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Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end

But it is, perhaps the end of the beginning.

Sir Winston Churchill

Five years ago

The train station was filled to the brim, the small child standing in the crowd of many unnoticed and under large ugly glasses emerald eye's gazed around amazed as dark ebony hair lay curled messily around his face, pale skin unhealthily so as the rags draped over the child's frame did nothing to hide the malnourished frame.

'This is the world the Dursley's tried to keep me from?' The boy thought calmly listening to the hoots of owls as he pulled his small bag filled with hand-me-downs and second hand books, adjusting his glasses the child sighed reaching the luggage compartment and trying to ignore the cracked rib, a parting gift from his Uncle.

"Need a hand-"

"-We'd be happy to help-"

"-An ickle firstie."

Twins, red hair, freckles and young but handsome faces, the child smiled happily

"Thank you; I'm Harry- Harry Potter." The boy said softly and the twins stared at the small skinny boy

"Nice to meet you Harry-" The twin on the left began, his eye's held the slightest hint of a sea green in the depths of cornflower blue, scarlet red hair shone in the sunlight.

"-Harry Potter, I'm Fred-" Twin two, on the right crushed violet blended in with cornflower blue...the only difference

"-No I'm Fred, and he's George." Sea green eye's said softly, Fred he claimed his name was...but he looked more like a George

"No your Fred, he's George." Harry said softly pointing to Crushed violet who looked shocked briefly but then laughed

"Well what do you know, I guess those glasses must help some." Fred laughed as he lifted up the suitcase with George's help, the other twin silent with a strange emotion mixing in his eye's as he raked his eye's down Harry's frame

"Potter...oh Merlin, you're Prongs' son." George said gently and stared at Harry who smiled softly

"Who?" Harry asked and Fred looked down at him sadly

"you look just like your old man...well obviously a lot smaller-" Fred began

"-understatement, you're malnourished...right? So I'm guessing that you and your old man don't live together-" George placed in turning to his twin but moving his hand on Harry's shoulder

"-Still Prongs letting this happen to his kid?-" Fred murmured shocked

"-He's not been the same Ma' said since Lilly's death...but you're right of course it's not like him...and Padfoot- what would Padfoot say." George said gently and Harry tried to step away but was shot a dark look by George, Sea green storming vividly...his heart stopped, please, please no more beatings.

"Stay still Harry." George said coldly and then noticed the boy's scared expression and softly loosened his tight grip and wrapped his arms around Harry in a gentle hug

"I don't understand." Harry whispered, confused...so confused.

"you will, we're going to take you to our mother, and she will help you." Fred said softly


Molly Weasley was a warm looking person, with a wide smile...but it fell when she caught sight of the small boy tucked in one of the twin's arms, large fearful eye's dimmed behind ugly glasses as familiar messy ebony hair hung dimly, malnourished frame shaking as the boy struggled slightly in confusion

"Mum, his names Harry-" Her son began

"-Harry James Potter, what the hell have those Dursley's done to you?" Molly interrupted, her voice breathless and the boy froze in shock stiffening and then wincing and rubbing at his rib cage

"Nothing, I tripped." The boy lied avoiding eye contact and moving closer to Fred...or George, she couldn't tell they were so similar

"And lost twelve pounds?" The twin not holding Harry drawled

"Fred, you aren't helping." George snapped at his twin wrapping arms around the tiny frame

"Honey, have they been abusing you?" Molly asked and Harry gripped at George's shirt scared and her prank loving son, the very same boy who had turned their brother's teddy into a spider for fun pressed his forehead into Harry's dark hair and whispered something which caused the boy to relax

"I-I don't know what I do wrong...I did everything they asked, I didn't get higher grades than Dudley, I did the garden and cleaned the house and cooked...I- I tried so hard and then this damned letter came along and they didn't talk to me and when Professor McGonagall came around they let me go...but when I came back, Uncle Vernon got so angry, more angry then ever...and I thought I would die, so much pain." Harry said gently and George let out a choked sob for the little boy in his arms

"Mum, he can't go to Hogwarts like this...he needs medical attention." Fred told Molly who nodded dully

"Show Ron onto the train, he's with Ginny putting his luggage on." Molly ordered dully

"And then I and George are coming with you." Fred said strongly and Molly scowled shaking her head

"No, i am perfectly capable of taking care of Harry until we reach St Mungo's." Molly replied and Fred narrowed his eyes

"If you don't let us come I will have lost all faith in adults...why would James let this happen?" Fred asked and Molly looked at her son and sighed, before spotting Percy the eldest son who still attended school and waving him over

"Mother?" Percy asked her and she smiled sadly at him

"Place Ron onto the train and send Ginny over to me Perce'...I have to go." Molly said sadly and Percy looked curiously at the twins and Harry but obeyed as George and Harry whispered between themselves

"Why are you all acting like this...I- I don't understand this at all." Harry admitted in a whisper to George who suddenly hated James Potter with his whole being

"Because your father is our godfather...you're practically Family and you have to understand that Family is everything to us Weasley's and seeing you like this- seeing anyone like this is bad enough- but to know you especially are like this...we can help now though and we will help." George said softly and Harry hummed

"What's it like having family?" Harry asked and George hummed gently

"...interesting, we have a large family, there's Nine of us so sometimes it can be tense and stuff but we're alway's there for each other..." George trailed off as he felt tears seeping through his shirt

"Why did he leave me, what did I do wrong?" Harry whispered shaking and George gripped Harry tightly...unable to answer.


Sirius Orion Black yawned at his desk bored. Tapping his fingers against the desk...being head auror was bo-ring, sure he got his own private office and stuff...but why would James take this over going out and shooting stuff...hell the guy was plain weird sometimes


Sirius jumped at the familiar shriek and looked at the fireplace moving to it he blinked in shock at Molly's face

"Molly- James isn't here...what's up?" Sirius asked and he heard the woman howl in anger

"What's up- his own son! Where is the bastard I'm going to flay him alive!" Molly shrieked

"Molly calm down, what's this about our son...Adrian's at home." Sirius said softly...proud of the son he and James had, the adorable dimples the wide blue eyes-

"-Not Adrian- Harry, I've brought him to St Mungo's! Malnourished, broken ribs...he's on death's door- so where is that miserable son of a bitch Sirius!" Molly roared

"...Harry? He's a Squib, why would he be at St Mungo's?" Sirius asked

"Not too much of a Squib to get a Hogwarts letter!" Another voice that Sirius vaguely recognized as one of the twins came in the background

"Yeah tell him Mum- tell him what those disgusting Muggle's did!" the other twin apparently called

"Molly- what, what are they talking about?" Sirius asked and saw the woman's face fall, tears that fell in black in the fire place trailing down her cheek

"Whilst you and James built your perfect little family home, Lilly and James' son was abused, treated as a house elf... they've starved him, beaten him...Merlin knows what else Sirius, so you find your Husband and you tell him I'm coming for him, because I'm here watching one of my best friend's son lying in a forced coma...tell him he better watch his back because I will kill him." Molly snarled and Sirius' face dropped.

"Harry...Harry has been abused, Petunia always said that Harry was happy there- that he wouldn't want to leave...we thought oh Merlin what have we done." Sirius cried out and Molly laughed coldly and told Sirius everything that had happened that day

Five minutes later

"-hey Siri', I've got lunch and butterbeer- hey Molly, how's the twins?" James' voice came perfectly pleasant, as he smiled happily pushing the messy black hair from his face so similar to his son's

"Molly, don't do anything you'll regret- this won't help him!" Sirius called to the woman quickly seeing her narrowed eye's

"O-Kay, what's going on? Siri' what's wrong?" James asked concerned and Sirius smiled sadly

"It's Harry, he's at St Mungo's." Sirius said calmly and James blinked

"Harry who?" James asked and Molly shrieked

"Harry WHO, MISERABLE BASTARD!" Molly roared in anger

"Prongs...Harry." Sirius said miserably and James' eye's widened

"How? I didn't realize Petunia knew where it was...did something happen?" James asked and Sirius laughed bitterly

"Petunia doesn't know. Harry got a Hogwarts letter and arrived on Platform nine and three quarters...unaware he had a father, Petunia told him nothing, he's in St Mungo's comatose, because of the abuse...you're just lucky the twins feel such loyalty to family James and they count him as Family through you." Sirius told him softly

"Because of the abuse...they abused my child, they abused Lilly's son!" James snarled and Sirius nodded sadly

"Get over here Potter, because you are to blame for this- your son is at deaths door because of you!" Molly hissed and James nodded moving to the floo as Molly's face disappeared

"Siri' can you go home and get Adrian, find him someplace to go...I'll meet you at St. Mungo's."


His son was beautiful...even when so sick, the young boy he hadn't seen for almost ten years lay unconscious surrounded by a halo of ebony locks as he slept medi-wizards rushing around him attempting to fix everything that was wrong with him...but James knew the malnourishment he could see on his child would last

"Why are you even here?" A cynical, young voice asked and James looked to see George...sea green and cornflower blue eye's flashing in discontentment

"George...he's my son." James said softly

"-and some father you've been, so i'll repeat. Why are you even here?" George snarled, sitting by Harry, tear streaks running down his young face

"you're supposed to be the guy we look up to...what is there now? you left him. He didn't even know he had parents...What the hell is wrong with you?" Fred asked as he walked in

"He was diagnosed as a Squib and i was still miserable over losing Lilly, I sent him to Petunia's because she was- is Lilly's sister...I visited every couple of months until Petunia requested I stop as it was hurting Harry...I wanted to take him back but then I thought about Filch, I didn't want my son to become bitter because he was a squib...I didn't want that at all." James explained as he stared down at his son

"No he'll just become bitter because his father left him to an abusive family. Remarried had a new kid- really well done, you've been a wonderful parent." George snarled

"And what the hell would you know about being a parent- you're thirteen!" James snapped and George snorted

"More than you know apparently, I know that even if a kid doesn't have a gift or is a bit different you don't throw them out- people like you are the reason's there are people like Filch in the world!" George snapped and James reared back

"I did what i thought was right- I had good intentions." James hissed and a groan caught his attention...apparently his son was fighting his way out of a forced coma.

"Well you know what they say about good intentions Mister Potter." George said coldly and looked back at the little boy who by all rights was his brother his god-brother

Harry's arm twitched, then moved and the little boy who had been unconscious sprung up breaking out of the forced coma, objects around the room rising into the air and bursting a hand clutched at his chest and the baby he had given up coughed with such force his whole body shook and when he removed his hand spatters of blood stained lilly white skin and the monitering parchment next to him opened a wide mouth and screamed.

-End of Chapter-

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