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Chapter 11

Selina´s hands were trembling and her eyes filled with silent tears. She looked into the brown eyes of the man in front of her and she realised that, after all those times where she had run away from commitment...Now, she didn´t want anything is the problem with stray cats, she used to say. But Bruce Wayne (and the Batman) had finally tamed down the lioness...Well, taming is a strong word,she thought.

She focused on the man who was awaiting her answer. His mysterious, brown eyes were shining with hope and love. His hair was messy from the cowl and there were some strands shadowing his forehead. He looked as handsome as ever. Selina took a deep breath and her smiled disappeared.

"Yes, Bruce. I will marry you." She didn't realise she was in his arms until his warm lips collided with hers, kissing her with such passion it even took her by surprise. When he finally let her break apart, they were both breathing heavily. For the first time since she was young, Selina giggled. And she didn't feel ashamed of it since he was too. He took out the small, black, velvet box and opened it, revealing a small silver ring.

It was a thin, silver ring with what seemed to be an opening rose in the center and the diamond coming out of it. It was the most beautiful ring Selina had ever seen...and she had seen quite a lot.

She extended her hand and Bruce took it in his as he slided the ring through her left ring finger. They kissed again and then stood some seconds looking at the wonderful view that Rome was at night. Selina interrupted the comfortable silence. "So, what now?"

"Well..." Bruce responded. "Now, I'm taking you out for dinner in the magnificent dress I'm sure you bought with my money" He flashed her one his famous playboy smiles.

Selina quirked an eyebrow. "Oh. And you... are going as Batman?"

He chuckled deeply, sending shivers down her spine. "Oh, no, honey, I have another suit waiting for me."

"Well, then." Selina said as she pressed herself against him in a feline way and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "See 'ya in a minute, handsome." She walked away, her hips swinging a little more than necessary.

When she was gone, Bruce let out a low whistle and said to himself. "Man, what a woman I've got myself..."

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