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As most of you know, the drabble gauntlet was thrown down at the beginning of the year and seven authors picked it up this month! If you are interested in participating in a future "war" then come on over to the Drabble War Forum group on Facebook (link on my profile). In the FILES tab, there are sign ups available for every month this year. "Wars" will take place on the middle weekend of each month. It is first come, first serve so come on over and claim your spot. We hope to see new authors each month!

The Drabble War Forum is not for authors only; it is also for the readers who want to follow along with the wars. It is a central place to meet and discuss the stories as they are posted. With each round, banners and summaries will be posted in the group as well as links to author profiles.


The real winners are the readers who get up to eight new stories each month!

Let's meet this month's participants:

Sticks and Stones (Continued) by TrueEnglishRose
"Sticks and stones may break our bones... but Bella will surely kill us." What happens when an overprotective father sends his innocent baby girl to a private self-defense course run by a gay man? Oh if he only knew what he was paying for! Edward and Jasper aren't the only ones who have something to teach, seems Bella does as well... the art of patience.

A Soldier's Heart by Dawn Bowers
This is letter's, emails, and chat talk shared between a man and a woman. One's over seas fighting for our country and the other is here at home waiting patiently for their other half to come home soon. I'm going to leave you guessing which one is the service member. Please take your time and enjoy this story, as it holds a special place in my heart.

The Fixer by Sway in the Moonlight
They say nice guys finish last. Well, Edward Cullen's the ultimate "nice guy." So nice, in fact, that he's made a career of it.

The New House by Anabella Cullen P
What would you do if a ghost fell in love with your boyfriend? Moving out is not an option.

The Experiments by Mona Rider & TwiLighT7242
In the late '80s, nestled in the Olympic peninsula, seven families in a small town named Forks, were blessed with twins. Eighteen years later, these teenagers aren't as ordinary as they once thought.

And finally, allow me to introduce you to my drabble.

In Plain Sight by MinaWritesSlash
When Jasper finds out his sister is dead, he knows that there's more than meets the eye behind the events. With a degenerative eyesight condition, Jasper will try to uncover what really happened that stormy night, while at the same time trying to adapt to a world of darkness. Slash/Thriller/Angst

This story is going to be kind of scary and, unfortunately, I can't promise a HEA and characters are going to die, not just Jasper's sister.

Chapters will be no longer than 500 words. I'll try to keep it on that limit; this is a personal challenge for me. Just know this story is completely pre-written and you won't have to wait for the updates.

With that said… You are not obligated to read this story, there are other amazing drabbles updating this weekend as well that you can go check out, but if you do read my story, please keep in mind that I wrote this with heart and soul, so please be kind if you review.

I want to thank Mrs. Agget for her support and for taking this 100+ chapters monster to beta. I loved every single comment you have given me and your support was all I needed to write this story down. Thank you, Penny. *BIG SQUISHY HUGS*

That's all from me and for those of you that stayed… *hands out security blankets*

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Let's get started, shall we?


I could hear the storm raging outside and the thunders were loud enough to shake the house, while inside the air was humid and cold and that song... that stupid romantic tune was coming from the living room.

"Okay, listen… you win. Can you please just stop playing that song?" I pleaded.

The song ended, but quickly restarted.

"You know I hate that song!"

I heard movement behind me and turned around, listening to someone's steps going down.
The basement, I thought.

I walked to the door and then went down the steps slowly. In the concrete room, the air felt even colder.

"Why are you not answering me? Say something, dammit!"

I took off my heels and tentatively reached out, feeling the floor with my foot, with my hands in front of me open, reaching and finding the rope that hung from the ceiling and the wooden chair right below.

Not for the first time, I climbed the chair and pulled the rope around my neck. Then, something alerted me that I was being watched, and I jerked to the side, pulling the rope tighter.

"You think you can fool me? No, no… you can't fool me, because I can feel you close. I can even smell you!"

I heard the phone ringing, but the call was quickly picked up by the answering machine.

"Hello, Alice. I was wondering if we could visit you this weekend. We're in the capital doing some jobs. We miss you, Ali… Please call me back. Bye."

A loud thunder crashed outside. It shook everything around, and then I heard the music stop.

I wobbled on the chair, the rope tightening a little more around my neck. I took a deep breath and tried to figure out where my companion was.

After a few more minutes of not hearing a sound, I sneered into the darkness. "If you think, you son of a bitch, that I'll hang myself while you watch, you ar-"

The chair clanked against the floor, my feet kicking wildly while I gasped and fought against the rope tied around my neck.

Click click click-click…

A door slammed shut with my final gasp.

Thunders roared outside once more, and then… nothing.

See ya Friday… or not. xoxox ~Mina