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"Help me!" Katie was screaming. Kay was wiping the water out of his eyes as Katie screamed. He grabbed her and covered her mouth as she continued to struggle.

"Katie, Katie, stop! Katie, let's go, stop it!" But Katie bit Kay on the hand very hard. Katie ran and called for help. A nearby police officer ran over as Kay caught up to her and grabbed her, trying to drag her off.

"Sir! Sir! Let go of her!" The officer yelled.

Kay didn't let go. Katie was struggling and screaming.

The officer drew his Taser and, though he didn't want to, he Tasered Kay in the stomach.

All went dark as Kay went limp and fell.

Katie ran off before the officer could get her.

Kay awoke in a cell in a holding confinement chamber. Kay had a splitting headache and as he sat up he groaned.

"Katie?" The last thing he remembered was trying to get control of her after Jay had…

Kay looked around.

"Oh my God."

Kay's weapons, nueralizer and other effects were on a counter, his clothes were still on, but beside his effects were a pair of orange penitentiary paints and an orange jacket.


A prison guard came in.

"Morning, sunshine."

"I need a phone call."

"Humph… I don't know, you're pretty sneaky looking to me…just kidding, here you go."

The guard handed his a standard police office wireless phone.

Kay quickly dialed MIB's number. Zed picked up, thankfully.

"Zed! I'm in jail, come get me please!"

"Kay! What the hell are you doing there?"

"Long story, just come and help me."

"Ok, but promise you'll tell me what the hell happened."

"I will, hurry." Kay hung up.

"This man you put in jail is the President's third cousin, twice removed! That girl was his stupid daughter who thought it would be okay to hide marijuana in Daddy's car. We'll get you the drugs; you fill out your report, and don't go arresting any other president's relative's asses!" Jay was mad. Jay cared that Kay was hurting, but Jay knew that losing his partner would be a greater pain.

He sent Katie to a homeless shelter where she would be fine. Kay was so mad at Jay, but there was nothing Kay could do about it. He loved her, and he knew it. Jay knew it. Everyone who knew about it knew it. But Jay knew what was best for the old man. And this was it.

Kay was destined to be forever alone…

Forever Lonely, lonely forever.