now...' He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into fists.

Ash didn't know what was going on, but he was getting a bad feeling that something unreal was taking place in his hometown, if not the entire world. He wondered if the figure in the black coat behind him had anything to do with this mess. With that thought running through his mind, he immediately turned right back around and faced forward where he found that the mysterious character in black had disappeared.

'What the…?' The young Pokémon Trainer quickly looked back and forth around the area for any sign of its whereabouts, but to no avail. 'Where did it-'

"A~h!" a loud female scream echoed in the air.

Ash's eyes widened in fear at the sound of his mother's bloody scream. She was in deep trouble. "Oh, no! Mom!" As fast as his legs could take him, the Kanto native quickly turned around and ran towards his house. There was no telling what he was going to encounter at his place. For all he knew, he might be running into a trap. But he didn't care. As long as his family was safe and sound, nothing really mattered at that point, not even his own life.




Without any hesitation whatsoever, the sixteen-year-old teenager barged into his house through the front door. He immediately looked around the living room and noticed that his mother was nowhere in sight. "Mom, where are you?!" he called out, hoping he would get a response in return; he received no response. The house was deathly silent.

Panicking, Ash ran up the stairs. If his mother wasn't in the living room, maybe she was upstairs. At least, he hoped that she was. But there was no guarantee on that. Once the raven-haired male made his way up to the second floor, he started to go through every single room including his and his mother's but there was still no sign of her anywhere. 'Where is she?' he thought worriedly. If his mother wasn't upstairs, then where else could she be? The only places the Kanto native had yet to check were the kitchen and the backyard.

With those places in mind, Ash quickly descended down the stairs and hurried into the kitchen first where he looked around and noticed right away that there was no one around. He chewed his bottom lip. It looks like the backyard was the only place left. But before he could even head out to the backyard, he was stopped dead in his tracks when he felt a cold chill run down his spine. He couldn't explain it, but the sudden atmosphere around him quickly shifted. Soon several shadows around him started to move around. They began to take on multiple forms of shadowy creatures with long antennas and yellow eyes.

'What the…?' The young Pokémon Trainer took several steps back as the black creatures were blocking the back door. 'What are these things, Pokémon?' he pondered, surprised. Soon more of them started to appear, eventually surrounding him.

"Get away from me!" Ash shouted at the unknown creatures which were now advancing forward towards him. Beads of sweat started to run down from his face. What could he possibly do to get out of the current situation?

Acting quickly, the Kanto native scanned around the area for any sort of weapon he could use to fend off these strange creatures. His eyes immediately fell on a broomstick that was leaning against the refrigerator. With no time to waste, he lunged towards the object and picked it up, wielding it in both hands as a makeshift sword. One of the creatures suddenly sprang at him, but he was ready for it. He quickly swung his broomstick, knocking the creature back a few feet but otherwise not hurting it at all. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed another jump at his back. Ash tried to turn fast enough on his left foot to intercept it but failed.

"Ugh!" Ash gritted his teeth when the creature slashed his shoulder with its claw, but he was lucky enough to dodge most of the damage thanks to his experience over the years on evading Pokémon attacks, Team Rocket, and of course… Bianca!

But there was no time to rest. More and more of those creatures continued to go on the offensive. The young prodigy of Pallet Town tried to fight them off, but it quickly became obvious that his efforts were only delaying the inevitable.

'What can I do now?' the young teenager thought tiredly as he was covered in scratches with tears all over his clothes from the attacks. 'Nothing I do is working!' He was starting to lose hope, but there was no way he would give up now. Giving up would only result in these things refocusing their attention on the innocent inhabitants of Pallet Town. He could not let that happen! He would fight until the very end, to buy time if nothing else.

Just as Ash dodged a swift slash attack from one of the creatures, some of them tackled him from his blind spot, sending him crashing to the floor where every single one of those black creatures jumped on top of him. "G-Get off of me!" he shouted with a strained voice, struggling to break free.

In response to this outburst, some of them sank their razor-sharp claws into his body, causing him to cry out in pain. Soon the malice-filled creatures became shadows once again and began pulling their struggling victim into a puddle of shadow, Ash dimly noting that they were sinking into the floor! Not wanting to quit, Ash continued to fight and resist the hold that the shadows had on him until he saw everything around him turn pitch black.

As Ash slowly sank into darkness, the last thing he saw before everything went black was the figure in the black coat watching from the open back door a few feet away from him.


He was sinking. He was slowly sinking into a dark void. Ash also noticed that it was becoming hard to breathe, the darkness stifling his senses. He could even imagine that it was consuming his soul and body.

His past memories of his life…

His friends…

His Pokémon…

The legends of his world that he befriended…

His mother…

Those precious images were flashing before his very eyes as he continued to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss.

His eyes were getting heavy. He didn't know how much time he had left before he would slip into unconsciousness. But if he had time for it… just enough time for him to say one thing, to say that he was sorry.

Sorry that he couldn't protect his world…

Sorry that he couldn't protect his friends and family…

And most of all, that he was sorry that he couldn't protect those who believed in him and needed him the most…

He was no hero…

He was no Chosen One…

He was a… failure.

As Ash slowly lost consciousness, a soft hand reached out and grasped his hand before pulling him up towards a bright light.

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