The beginning

Somewhere in Coventry queen Miranda was giving birth to her twins, a boy and a girl. On that same day darkness was covering their beloved kingdom overpowering the forces of light. When Apollo and Artemis were born so was a new hope. The prophecy says that only twins born of the sun and moon born on Halloween can restore Coventry's light. But can they destroy darkness the same day as their birth.

"The children they're still alive" Ileana said.

"Hurry we must hide them,here you take Apollo,I'll take Artemis. Karsh said grabbing a Artemis.

" Careful watch the head, hurry. Karsh said handing Ileana Apollo.

"Our fate is in their hands now. Karsh said

"Actually it's in our hands. Ileana said

"What" Karsh said

"Well if they're our fate and they're in our hands. Ileana said

"Would you just go Darkness won't rest until it finds them, go I'll meet in another dimension. Karsh said

"Wait are we going to the dimension that's purple or... Ileana said before getting cut off

"Just go." Karsh said

Ileana went through the portal

"Don't worry little one you'll be safe here. Ileana said

"All we can do now is hope Karsh got said bringing Apollo to the hospital

You'll be okay Artemis, portal open" Karsh said

It's okay little one your going to be safe, I don't think we were followed. Karsh told the crying baby.

Just then Karsh bumped into someone with a skeleton mask.

"Sorry dude trick or treat" Noticing that Karsh was not finding it funny the kid decided to back off

''Don't worry Artemis you'll soon understand their strange ways. Karsh said bringing the baby to the hospital