The Idea.

Three months had passed since the war ended. The school had reopened (most of the damage had been fixed but Hogwarts would never be as it was.) Harry and Ginny sat on a mouldy sofa in Number 12 Grimmauld Place with Ron and Hermione opposite them. The Weasleys had not returned to their jobs or school. The loss of Fred and the others still felt like an open wound to everybody. All four sat in silence. A comfortable, calm silence. Each person lost in their own thoughts. Or in Hermione's case, Rita Skeeters new book.

"Harry" said Hermione, breaking the silence.

"Yeh?" replied Harry, turning from the spider on the wall. He had been lost in a memory of a young boy in a cupboard. It barely seemed real any more….

"I was just thinking…. Maybe we should write down your story. Tell people the truth, the whole truth. People will talk about you forever. We should at least give them the proper facts! I mean we are the only people who know what really happened. How it all began and ended."

"That's a great idea!" piped Ron who had been absent-mindedly playing with a strand of Hermione's hair. Harry smiled. He loved seeing how much Ron cared for Hermione. He petted Ginny's knee without thought. "I'v never been in a book before!" Ron was looking more excited about the idea than Harry felt.

"Your quite a big part of Rita Skeeters "Dark versus Light- Inside the Heart of the Final Battle" interjected Hermione.

"That doesn't count! She doesn't even mention my name. I'm "Harrys Red-Head".

Ginny let out a hysteric laugh. "Harrys Red-Head? Wouldn't you be so lucky! Anyway I didn't know you read the book?"

Ron's ears lit up. Harry had a feeling he was reading over Hermione's shoulder to try and impress her.

Hermione must have agreed with him as she was smiling when she asked Harry his thoughts on the whole idea.

"What idea?" George entered the room with a mountain of vol-u-vants in one hand and a pile of chocolate caramel squares in the other. Ginny looked towards the kitchen, a sad look in her eyes. Mrs Weasley had been cooking a lot of delicate and complicated meals lately. It seemed to be her way of coping with the loss of her son. Harry stroked Ginnys back. He knew how it hurt her to see her mother so upset.

"Yeah!" exclaimed George after Hermione updated him. "It'll sell loads! You'll be rich! Well… richer. It would be really long though…."

Harry was back staring at the spider. He thought of everything that had happened over the last 7 years. He wanted to forget it. To stop the nightmares. But even he knew that was as impossible as teaching the spider to fly. Then Harry thought of the people. Fred, Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Dobby, his mum and dad, even Peter Pettigrew. Did he really want them all to be forgotten?

"OK" he said "but you write it. Where will we start?"

"At the beginning" replied Hermione, taking out her quill.

Ah the beginning! Hope you enjoyed this. Ill update it soon with the first chapter. If there's a demand I'll keep writing it. Please comment! Every little helps.