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Life was hard enough being fifteen, but it was ten times harder for Holton Kane. He lived in the mountains near Denver, Colorado, with his Dad and step-mom, Carla. His dad's name is Harris Kane. In case you don't already know, he is a movie star. With paparazzi around all the time there was never much privacy. Carla was his dad's young blonde and tall wife. His mom died in when he was five so he never remembered her much but Harris gave his a picture of her and he carried it around with him wherever he went.

Carla was never very nice and Harris was so busy with work he was never around and even when he was he was only focused on Carla. He used to live in a small town in Kansas called Quantrill. Holton had friends, a girlfriend, and dad wasn't dating Carla yet. But then, Dad met Carla and they got married and they moved to the mountains. Then, two years later, everything changed.

It was winter, and Holton had just woken up. He stumbled out of bed and walked over to his closet. He started changing into his ski clothes. He is not very good at skiing, but it was pretty much the only thing to do to get out of the house. He grabbed his backpack, which he packed the night before so he could leave as soon as possible. He hated being around Carla. She was rude and expected him to be the perfect kid. He walked out of his room and made a beeline for the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked a cold voice from behind him. He slowly turned around to face Carla. She was already up and around, probably getting ready for his dad's homecoming that night.

"I am going skiing."He said trying to sound like he actually cared about her somewhat.

"Oh, no you're not. You are staying here and helping me get ready for your father's homecoming party tonight."

"Please, Carla?!" Holton begged. He was trying his hardest to be sincere. It really didn't matter if Carla said he could go or not, but she would be mad if did it without her permission so he tried to do it her way first. She looked at him, almost like she was trying to bore holes into him with her eyes.

"Okay! Fine, you can go, but you better be back around noon." She said finally said.

Holton smiled and ran for the door. He went outside and grabbed his skis and put them on. He was immediately going down the hill that Harris had purposely installed that led down to the ski slopes. When he reached the bottom he swerved left and suddenly remembered something. They were doing construction down this way. He remembered being told that a few trees had fallen and blocked the path. He was now going downhill and he saw the trees and the signs saying that this way was closed.

He tried to slow down, but he couldn't. The slope was to steep. He was going way to fast now and was mere seconds away from hitting the trees. He suddenly took a left and was flying off the side of the cliff. For one mere second everything was perfect, and then he was falling. The wind was whipping his clothes back, and he felt his skis falling off. He could barely see because the wind was blowing his eyes, but he could tell that he was nearing the ground.

He felt the impact, but it all went black after about a second

Two hours later. February 13, 2012

Holton woke up in a cave. There was a small fire, but it was still very dark. He felt a little sore but he should be dead after a fall like that.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Holton said shakily.

"Hello Holton! How do you feel?" A cheery voice asked out of the darkness.

I'm fine. What happened? Who are you? How am I alive?" Holton said trying not to sound panicked.

"I stopped you from hitting the ground, just before you landed. You have only been here a couple hours. And you can call me Sunburn."

Sunburn stepped out of the shadows. Holton gasped at what he saw. Sunburn was not a human he was some sort of dragon/bird. He had blue and orange and yellow scales, with reddish and yellow feathers. His wings were covered in feathers as well as his tail. He had bird feet and three yellow spikes coming out of his head and neck. He was about twice as big as Holton.

"What are you?!" Holton yelled.

"Oh. I-I am sorry, I wasn't aware that you were not told of the situation." He said. Holton could feel the heat radiating off of him even though they were ten feet apart. "You see, I am from a land called Skylands. It's a magical place, with creatures unlike anything you have ever seen. I am a guardian of Skylands called a Skylander. I am a fire Skylander, and am the leader of the group as well. We were under the possession of Master Eon, but he passed away and sent us here to Earth. You are one of the eight Portal Masters. We were sent here to help you protect not only your world, but ours." There was a long silence. Holton had a hard time believing this, but then again there was a dragon bird in front of him.

"Okay, but what are you?" Holton asked calmly.

"Oh! I am a dragon phoenix hybrid. I was born in the center of a volcano. I am the only hybrid like this ever known. Although this does have perks to it, there are also poachers who live in Skylands, and they try and capture me any time they see me. I joined the Skylanders to not only protect those who need it, but Master Eon protected me from poachers as well." Sunburn said proudly.

"How, do I know all this is real? This could just be some wild dream." Holton reasoned with himself.

"This is not a dream, here let me show you something." Sunburn said somewhat disappointed. He fled back into the shadows only to come back out moments later with a small watch looking device in his claw. He tossed it towards Holton and it landed right in his lap. Holton reached down and touched it and was suddenly flooded with information.

He suddenly knew everything there was to know about Skylands. He knew about all the creatures, the lands, the villains, and the Skylanders. He sat there for a few moments stunned at all of this knowledge.

"Okay. I believe you. I know all about Skylands, but I still don't understand what I am supposed to do." Holton said quietly.

"You have to find the other Portal Masters. The rest will be explained after that mission is complete." Sunburn said. Holton could tell from the tone of his voice that he really didn't know much more than that.