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I can feel your heart beating to the beat of my drum. Oh what a shame that you came here with someone. So while you're here in my arms. Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.

I had no clue that planes had iPod jacks. It made the flight a little more pleasant. Especially since it filled the awkwardness between Emmett and I. Y'know… until that last song turned on.

I quickly hit the skip button. NO MORE-.- The others had practically trashed what remained habitable of the plane. There was some sort of party thrown there… and it had only been a few hours. I look over to the controls, just in need of something new to see, but it was no use. I couldn't stop thinking about how we were all screwed. But I had to give the others something to hang on to…

A little bit of turbulence. There'd be a storm soon. I look over to the screen with temperatures and other weather stuff. The windshield was rising at some sort of rapid rate. I claw at my own hand nervously. I didn't want to have to land tonight. Maybe we could just fly straight through the storm before anything to problematic came. I turned the plane a little to the right as some rain popped up on the screen somewhere below us. No big deal as long as we were so far up. More turbulence. My nails dig into my skin a little more. "Oh!" I exclaim as the winds pick up, and the plane is pushed along with it. This wasn't supposed to happen…

Emmett's staring at me. I can feel the icy cold gaze from my side. I turn to meet his eyes, but now he's gaping at the screen. I look down to see the begginings of something that I didn't want to-

"Minneapolis!" Emmett shouts, as the plane shuts down and we're suddenly falling. I hold in a scream as we start the descent of ten thousand feet. Plummeting straight down. No. No. I grab Emmett's arm. No, pierce his arm. This is not the way to die now. I stop thinking for only a moment before Emmett is shaking me and asking me what to do, begging me to fix it. Subconsciously I grab the stick. Pull up. In my absence, the plane has restored power. The lights are on again, but we're lurching upward at a sickening speed. But I feel nothing. I automatically hit another lever. The plane is almost spinning now. Spiraling out of control. But somehow I know I've complete control over all that is happening. I can get us to the ground safely. I hit something else, and now we're gliding downward. Not like it should be, but better than before. I hit something else. A popping sound. Oh the wheels, why would I do that? The next thing I know, we're on the ground… no.. in the ground. We've plowed a nice little plane sized line through the Arlington Cemetery.


"What the hell was that?" Texas almost destroys the door to the cockpit. ****no cock jokes**** I don't exactly answer so much as just stare out the front of the plane. I realize the music on my iPod is somehow still playing. I snatch it and unplug it from the jack. Doing all I can to avoid eye contact.

"Minneapolis." I hear Bipolar come in. Someone else is behind her… It's Kory…

Well for the most part, everyone was okay… in the plane that is… Not too sure about the many infected people outside… But whatever, just axe work. There was no point in sitting around, so everyone packed their crap up and stood by the emergency exit.

"I swear I've seen this somewhere." I say examining the exit.

"What do you mean?" Kory says about to open the door.

"Wait!" I yell as he's about to kick it down.

"What?" He yells.

"I don't think that's a good idea." I say quietly. He rolls his eyes and kicks the door down. We all pile out, and for a moment it's quiet. But then we're all covering our ear from the alarm coming from the plane.

"OOH… now I remember." I say recalling L4D2. Secrets be secrets, I was a gamer. Everyone glares at me as something starts moving in the distance. About the size of a… oh it's a horde.

"Fuck!" Emmett yells.

"Let's move!" Russia says. Coming out of our stunned daze, we all hopped off the side of the plane, running the opposite way of the horde, which by the way, tracking us down pretty fast. We ran through the graves, guns firing axes and knives swinging. Yelling and odd phrases escaping the crazy ones… oh right that's all of us. And then, I see Fairbanks stop up ahead, her mouth wide in awe. Gaping at something she sees.

Then I see it. Out of the ground… Slowly crawling up… Our first undead zombie.

"Holly shit!" Kory grabbing his shotgun as Theodore Roosevelt escapes from the ground. I'd like to know how he did that…

"Guys… Run." I almost whisper. Cause there's not enough time to make sure he's dead, while all the rest are only a few yards away. Kory opens his mouth to argue, but closes it as he sees just how close the horde is.

"Come on!" It's Fairbank's voice coming out in a squeak as we all sprint out of there. I grab the revolver out of its holster and start shooting. But obviously none of our efforts are enough. There were just too many. And I was truly about to give up, when Emmet yells, "Up here!" And we look up to see a ladder leading to the roof. We scramble up like scared mice. And again start shooting. Eventually Texas runs out of ammo, and has started throwing knives… I briefly wonder where she acquired them, but realized I was coming onto a problem of my own. The revolver's ammo was almost completely gone. There's no way I could use my axe now, and those were my only two options.

"Here." Russia holds something out to me during my panic. It was a black bow. Okay. Where did she get THAT?

"What on earth do you expect me to do with that?" I ask grabbing it anyways. She shrugs and hands me arrows. I sigh angrily and start shooting them They worked nicely… But nothing like the axe. Still, when the last zombie fell, I was still holding the bow in my hand.

"Thanks," I breathe handing Russia the bow back. She smiles a little, taking it. Then Emmett comes over, scanning for more. But none were found.

"I've been meaning to ask you… How'd you find these?" He smiles smugly, grabbing my axe. I just smile in response. He knew exactly how I found them.

"It's been a long day." Kory says to us all. "We need to find somewhere to rest," He looks at me, "And find more ammo." Since when did he become leader.

Alright guys. There you go. Until next time…


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