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Star Fox: Outlander- Chapter 1

Lylat's light shone down onto the hot red sands of Titania. However, it was not silent. Four starships sped across the sky, firing lasers at enemy fighters.

In the center of the triangle-like formation was Fox McCloud, the leader of the Star Fox team.

Flanking his left was his best friend and ace pilot, Falco Lombardi.

On his right was Krystal, the team's telepath.

Flying behind Fox's Arwing was Slippy Toad, the mechanic.

Since the Aparoid War, which had happened at least a year ago, the team had been residing on Corneria. They had recieved enough money to build a new Great Fox, and still have enough money left over for themselves. They worked with engineers and mechanics from all over the place to rebuild the Great Fox. They had worked almost nonstop on the new Great Fox for the past 11 months, and when it was finally finished, the StarFox team's first order of business was to patrol the many planets in the Lylat system, to make sure the planets were recovering from the Aparoid attack. They had also given some of their leftover money to help Corneria recover from Aparoid attack.

"Fox! Get this guy off me!"

Falco's thoughts were inturrupted when Slippy's distressed voice rang through the communication system. He rolled his eyes. Crazy frog-boy, he thought. Can't protect himself.

Falco watched as Fox shot the enemy fighters down.

"Thanks Fox!" Slippy said, a grateful look in his eyes.

"You seriously need to learn how to defend yourself, Slippy. One day no one will be there to save your hide!" Falco snapped.

Slippy's face fell, but then looked up angrily. "Shut your beak, birdbrain!"

Falco rolled his eyes. Slippy needed to think of better insults rather than "birdbrain".

"We're heading out. All aircraft report!" Fox said over the comm.

"I'm doing fine," Krystal said calmly.

"Nothing to report here!" Slippy reported.

Falco was about to respond, when movement caught the corner of his eye. He looked out the window of his Arwing, and he spotted a girl, writhing in pain. Her long fluffy tail was caught in... something, but Falco wasn't sure what it was.

She shouldn't be out here, he thought. It's too dangerous to be out here on your own.

He thought for a while. He wasn't sure whether he should go down there and help her or not. She was a stranger, he didn't even know if she was good or bad. Then again, maybe helping someone would get him more admired than he already was, which wasn't much.

"Fox," he finally said over the communicator. "I'm going down to the ground to take care of something. Go on without me and don't follow me."

Fox's face appeared on the transmission screen. "You can't be serious!" Fox shouted. "It's too dangerous down there!"

"I've already made up my mind, Fox!" he snapped. "I'm going down and you can't stop me! I'll be back at 10 o'clock or something."

Falco searched for a place to land his Arwing, finding a place near the hills.


"What now?" Falco said impatiently.

"Be careful, okay? I don't need someone getting injured."

Falco shook his head. "Not a problem, Foxie!"

Falco landed and exited his Arwing, taking a blaster with him. He slowly approached the girl, who was still struggling to free herself. Upon closer inspection, Falco saw it was some kind of steel jaw trap. (A/N: If you really want to know, the girl is caught in a bear trap. Not the big tube things, but the steel jaw traps. Just going to run that by you all.)

The girl wasn't young, but she wasn't old, either. Falco guessed she was somewhere in her mid-twenties. She had long brown hair that was tied into a braid and light brown fur. She was wearing a black t-shirt beneath a hide vest, torn blue jeans and sandals. From what Falco could see of her face, she had a white muzzle, and a mask of dark brown fur around her eyes. Probably a ferret, Falco guessed.

The girl's eyes were shut tight, and she was thrashing, her tail mangled from the struggling.

Falco tried to pry the trap open, but the girl was moving too much for him to do much.

Eventually, he snapped. "Quit moving around! You'll only make it worse than it already is!"

The girl jumped, craning her neck around to stare Falco in the face. Her dark blue eyes were full of fear and pain.

Falco didn't regret what he said. "Just sit still so I can get you out of here!"

The girl narrowed her eyes, and turned back around.

She stopped thrashing, and Falco took another go at the trap. It was clamped too tightly around her tail. The girl wouldn't be getting out of here with her tail.

Laser fire landed just inches away from the two of them. Falco looked up and saw enemy fighters shooting at the two of them. Falco took the plasma cannon that was strapped to his back and fired at them, not wasting a single shot. The fighters went down instantly, exploding in the distance.

The girl looked at Falco, gratitude filling her gaze.

"I didn't do that to save you," Falco responded coldly. "I did that to make my job easier."

The girl rolled her eyes.

"Anyway," Falco continued. "This thing doesn't seem to want you to go. It's too deeply embedded in your tail for me to be able to open it. I'm going to have to cut your tail off."

The girl looked at him with alarm, her eyes wide.

"Don't look at me like that!" he snapped. "I have to do this! You know that as well as I do!"

He then marked the area where he planned to cut her tail with his hand, which would leave her with a tail that was a little bit longer than a stub.

"I'm going to cut it here," he told the girl, who was still looking at him with shock. "I'm not going to ask you if that's okay, because you really don't have a choice."

The girl looked sad... a single tear escaped her eyes, landing on the dusty ground.

Falco stared at her for a moment, then sighed with exasperation. "It's going to be okay," he soothed her, still annoyed that she wasn't cooperating well. "I'll do it quick, I promise."

The girl stopped crying, and looked into his eyes. This went on for a while longer, until the girl finally nodded, a determined look in her eyes. She turned her head back around.

"Good," Falco said, and took a sharp knife out of his pocket. He laid the blade carefully on the place where he planned to cut her tail, lifted his wing, and sliced through the flesh and bone of the tail with ease.

Blood spurted out of the fresh wound, staining his jacket. Oh well, he thought. I'm getting a new uniform, anyway.

He stood up, expecting to be thanked by the girl, but she simply jumped up and ran as fast as she could over the hills.

"You're welcome," Falco grumbled, turning and retreating back to his Arwing.

I can't believe that chick didn't thank me for saving her, Falco thought. I guess I should be glad that she's okay. Even though she'll probably lose too much blood to survive until tomorrow.

Just as Falco was about to enter his Arwing, a laser blasted the ship, destroying one of the wings.

"Oh come on!" Falco exclaimed. He turned around, and his eyes widened. "Oh my go-"

His words were cut off as he was snatched into the air, blacking out.


The girl crouched down, panting. She had made it safely over the hills, away from the avian.

I couldn't thank him! I hardly even know him!

She suddenly remembered her bleeding tail, which felt as though it were on fire, and she turned around. It was dripping with blood.

She reached into her right pocket, and pulled out a small bag labeled "Healing Dust". She remembered what that sorceress told her.

Just sprinkle this dust over a wound, and in less than five minutes, the wound will be gone.

"Freaky woman," the girl muttered. She dumped the healing dust onto her tail, making sure to get it all on the wound.

For a moment, nothing happened, except her tail stopped bleeding. I guess the witch lied about this crap, she thought.

But then, the skin on her tail began to work its way together, almost as though her skin was sewing itself back together. The skin merged together, leaving a faint scar, which was soon replaced by a thin layer of light brown fur.

Freaky, she thought.

She thought back to her rescuer, the blue pheasant.

He wasn't very nice, she thought. But what is it about him... that makes me feel so weird?

She shook her head.

"You're losing it," she told herself.

She heard a roar, and she spun around. A Goras was rampaging, as usual.

Wait a second...

She looked closer, and noticed it was holding something in its claw. It was small compared to the Goras, and it was blue. But that was too familiar a blue...

Her heart stopped for a moment.

The bird!

She was about to go and help him, when she stopped. She didn't know this man, she didn't know anything about him, other than the fact that he piloted a starship and carried various weapons of all sorts.

But then again... that code I always lived by... if someone saves you... you must save them back, to avoid having to repay them later.

She drew a knife from her pocket. It was given to her by her father when she was 16. He said it was able to cut through everything.

"Time to figure out if he was right!"

She charged into battle, leaping at the Goras, and slicing through the arm that was clutching her rescuer.

The Goras' bony arm snapped, and down it went, dropping the avian in the process.

The girl landed on the ground, her legs feeling sore from the impact. The avian fell through the air. If she didn't catch him now, he surely would die upon hitting the ground.

She leaped and caught the bird in her arms, landing once again hard on the ground. She placed his body on the ground, staring at him.

For a moment, she thought he was dead, but his eyes soon fluttered open, looking dazed.

"Are you alright?" she asked, soon realizing this was the first time she had even spoken to him.

He scowled, and muttered sarcastically, "Just fantastic."

It was then that the girl remembered the Goras. It swatted her away with its claw, catching the bird's right arm. He howled in pain, clutching the wound, which was now bleeding.

The Goras swung again, this time catching his right thigh. He screamed again, then reached for his blaster, and shot at the claw. It took a while, but the claw eventually fell off.

The girl got back up off the ground, and cut another arm off the Goras.

The creature roared, swinging its tail wildly.

Its large chest plate fell off, exposing the bright red core.

The girl flung the knife as hard as she could at the core. It struck, and the Goras exploded, its bones flying everywhere.

The girl panted, and she looked at the avian.

"What, can't defend yourself?" she teased.

He looked at her defiantly. "I can defend myself just fine, thanks."

They were both silent for a moment. The girl broke the silence.

"I guess I should thank you for saving me earlier."

"I guess I should be thankful you saved me just now," he replied.

The bird tried to stand up, but he winced and sat back down.

"Stupid Goras," he muttered. "I can't get anywhere like this."

"I can help," the girl offered. "I can fix you up in no time."

The bird was silent, then reluctantly nodded. "Okay."

The girl helped him up. He draped his left arm over her shoulder. The girl wrapped her arm around his waist, helping him walk.

"What's your name, anyway?" the girl asked.

"Falco. Falco Lombardi," the avian replied. "What's your name?"

The girl was quiet. She didn't know how to respond.

Then she answered, "Heather. My name is Heather Woods."

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