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Priestess at Ouran: The Taisho Gala pt 1

Saturday Night

"WOW!" All of them exclaimed in awe

They sat in the limo, gazing out the window as they waited for the limo in front of them to empty its occupants. They were struck with awe at the massive estate that was larger than any property any of them owned. A red carpet was rolled out leading down an impressive walkway, there was even paparazzi off to the side behid bodyguards trying to get a picture of A-listers attending the gala.

Kyouya pushed his glasses further up on his face.

"Mori, exactly who is Kagome-san's brother."

Mori looked at him then down at his white invitation with eloquent cursive handwriting scrawled on the front. "Taisho Sesshoumaru, why?" He wasn't sure who the guy was. He sounded familiar, but he had been total absorbed with being Kagome's date/escort.

Kyouya's eyes widedned, as did several others.

"The Sesshoumaru Taisho!" Tamaki practically shouted.

Mori confused, "That's what it says on the invitation." Now he was even more nervous. Now that Tamaki said it outloud it sounded more familiar, but the only Taisho's he knew off was the famous business leaders that owned large medical and weapon facilities throughout the world.

After finding out that Kagome was a scholarship student like Haruhi and that she was friends/rivals with her from childhood, he had simply assumed that she didn't come from a rich family. That the gala he would be attending might be something way small and less A-Lister-wise.

"It couldn't be...right?" Hikaru asked Kyouya who was straightening the tie on his suit.

Making relations with the Taisho's would be most beneficail, especially since their company happened to have a large hold over the medical industry than even his family.

"It doesn't matter, let's just do our best to make a good impression."

Honey glanced at Mori and placed a hand on his elbow getting his attention. "It'll be alright Takashi. They'll love you,"

Takashi's eyes widened before he smiled, his cousin always understood him. Sometimes better than he understood himself.


The chauffeur opened the door and they all exited like proud sons of their family.

The paparazzi went wild once they saw who stepped out from the limo, snapping a hundred pictures a second.

"You made it," a soft voice called towards them.

Mori turn was in slow motion almost, his heart nearly stopping at the sight presented before him.


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