Surprised this pairing has never been attempted. For shame.

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I was alone underneath the withered oak tree when he found me, just as I expected him to. He didn't seem like the perceptive type but appearances could be deceiving. His often were.

He didn't say anything at first; he chose his words with precision. He wasn't eloquent, but he was smart. He took a seat next to me, maneuvering so his back wasn't arched against a root.

He took my hand softly, cautiously. His rough skin betrayed his gentle touch. A chill ran up my spine, as it always did. I squeezed it back, hoping to give him a few of the butterflies he gave me.

He gave me butterflies. When I first saw him I never would have expected it. It wasn't until I heard his effortless words, the lilt in his voice, saw the spring in his step, the grin on his face and felt the spirit of happiness that he had when I realized just how much I wanted it all.

I finally had it. It was so simple.

He brushed his thumb across my knuckle. I took in a sharp breath and watched the sun go down. When I cheated a moment to look at his face, I saw the same fascination that he had every time he looked up at the sky.

"They're so much more amazing when you've walked within them, aren't they?" he asked me. He knew my answer. He knew how much he had changed my mind.

I used to find nothing in between the lines of the stars. Then he showed me the constellations. That's what he did for me; he drew the lines between the stars. He connected all of the stray thoughts within my head, all of the subconscious desires I ever held, all of the meaning within vacant words and all of the love that I never knew I needed to give and receive.

He drew meaning from everything he saw, and now I had the same gift. It was impossible not to have it; it was so contagious because it flowed off of him and into my pores from the moment we touched.

He drew light from my soul. I don't even know if he knew, but it was that simple.

I just smiled. He was used to my quiet. I was predictable that way. He called it reliable.

"You're pretty special, you know that?" he asked me casually.

"I've been told."

He laughed loudly, his boisterous voice echoing through the sky, as if the world was laughing with him. I smiled, because I wasn't very vocal. He understood.

He retreated next to me, resting his head on my shoulder. I thought nothing of it; he had the vibrancy of an orchestra but when he was around me he realized just how tired he could get. I didn't mind it when he fell asleep on my shoulder because it reminded me that I meant something to him.

Still, I said, "You look exhausted."

He replied "I prefer the term 'at peace'."

I relinquished my gaze from the stars and turned towards him. His face leaned into my neck, and I could feel the brush of his mustache against it. I chuckled lowly and rest my head above his; such is the extent of a girl nearly a foot taller than the man next to her. He sighed happily. It didn't take much to make him happy, but when something did you couldn't miss it from a mile.

"You're such a light," he mused into my skin, his voice admiring and longing.

"And you are a mirror," I mused into his red hat. I was not much for words but they were natural near him. "I hope you know that."

He laughed again, kissing me on my neck for just a brief moment. I shuddered, grabbing his arm tighter until I felt him begin to drift off. I took my cue and began to follow him into the realm of sleep, because I knew no greater comfort than falling asleep next to him.

It was that simple.