Chapter 2

Vivienne POV

Enid was trying desperately to comfort me and I did feel a little better. I had asked a question that I think upset her a little but I was starting to feel a bit more like myself. I leaned against Enid and my body was filled with warmth. I had never really talked with Enid or acknowledged her at all, in fact. I was sorry about that now, she was a nice person. She smiled and I felt better and she smirked a little as I blushed in the dim light.

"I bet I know why." She said quietly, it was like midnight. She had actually just gotten back from something, I didn't know what, so I decided to ask. Nothing would be worse than the other thing; it must have been a little embarrassing.

"When did you figure out men weren't who you liked? I mean-" I said quickly, she looked at the floor and I felt bad. I'm not sure what happened! I had said the wrong question! She opened her mouth but didn't reply, which made me cry again. She was almost holding me on her lap and stroking my hair slowly.

"It's fine… Just unexpected… It's a long story." She started talking but her voice cracked when she said it's a long story. Tears ran down her cheeks and Elle came to the door.

"Hey, Enid, can I have the-What's wrong?" Elle said. Enid handed her a file and Elle took it but sat down next to us, "What's wrong?" she asked a little more demandingly.

"Nothing." I said, Elle laughed quietly. Enid was staring at Elle with longing eyes and Elle looked at her and then stood up, sitting on the computer chair, Enid blushed and looked at the floor again.

"Sorry. I have a hard time with that." Enid said quietly, Elle smiled.

"It's fine. Enid, why are you two crying?" Elle said, Enid took a slow and shaky breath.

"She asked me about when I became… A lesbian… And I really can't answer that. I just have one thing to do before I have to go to sleep. It MIGHT make you feel better." Enid had a smirk on her face and she looked down at me, I gulped a little but Elle ran out of the room and Enid's lips smashed against mine, I gasped a little but I didn't-I couldn't pull away. It felt GOOD. I'm not sure why, I barely knew this girl, but it felt GOOD. I smiled and held her tightly, and before I go, I'm just going to say I never left her room that night.