Chapter 6

Fun Companion

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Meanwhile at the café.

"How long have been passed since the last time we met?" She lays herself comfortably at the sofa.

I don't answer her right away. Isn't that a rhetorical question? I remember clearly that 'bizarre' encounter was only six days ago, she should be at least still remember that shouldn't she?

"I think you become more reserved since last Monday." See, she actually remembers it.

"Well, this is the real me." I smile half-heartedly.

Then the waitress comes and brings our snacks and drinks. She ordered a cup of coffee for her, a cup of tea for me and tuna sandwich for us.

"How is your work going?" I sigh inwardly. Why must she reminds me about my job (and Seiya)? Can't she find more interesting topics to talk? I really don't want to think and moreover discuss about those things right now.

As if she can read my mind, she talks again. "Uh, I think you don't want to talk about it, huh? Okay, I'll ask another question. What do you think of me when you first saw me?"

I raise my eyebrows in confusion. "To be honest.. Please don't be angry, okay. I don't mean to offend you, but I at first I think you're another rude and arrogant person."

She chuckles a little bit. "May I know why?"

"Well, that's the typical rich people's trait isn't it?" I try to answer her as honestly as possible.

She laughs after she listens my answer. "Okay then, how about now? Do you still think that I'm rude and arrogant?"

"Umm, I think your questions are a little bit brash, but away from that you're actually a nice person."

A warm smile appears from her lips. She takes her cup and drinks the black liquid. After that, she attacks me with another question.

"Why do you think that all rich people are rude and arrogant? Do you actually know all of them?"

I'm starting to be tired this interview-like conversation with Haruka, but I can't help but answering all of her questions.

"Of course not, I'm only saying that based on what I observed from them. What they do and how they act give me those impressions. Rich people are usually not the type of people that can make me feel comfortable." This is an in-the-spot-made-up-answer, but it seems to be enough for her.

Now it's her turn to raise her eyebrows. "Usually? Can I assume that you're comfortable around me?"

I can see that she is smirking at me and now I feel that my face is as red as a tomato. I don't dare to see her face now, so I just give a small nod to answer her.

Awkward silence enveloping us right now, I don't know what to say. I take my cup and sip my tea slowly, she does the same thing with her coffee and we just seat and eat our food for about half an hour without much talking. I think she is too shocked with my straightforward answer.

Suddenly a bunch of high schoolers come to the peaceful café and start to make some annoying noises.

"It's starting to become uncomfortable here, do you want to go home?" Haruka asks all of a sudden.

It seems that I still can't find my voice so again I just nod.

"We're not that far from your apartment. I'll take you home, okay?" I think she can feel my disagreement and says, "Anyway, last time you said that I can come to your place, didn't you?"

I give up. I simply can't win from this strange woman. I submissively see her taking my groceries and follow her into her shiny car.


Haruka really is getting into my apartment! I can't believe this.

Right after we reach the apartment door, Setsuna, my roommate is leaving for her work shift.

"Hi Michiru, who's this? Is he your boyfriend?" Asks Setsuna candidly.

I stunned in surprise and again I feel the heat creeping into my face.

Haruka chuckles and do the answering part for me. "No, I'm Haruka, Michiru's friend and by the way.. I'm a girl."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Haruka-san. I don't mean to offend you. I'm Setsuna, Michiru's roommate." Setsuna's face is as red as mine, I think.

"Nah, that is not a big deal. I got that quite a lot." Haruka says with a small laughter.

"Actually, I have to go now. I'm kinda late. Nice to meet you and enjoy your visit, Haruka-san." And with that Setsuna leaves Haruka and me alone.

I'm leading the way to my room now because there's no way that I let Haruka to be at the messy living room. The maid is sick and hasn't come for about two weeks, so currently the only presentable rooms are my room and Setsuna's room. Haruka's eyes are zooming in and out such as camera lens, observing the whole part of the messy apartment. She seems not bothered by it though.

When I open the door to my bedroom, immediately I regret my choice to invite Haruka into my room. I see my bra lying on my pillow. Quickly I grab my bra and throw it into my wardrobe. I really wish Haruka doesn't see it..

"What a cozy room!" Says Haruka while lying herself comfortably at my bed.


To think about it my room is not exactly presentable right now, seeing there are papers scattering on top of my worktable and a pile of dirty clothes at the corner of the room.

"Why did you choose this place though? I mean it's not that this place is bad or something, but this is quite far from your office, isn't it?" Haruka snatches my pillow and hugs it. She seems comfortable. I postpone my intention to brew a pot of tea for her and lie down at the carpet, not on the bed of course.

"The truth is, this is Setsuna's apartment and she agreed to rent this place for a generous price. Moreover, I don't really like living with strangers..

She nods to show her understanding of my situation.

"By the way, do you want some tea?"

She nods again and smiles. Seconds later I realize what a weird picture this is. A rich woman who drives a Ferrari that I barely know lying casually at my bed. After seeing my messy place, I'm sure she will not want to meet me again. She will realize that trying to know someone like me is a just mistake. After all I'm just an ordinary girl that is not worthy of her interest.

I proceed to the kitchen right away and brew a pot of Jasmine tea for my weird guest. It will be better if Haruka leaves this messy place immediately, but how can I drive her out politely?

When I'm back at my room I found that Haruka is still at her position and she's fast asleep. I don't have the heart to wake her up, so I let her sleep soundly on my bed.

It's eight o'clock right now and it's already dark outside. Finally Haruka is awake from her deep slumber. She's shocked when she sees the clock.

"Oh my God! How rude am I! Coming to a girl's room and fell asleep at her bed right away. Geez!" She rubs her eyes with both of her hands like a kid and smiles sheepishly.

"It's rather late now, I think I should go home now. I've imposed too much of your time today. Is it okay if I call you tomorrow?"

"It's okay, I guess.." Suddenly I feel a pair of soft lips on my cheek. It's the third time that I feel my face heated up today.

I accompany her until the front door of the apartment and she disappears just like that.

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