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Priestess at Ouran: The Taisho Gala pt. 2


"You made it," a soft voice called towards them.

Mori turn was in slow motion almost, his heart nearly stopping at the sight presented before him.


Twenty Minutes Before:

Long nimble fingers locked, pulling back and forth with each other in a little game of tug-of-war.

"Imouto, you will stop this fidgeting at once," a baritone voice, broke her reverie.

Turning she sent him a half smile, "Gomen, Aniki," but her hands twitched ever so slightly as she brought them to rest at her side.

"Hnn," was his reply as he came to stand behind her. She stiffened under his scrutiny, as he looked at her through the full-length mirror. They were still in the family wing of the house, so you wouldn't even guess that they were having a party with how quiet it was, but once you opened the door and walked over to the secondary house it was another matter. It was like a battlefield.

Kagome just wanted to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

The family fashion designer and makeup artist had gone to work. Her makeup was superb, highlighting her best features on her face, while her outfit showed off her status and complimented her features.

Her hair had been whipped up into a very intricate bun with her bangs shaping her heart-shaped face. An elegant hairpiece and designer chopsticks were placed in her hair to keep it up. She wore an elegant kimono that consisted of seven layers, with the outer piece being a deep blue depicting two silver dog-demons locked in battle. A golden obi was tied around her waist with an intricate knot in the back that she couldn't undo by herself if she wanted to. A pair polished geta were on her feet with white socks in place for comfort, even though she had painted her toes the night before.

Despite the silky material and how beautiful a commoner might find the outfit, Kagome found it to be a nuisance.

'Not only is it heavy, but it's hard to dance and socialize in for a long time.'

However, Sesshoumaru had shot down her proposal of wearing one of her club activity kimonos.

"Such dresses are meant for lesser women, why you choose to prance around in them is beyond comprehension, but I will not have you do it front of this Sesshoumaru's guests," he had told her haughtily. Somehow she had assumed that he would have learned not to address himself as 'This Sesshoumaru,' but apparently old habits die hard and in her aniki's case it tended to happen when he felt strongly about something. She wasn't really offended by his comments.

Sesshoumaru had grown up in a different time period, where such dresses was considered ill-fit for her station. Which although was originally that of a commoner, because of Sesshoumaru adopting her as his younger sister, she is entitled to more.

'And more is expected of me!' That never ceased to irk her.

Why should she conform for others if she was of higher station? Shouldn't it be the other way around and she set the bar of what was expected of her. However, it was pointless to argue, she'd simply get beat up in a sparring match with Sesshoumaru and she was still nursing a sore bum and neck from the last time.

"You have met this one's inspection with great measure," he pronounced, before he started ushering her from the room.

The ball room was large with several circular tables with reserved seats for guests and a large dance floor. Ribbons of blue, gold, red, and white silk hung from the ceiling with acrobats swinging back and forth while performing dangerous tricks. A woman was walking around on a large colorful bar with an identical woman standing on her shoulders blowing fire out of her mouth. The large chandelier over the dance floor floor was spectacular made by Swarovski with six tiers going downwards made of pure crystals, glistening with gentle light.

'Leave it to aniki to go to the extremes.'

"Go mingle, Kagome and do find your escort. I will meet with him later, but for now I must see to my guest," he said leaving her to her own devices.

A few guests had started to trickle into the ball room. Men and women adorned in the finest material money could buy. There was an assortment of people present from high-end foreign models and actresses, there were political dignitaries including the prime minister, and the rest were some rich people whose names she only ever remembered when she met with them face to face.

Sesshoumaru made her spend hours the past week remembering all of the important people she needed to meet with.

As she made her way outside to the front, there was a golf cart waiting. It took her down the long driveway to the front gates. There was a red carpet, but hardly anyone walked down it, merely posed for pictures by the paparazzi new the entrance. The valet helped her down and she held her head high, walking with the as much grace as possible.

She almost lost her composure when she saw Mori.

He looked dashing in a black tuxedo with a blue tie and matching dress shoes. His hair slicked back and his body poised with grace and strength. Naturally he towered over the rest and looked impeccable. It had taken a lot of courage for her to ask him to be her escort. Of course she'd chickened out of asking him like a date date and made it seem like she was desperate. Truthfully, Sesshoumaru had offered several men distant relatives of his to escort her, but she knew the second she heard about the party she would ask Mori.

The paparazzi was flashing their cameras some at her, but mostly at the whole host club exiting from the sleek limo.

Smiling, she walked over towards them. "You made it."

"Kagome, you look...enchanting."

Her cheeks pinkened, "Oh uhh thanks, you look quite dashing yourself."

They stared at each other for a minute just taking in each other's presence, when a cough suddenly interrupted the comfortable silence.

Realizing that this wasn't the moment to be getting sidetracked she turned to the rest of the host club and the other guests taking pictures for the paparazzi. Bowing, "I, Kagome Higurashi Taisho, welcome you my esteemed guests to the 152nd Annual Taisho Ball, commemorating the history of the Taisho company and our success in the business world over a century and half later," rising to see their awe-filled faces.

Fireworks went off in the background like clockwork and the 'ooh' and 'ahh'.

"May you enjoy rewards of our success tonight and fill yourself at our expense," she recited the line, the snapping of photos easier to bear after a whole day of it.

For a minute she answered a few questions like she'd been directed to about the events, but dodged other questions about her identity saying a formal statement would be revealed before the end of the night.

"I'm sorry, but it would be rude to leave my escort waiting, when he came to see me and celebrate this momentous occasion with my family," with that said she bowed turning back to her friends and date who were a little shocked, but doing their best to school their features.

Takashi felt the little elbow nudge him and realized it was his cousin.

"Go ahead Takashi, she's waiting for you," he whispered.

Flushing, Mori walked forward offering his arm to her. She flashed him the prettiest smile he'd ever seen. They posed for the cameras before she escorted them to the gold carts, then into her home.

He'd prepped himself for this the past few days, but it was still overwhelming.

Kagome angled her head to the side to compliment Haruhi, "It would seem I was right about your size. The outfit is quite lovely on you."

Takashi glanced at said girl from the corner of his eye.

Of course they'd all gawked and complimented Haruhi's dress choice when they picked her up. She was wearing a beautiful pink and white kimono with a beautifully designed lavendar obi around her waist. To hear that Kagome had provided the outfit made him smile briefly. She was always thinking of others despite her rivalry with them and he'd seen her on a few occasions helping out those in need. She really was a wonderful woman.

"Thanks, I'll be sure to return it later," Haruhi replied. The outfit must have cost a fortune and she hoped she didn't get anything on it. She couldn't afford to be in debt to anyone else.

Kagome giggle, shaking her head.

"No no, it is a gift from the Taisho family. You have been a most honorable friend and rival. You must keep it, my brother and I would be greatly insulted if you didn't," Kagome said using her way with words to keep Haruhi from returning the gift.

Kagome understood a commoner's pride.

Even if she wore fancy clothes and played her part, a commoner at heart and birth she would always be.

But the outfit had been bequeath by Sesshoumaru, when she told him about her friendship with the girl and how she wanted her to be present for such a special occasion.

Haruhi looked ready to disagree, but sighed in defeat.

"Alright, if you insist."

"I do, now please go mingle. Oh and Kyouya-sempai, I do believe you will want to speak with my brother. I could arrange it if you like."

Kyouya agreed, it would be good to assess his family's competition, even though the Taisho's far surpassed his family. He never would have guessed Kagome's relation to the family, but he was impressed. 'No wonder I couldn't access her records.'

It seemed like hours before Kagome was alone with Mori.

"Takashi-kun," Kagome tested his name on her tongue.

It flowed like honey from her painted lip.

Said boy turned from sipping his drink, surprised Kagome had used his first name. Although he found he liked it...a lot. Her sensual mouth that he longed to crush underneath his own was delectable to look at. Everything she said was like fine sake to his ears. She drowned out the world around him, so instead of the many conversations and music flowing, she was all he heard.

He had mingled a little bit, but for the most part had been silent as Kagome moved around the party seeing to her guests.

Mitsukuni was safely seated at a reserved table with a circus monkey and sweets to amuse him.

Haruhi was busy being twirled around the dance floor by the twins, with Tamaki pouting because he kept running into business friends of his father.

"Yes Kagome."

She flushed, "Uh my aniki—Sesshoumaru-nii wishes to meet and speak with you. If you don't mind of course?" She hurried to say the last part. Sesshoumaru could be imposing to any guy and while Mori-sempai was strong, she wasn't sure bring him to meet Sesshy right now was okay.

Mori paled a little, before he straightened his back. "Of course, I will meet with him."

Kagome was momentarily, knocked off balance, but he quickly steadied her.

She'd frozen at his arms on her waist. Her whole body lit on fire, before she moved away taking his hand.

"Thank you," she murmured as she guided him to her older brother.

He was chatting with another business partner, but immediately broke free when he saw her.

"Aniki may I present my date, Morinozuka, Takashi," she bowed moving out of the way so Sesshoumaru had full view of Mori.

Mori straightened as he came face to face with Kagome's older brother.

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