"We have to save the princess, Mario! Get UP!" Luigi yelled, trying to drag his sleeping brother out of bed. "Mariooo~!" The green fellow yelled. Suddenly, he had an idea. He got Yoshi. Luigi whispered his plan in the Yoshi's ear. "This'll work perfectly." Luigi lauged as the Yoshi stuck it's tounge in Mario's ear. Nothing. 'Damn, he's a heavy sleeper.' Luigi thoght, grabbing a sledge hammer. "If that didn't wake him up..." Luigi said, rasing the hammer above his head. "This WILL!" Luigi slammed the hammer right next to Mario's face, making the whole hose shake. Mario snored. "Whaaat!" Luigi yelled, frustrated. He yelled in Mario's ear. "MARIO WAKE UUUP! THE PRINCESS IS KIDNAPPED!" Still nothing. Threw his brother on the floor. More snoring. After sevral attempts, Luigi was on the verge of giving up. He decided to go through Mario's closet, reaching the back of it, he found a picture of Peach naked. "What are you doing?" Said a familliar voice of a Super Mario plumber.