Part: 1/?
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Takes place from RAW 2/4/02-the RAW when Stephanie declared she was pregnant to HHH.

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Summary: Stephanie, despite being honest about her pregnancy, fibs about something very closely linked to the pregnancy.

A/N This is my first WWE fic and I wrote it during the whole Steph/pregnancy angle and have just recently decided to publish it. Hence, this takes part in the WWF  (the good ol' days) and events are fairly old, so I also apologise if some of the lines from the show aren't worded exactly the same. So anywayz…on with the story…don't forget to review!

Chapter 1-A Shocker (Raw 2/4/02)



Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley paced the McMahon-Helmsley locker room. Triple H had gone off to grab some water after she had told him she was going to make an announcement. Stephanie thought about what she was going to do in a few minutes.

"Shit! How am I going to tell Hunter this now? Kurt just had to piss him off beforehand didn't he? That Wrestlemania title shot is worth so much to Triple H and now he's in another one of his bad moods. He is so not going to take this news well. I tried to tell him that I had an announcement to make before and he practically bit my head off. He doesn't really want me to waste his time…he doesn't want to talk to me right now. But I have to fix our marriage and fast. If I go with my plan first then I might not have to tell him. No Steph! You have to tell Hunter…one way or another. You have to tell him! He deserves to know." Stephanie persuaded herself as she walked towards the curtain, heading for the ring.

She took one deep breath and made her way out to the ring as her music began. Like usual she put on her fake smirk, rarely switching to a huge grin and placed her hand on her hip as she sauntered to the ring. She took a look at the fans before breathing deeply again and grabbing a mic.

" It's now or never." She thought as she started talking. She couldn't believe how confident she sounded. Inside her all her body parts seemed to twist and untwist…yet she could portray her confidence and bitchiness.


Triple H

Triple H sat in a chair in his and Stephanie's locker room, looking at the television screen. Stephanie had just strolled down to the ring and had grabbed a mic. He took a chug of his water and turned the volume up.

"Wow Steph's really good on the mic. She sure seems confident over this plan that she's thought of to fix our marriage. We have our differences sure…but I mean I don't think we have to publicly fix them. At home we're great…at work she just seems to change her attitude. Wait…she's calling me out. Great great great…I am in no mood to hear her whine and moan. Well…I guess I owe it to our marriage. This had better be good." Triple H thought as he grabbed a water bottle and made his way to the ring.

" This had better be good…this had better be good." Triple H muttered to himself as he walked down the ramp to his music. The fans cheered for him, but he didn't take his eyes of his wife. Stephanie looked at him with pleading and hopeful eyes and gave him a big smile, he in return looked utterly confused.


Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho stood backstage looking at one of the televisions the technicians had hooked up in his own locker room. Seeing Stephanie come down and talk really tempted him to go out there and just tell her to…please shut the hell up! But he couldn't do that…he had a bad reputation and all…he had to keep up with that.

" Look at Stephanie…tryin' to fix her marriage. Hmph! Oh that's her bright idea…renewing their wedding vows. Wow…if only she had as many brain cells than the amount of men she's had. Hahahahahaha…now that's a good one. That's what I miss…insulting her. That's probably the only thing I miss from my old self. But…hey I guess in a way because of her…if I hadn't seen the light…I wouldn't be here today. Now I'm larger than life. A living legend. The Undisputed Champion…the first ever Undisputed Champion. Not even Stephanie or her big-nosed husband can do anything about it." He watched with amusement as Triple H started to yell at her and Stephanie squirmed and cried.

"Hmmm…JR's even making fun of Steph. I remember last week on Smackdown when he interviewed her…she had lied her way through that. She said she was faithful to her husband? Faithful? Now that's funny…I mean I know she's cheated on him. Heck… she's cheated on him with me. So I guess…to get to me…she had to make her way through the lower ones first. Probably started of with Raisin…hahahahahaha. Wait…what was that? What did she just say?"

Chris Jericho suddenly leaned in more towards the monitor. Trying to make out what Stephanie had just screamed out.



" Oh crap…I can't believe I just did that!" Stephanie's inside yelled at her.

One minute she was standing there telling Hunter about the perfect plan that she had conjured up to repair their marriage. Renewing their wedding vows. It seemed perfect to her. They hadn't formally had a wedding ceremony and she had never officially declared her wedding vows. She needed this. She told him what others thought of her…how they thought she hung onto his coattails…which was true. Oh and then came the slut chant which made the truth within her rise slightly to the surface. She asked him what he thought and he bluntly refused. He refused to give her what she wanted. And then he yelled at her. Her husbandyelled…at her. He basically was saying she was a spoilt, selfish, rich bitch, although not exactly in those words. He then demanded why he had to renew their vows, considering it a stupid idea. She broke down in front of him crying and he didn't care…he blew her off and made his way to leave. She knew that if he turned his back on her now…he'd stay that way. She had to do something to fix it fast…and then she blurted the truth out. She knew she had to sooner or later and the words poured out.

" It's because…it's because…Hunter it's because I'm pregnant!"

Hunter froze…he stood rooted into the spot on the ring with his back to her. Tears poured down her face and she heard the King and JR repeat a dozen times over what she had just declared. She attempted to see Hunter's face…but his back was all she could see. She knew she had to tell him the real truth…something else…but him not even looking at her…the millions and millions of people watching her…she changed the truth a bit. She didn't lie when she told him that she wanted to be a mom, and he wanted to be a dad. She didn't lie that that was the reason she was cranky lately. But she did produce one lie…one lie, which she knew would haunt her.

" Hunter…don't do it for me. Do it for our baby!" 


Triple H

" I cannot believe this! This is too good to be true!" Triple H thought.

The moment Stephanie had stated she was pregnant it was a shock…a major shock. He could have sworn his legs went numb. They had a baby…a baby. It was something the both of them had wanted for ages. But with their busy schedules and his injury…they never had time to discuss it. Triple H turned towards his wife. She was a mess at the moment…he had to admit. And she was a mess because of him…in more ways than one. Yes, he had shouted at her and made her cry…wrecking her mascara. Yes, he had made her tremble…making her slouch in a way a Billion Dollar Princess would never do. But on top of all that…he had made her pregnant…he had made her pregnant causing the many mood swings and irritating things she had done recently. And for some reason her in that state…pleased him. Her being pregnant…pleased him. He took a step towards her and he could have sworn she took a step back.

" Is she afraid of me? But I guess after that dispute we just had she probably doesn't know what I'm going to do to her…or what I'm thinking." Triple H thought as Stephanie stood looking at him…fear in her eyes.

He took another step towards her and one look from his wife made him suddenly realise something. It made him realise that the woman in front of him was his wife. She was the woman he was in love with. She was the woman who carried his child. She was the woman that was going to make his life worth living. He then took another step towards her and grasped her into his arms and twirled her around. She was obviously shocked by his show of affection but soon started to giggle. The crowd went wild…they hated her that's for sure…but they liked the two of them together. He then brought Stephanie down and planted a passionate kiss on her lips and she willingly returned it.


Chris Jericho

" She's pregnant!!! Whoa!" The moment he had realised what Stephanie had blurted out he had been so shocked that he fell out of his chair. He quickly scrambled back onto it to see Triple H's reaction…feeling like one of the fans. He had to agree with the fans when they started to chanting: "Bullshit. Bullshit."

His mouth dropped open a few more inches when he saw Hunter pick Stephanie up and kiss her passionately.

" When's the last time we saw that?" Jericho thought. He couldn't help but wonder when Stephanie and Triple H had time to conceive a child. He could've sworn that Steph and him had sex more times that one night than those two had in their whole marriage. She probably didn't even have sex with Hunter after him! The memory of that night with Stephanie started to replay in his mind. It was the night when the WWF had finally won over the Alliance. It was after Survivor Series…the night when he had shown that he didn't give a damn about the WWF or The Rock or anyone but himself.