It was quiet in the lair, deserted as Mikey and Don had taken Master Splinter to April's. He had been sick for weeks and needed the fresh air. Raph had stayed behind, taking his frustration out on the Dojo's much abused punching bag. Something was up with Leo, he couldn't tell what was bothering him but all his energy seemed to be pointed at Raph. When Master Splinter first got sick and let Leo take over training was when it really started. Leo looked at him different now; there was something in his eyes that he didn't like something dangerous.

Leo pushed him harder in training, making him go longer then Mikey and Don. When they spared Leo was holding back, looking for ways to get past his defenses, then would attack with a power that Raph didn't know he had. The end would always come with Raph one the floor and Leo standing over him, that dangerous look in his eyes. If Raph didn't know any better he would think Leo was trying to his limits, how hard he would have to push till Raph couldn't push back.

Raph sent another barrage of punches at the bag, though they weren't as strong as he would have liked. He was tired. Leo had given him extended training again, which ended in another fight, only this time it was Leo that had left and Raph stayed, strange…. Now after almost an hour spent on the bag Raph was whipped. His muscles ached, his arms and legs felt weak, and his vision was starting to blur around the edges. He had just sat down, breathing starting to slow, when the Dojo's door was opened. Looking up Raph saw that it was Leo standing there in the door way, that strange look in his eyes. Raphael shuddered.

"What cha doin' here Fearless? Thought ya'd be at April's." Raph asked, his eyes moving to his lightly shaking hands. "Damn maybe I shouldn't have over done it like that. Everythin' feels heavy now."

Raph herd the door slide shut before Leo spoke. "No. I would rather be here… with you." Raph's ears perked up at that. "With me? 'Nother trainin' routine probably."

Sighing with frustration Raph got to his feet, swaying slightly and hopping Leo didn't notice. Walking over to the door Raph kept his eyes down, not wanting to look at Leo.

"Sorry but cha on ya own, I'm done for the night." Raph reached for the slider but Leo stopped him by grabbing his wrist. Within one movement, so fast Raphael almost didn't see it, he was shoved against the wall, Leo's body holding him there. With his arms pinned above his head and Leo so close Raph felt very uncomfortable and more then a little annoyed.

"What th' shell Leo?!" Raph was already struggling, which only caused Leo to push against him more. The only answer he received was Leo's lips meeting his in a forceful kiss.

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