The New House

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns my favorite universe to explore, but not this story.

Author´s note: As incredible as it may sound, this story started as a dream. A very terrified friend of mine dreamt what constitutes the base of this tale. I wrote it some eight… ten years ago? It was O.F., clearly, but as I started navigating Ffn, I decided to make it a B & E fic and posted it in Spanish. Now, I´m tweaking it a little (and translating it, of course) to fit the drabble mode.

As it seems to be my thing, most of the chapter will be rather tiny, though maybe not as tiny as this one, but from Friday to Sunday, they´ll come almost non-stop. There´ll be 94 chapters and an Epi. :)

I hope you enjoy.

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I want to thank Christag Banners for the lovely banner she made for this story, and Breath-of-Twilight for her beta voodoo; this would not be readable without her.

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Leaving Arizona was just what Bella needed. She had an asshole for a boyfriend, whose only redeeming qualities were looking, and fucking, like a god; her and many others.

One could say she was in love, but she knew he was no reason to stay.

So, to the deep relief of her parents and friends, she left Jacob and went to London for two years.

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Also, I am participating in the Mix and Match Contest, I can´t tell you which one is mine as it is anonymous, but there are some fabulous stories there you most certainly will enjoy! Before you balk because it´s strictly non-canon, let me tell you, you won´t even mind it, they are so beautiful.

Let me tell you, too, about The countdowns that Breath-of-Twilight hosts.

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