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I made this in honor of those two since I believe their love story (in the comics) is one of the saddest I've read and The Dark Knight Rises ending just caught me offguard and I think these two are just perfect for each other and they had a great chemestry on screen.

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How to ask a Cat to marry you.

Bruce Wayne was dressed in his pijama bottoms and looking at the beautiful woman at his right in the bed they both shared. His eyes were full of love and admiration. Selina Kyle had finally done what no other woman had done...Completely enchant the heart and soul of eccentric, billioner and playboy Bruce Wayne. And he didn't care if she had.

Because he loved Selina Kyle...And he loved the Catwoman inside of her as well.

He had been broken by Bane and he had been betrayed by Miranda or Talia. He had fought the Joker to the best of his ability and had mourned the death of Rachel for eight years. And in all that time, he had never been so captivated by a woman than he had been with Selina.

The first time they met, he had almost shot an arrow at her and if it hadn't been for the pearl necklace arond her long neck, he would have perfectly believed her role as an innocent maid. And she had kicked of his cane, she had jumped of a window in heels, and she had made of with his mother's pearls.

He had gotten them back and in revenge she had stolen his Lambourgini. His damn new Lambourgini. And Bruce had to call Alfred to pick him up in embarasment.

He had picked up the cowl again, to stop Bane. She had led him to him, only to sell him to his enemy. He had seen her roughly as he was fighting and Bruce had understood that she new the mistake she had made and that she regreted it.

He had risen from the pit to safe Gotham. And he had sought her help. She had been able to escape when she had opened the tunnel, but she came back for him. He had lied to her about the autopilot, but had been rewarded by one of the best kisses he had ever experienced. He had come back once day later to her appartment, hopping that she hadn't leaved yet.

She had slapped him across the face four times and then they had spend together the best night of Bruce's life. They went to England, Rio, France, Florence...He had expected to find Alfred there. He wanted to tell him that he'd made it. That he was happy with someone. That he forgave him.

And now they were in Rome. In the best suite of the best hotel.

Bruce reached out for the little drawer in his nightstand. He opened it and pulled out the small, black box. He sighed. How on Earth am I gonna do this? He thought.

He looked back at Selina, who was still deeply asleep and gently, Bruce stood up from the bed and went into the small living room of the suite. He sat on the small couch and started to panic. Yes, he, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, was panicking over how to ask a woman to marry him. He looked at the clock at the wall across him. 6:30. It would be 12:30 in Gotham. Bruce stood up and took his laptop out. Time to talk to the specialist...

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