This is my own take on weird 's based on a dream I had one night.

Eoin Keenan was bored. Real bored.'Mum ,I'M bored, he said.'What do you want be to do, you could help your father wash the car, she said.'Uh areyou kidding that's like so frigging boring,Eoin said. 'What ever then, she said.I decide to go down town. When he was there he found this werid old second hand went inside. He found this weird game called was a about a dragon called bad, he thought it was only 50 cent so he bought it.

Back at home he played it on his play station. Suddenly something weird happened.

The dragon looked at appeared on the sceen,

'Eoin. I need you help.I can only stay alive if you find the special disk to restore my will find it in new york in the Mall. I know I can trust you Eoin, its fate you found this game. I was waiting for this time to come for thirty years.

'Huh , this is so played on. The dragon all of a sudden lay down and started shaken.

Oh no, he's dying , I have to do something. 'Mum can we drive to new york. 'Why? 'I just feel like going.

So off they went. They went to the looked everywhere for the special disk.

Suddenly he saw a second hand came shop. He was about to go in when he saw Lily the girl he liked. She was with the school bully Colm Kenny.'Yo loser , he said.'What do you want Colm?'Lily told me she likes me not you.'Colm I did not say that!Lily protested.'She would never go with you Eoin, Colm sneered.'Wanna bet Lily said and went up and kissed him.'No time Lily I need that disk. Eoin's Mom come up just then.'Hey, I got you that movie were the woman alien he's a ceaseren to have a alien baby. 'Thank's mom but can a get something else , . 'Uh if its not to dear, she said. He ran in and to his amazement he found the he got home he used it and the dragon came to life. 'Hi Eoin now all your problems are over.'Uh Avatoris , I have a feeling there just begining

The end