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Chapter 6: Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are forever, they are all I need to please me. They can stimulate and tease me. They won't leave in the night; I've no fear that they might desert me. Diamonds are forever. Hold one up and then caress it, touch it, stroke it and undress it. I can see every part; nothing hides in the heart to hurt me… - Shirley Bassey

"We got em," Steve stated as he and Chin walked back into HQ to find the computers abuzz with information and activity. "What is all this?" he asked after a quick look around.

"Alright, Rookie, show em what you're made of." Danny smiled as he moved out of the way to give Kono the floor.

"Okay, so for a few months now, I've been working on a little pet project. I'd read a case study on an unsolved robbery out of California a few years ago that struck me as odd, and as I started digging I found six other cases, all unsolved, and all fitting the same M.O as that case in California. So I started wondering, and rightfully so, when something like that would happen in Hawaii, because we are ideally situated," Kono explained as she pointed to the first of several monitors around the room.

"And what is the M.O exactly?" Steve asked as he folded his arms and watched Kono with interest.

"Two bodies are found in a shallow grave with ties to squatters in one of the victim's house and with a party planner always one of the victims. The second victim was always a security agent, a police officers or a bouncer from a high-profile club or venue," Kono explained. "Ultimately, I believe that the two victims knew each other but that doesn't mean that they were acquainted with each other in any way other then being employed for a large, formal event, but this is just speculation at this point."

"Well, if that's the M.O. why haven't we heard of it as a high-profile federal investigation?" Steve asked.

"Because California has been the only other American state that I've been able to link up with this M.O," Kono stated.

"But you said there were six other cases," Chin observed.

"Yes, exactly, and with ours it brings to total to eight, with unsolved murders and robberies happening in Australia, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and Panama."

"All Pacific rim countries, with large shipping trade," Chin said with a nod.

"Exactly," Kono stated, "and all these crimes have happened in a time period spanning ten years. I'm sure if I dug deeper I'd find matching unsolved cases in almost any country or city that boasts a high tourist population that goes hand in hand with their access to a busy shipping port."

"I don't get it, why link a party planner to shipping?" Steve asked.

"Because, every murdered party planner has ties to huge high-profile events that were hit by a heist crew within ten to fourteen days of the murders. The heist crew hits these large, charitable parties, stealing millions in luxury cars, cash and jewelry, never to be seen again." Kono motioned to the second screen. "They target primarily young, wealthy couples and seem to take more jewelry then anything else, and along with the governor's ball coming up at the end of the week, the governor of Hawaii also throws a huge charity beach party that attracts the young, the rich and the beautiful. Security will be higher at the Governor's Ball, so the beach party would be the party of opportunity for our suspects."

"Red carpet treatment, lots of money being thrown around and shipping trade is booming in Pearl Harbor. In one night, the thieves could make millions, load all the loot onto a tanker ship and be gone the next morning," Danny stated. "It's piracy at its basics."

"And they set up two murders to keep local law enforcement busy and none the wiser to their scheme," Steve said as the plot became clearer. "But can you prove it?"

"If we can get the guy off the clinic surveillance maybe we can match him to surveillance footage we can obtain from the harbor. And with people on the inside at the party maybe we can stop them and put an end to their illegal trade. If we can catch them red handed, it's one thing, but if we can get the ship that they smuggle the goods with, we may put an end to these murders and thefts. I'm sure to pull off a heist of this magnitude, we aren't just looking for one murder suspect, but a whole organization," Kono stated passionately.

"We can tag the cars and the jewels of the undercover agents that we put inside the party. When and if the crew takes the bait, we can use the tracking devices to follow them to their mode of transportation," Danny suggested.

"We can't justify it until we have proof." Steve sighed. "We need to get something off that footage. In the meantime, Kono, I hope you're a fan of diamonds." He added with a smirk, "Because you're the one going in, if we're sending in our own mark."