Bori Moments

Hey! Guys it's me Victoria, I'm up with another story again. This time it will be a , Bori fic. Beck and Tori from Victorious! Please Review!

Tori and Beck were walking together down the hallway when, Jade, Beck's mean and bossy girlfriend. Came towards Beck. " Beck, why are you with Vega?" asked Jade giving Tori a death glare. " Oh, were just walking together down the hallway since, were going to the same class together." replied Beck. Tori gave Jade a smile. " What are you smiling about Vega?" asked Jade. " Oh, nothing." replied Tori. Meanwhile, Andre was thinking of how he's gonna ask Jade out cause, he has a huge crush on her. Cat and Robbie are already together so, they don't have to worry of them being together, anymore. When Tori got to Sikowitz's class, she saw there was 2 people Beck and Andre. " Got rid of Jade, Beck?" Tori asked. " Yeah, finally." replied Beck. Andre was thinking, how Beck love Jade. " Hey, Beck how did you love Jade?" asked Andre. Beck and Tori wondered why Andre was asking this kind of question. " Why?" asked Tori. " Cause, I think I'm in love with her." said Andre. Beck just stood there and, froze. " Beck, Earth to Beck!" said Andre and Tori waving their hands in front of his face. " Huh." said Beck. Beck replay in his head, what Andre just said.

" Oh, I'm fine with it, Andre, plus, I'm sick of Jade mistreating me all the time." replied Beck. " Are you sure Beck, you wanna give Jade to me cause, I don't think Jade will like me." said Andre. " Oh, no she told me she likes you not me." replied Beck. " I love you, Beck." said Tori. " I love you, too Tori." replied Beck.

And, they all live happily ever after!

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