Bella adjusted the baby monitor to her satisfaction before planting the lightest of kisses on her baby´s forehead and tiptoeing out of the nursery.

She found Edward prone on the bed, his readiness made apparent by his expectant erection. Bella would have giggled if a moan hadn´t escaped her first. It had been too long.

"Come here," he said, extending his hand to her; and she obeyed.

Feeling him move inside her was transfixing. She watched his shoulders go up and down in synch with the recurring sensation of him hitting her g-spot. She tried, through the haze of pleasure, to focus on his face, because his expressions only heightened her delight, but soon she had to close her eyes as she let herself be swallowed by her orgasm with a silent scream.

Edward gasped. "Fuck, baby, fuck, fuck… that´s too good, feeling you come…" And after a few staccato thrusts, he came, too.

Sated and exhausted, they were on the brink of sleep when they heard static coming from the baby monitor, followed by a familiar cooing voice.

"Hi there, baby… you and I are going to be great friends."

The end

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