Chapter 1: meeting them.

Blooms p.o.v

My first day , here at alfea I wonder where my room is? Who am I sharing it with? Oh! I just gotta get my self together. I finally found my room and when I went n a girl was sitting on one of the beds "hello, I'm bloom and you are?" I asked the shy but beautiful girl." flora, and I'm your new room mate! She said as I unpacked my suitcase.

An hour later, four other girls came into our room, they introduced them selves, musa was the girl who was a fairy of music, stella was the fairy of the sun and moon, Tecna the fairy of technology and Layla the fairy of waves. I was the most powerful fairy yet to discover my power - it was the dragon fire, flora was the fairy of nature I thought it was pretty cool and I wanted us to be good friends. stella choose a name for us girls and it was the winx. I loved the sound of it.

Stella was a girl of her words. Whatever she said she did. She was my best friend but sometimes she's a little stubborn, she is the princess of solaria.

Musa was the best she always there for me but her language is kinda rude. She did put a good fight up to almost anyone, but not as good as me.

Tecna was kinda geeky but she was a good friend , there's no-one in the whole group I don't like, they are all my best friends.

9 months have gone since the winx were formed, they had earned they enchantix.

Tomorrow was the annual ceremony for the fairies of alfea and boys of red fountain to meet.

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