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"Hi" the dark- haired woman, who was going to be, mine and my sister´s social worker said and reached out her hand to me, and I took it. "I´m Jessica, but you can call me Jessie. You must be Andromeda and Sunshine!"

Normally I didn´t like to be called Andromeda, which actually was my name. But there was so much going on in my head right now, I couldn´t care less about what she called me.

"You´ve got all your stuff?"

I nodded,

"Well I´m going to take you a place called Elm Tree House, it´s right outside London. "

"London? But that´s like hundreds of miles away."

"It takes two hours if we don´t stop along the way, and if we start now, we are going to arrive there just about breakfast time."

I sighed, lifted Sunny into the back seat of Jessica´s car, and then sat beside Sunny. Jessica had just started driving, when Sunny fell asleep, with her head against my chest. And it didn´t take long time for me to fall asleep to.

"Andromeda, Andromeda." Someone said my name and shook my shoulder and I slowly opened my eyes.

"What?" I asked, rubbing the sleep of my eyes.

"We´re here now." Then I remembered, dad... and Jessie… I pushed that thought to the side, as I didn´t want to think about that. Sunny had woken; I helped her out of the car, pulled my rucksack on my back, and started walking towards the big yellow house. As I rang the doorbell. A brown- haired woman that looked like about nineteen- twenty years old came to open it.

"Hi I´m Melanie," she said. "You must be the Morris- sisters, come on in."

"Hiya," a man in the middle- ages came toward us. " I´m Mike, head care- worker. You must be the Morris´s. I´ll take that one. He grabbed the shoulder-strap on one of the trunks Jessica was carrying. "The office is this way, follow me." We followed Mike through a hallway and into a room to the right. There inside sat a dark-skinned woman.

"And this is our care- worker Gina." Mike said. "Here take this chair." He pulled out a chair for me. I took my rucksack off and putted it beside the chair, and then I sat down, lifting Sunny onto my knee. Mike talked to Jessie for a while, and then she left, leaving me and Sunny to talk to Mike and Gina.

"It´s Andromeda and Sunshine right?" Mike riffled in his papers on the desk, with reading glasses on his nose.

"It´s Andie, not Andy, not Anna, Andie with A-N-D-I-E." As I told, I hated being called Andromeda.

"Yeah save the spelling for Gus." Mike mumbled.

"who´s Gus?"

"You´ll find out soon enough. So… is there anything we should know about you guys, how old are you? Any allergies? Something else."

"Well," I began. "I´m fourteen."

"And I´m six," Sunny said with her cute little voice. "I´m allergic to nuts."

"I´m allergic to pulses." I continued.

"What´s pulses?" Sunny asked.

"It´s something you can eat."

"So…" Mike continued, "we have two spare rooms, so you´ll have your own rooms. Want to check them out?"

"We want to share." I said.

"But we always had to share before." Sunny said, "It could be fun to have my own."

"So… I guess that´s it then." Mike said smiling. "I´ll show you to your rooms." With one trunk on each shoulder, rucksack and Sunny´s hand in mine. I began to walk, and was about to fall over of the weight.

"Hey," Mike said lauging. "I´ll take this, he pulled one of the trunks of my right shoulder. Then again I was about to fall over, again, because of the uneven load.

"And I´ll take that one too." Mike laughed. I followed him upstairs and down the hall. Mike opened a door to the right and we followed him into a room with ornate patterned wallpaper.

"This is little Sunshine´s room." He said.

"Most people call me Sunny" Sunny said´.

"Sunny it is then," Mike smiled at her. "After me Andie. Your room´s right over here."

"You´re alright there Sunny?"I asked. she nodded.

I followed him a bit down the hallway and into a room to the left. I walked in

"I guess the person that lived here earlier was a Manchester- united fan." I said, cause the wallpapers were patterned full of Manchester united logos.

"Don´t know what you mean." Mike said ironicic. "What do you think about having your own room."

"Well, Sunny likes it. So I guess it´s alright."

"I asked you have you feel about it."

"And I gave you an answer. Can we meet the others now?" I was quick to change the subject.

"Yeah sure, they´re downstairs."

"Sunny, ya wanna come meet the others?" I shouted.

"Coming" she shouted back and came running. We went downstairs and into a living room, where there was several kids.

"Everybody listen up." Mike shouted "This is Andromeda and Sunshine Morris. They´ve just arrived."

"No," I interrupted him. "It´s Andie, and her name´s Sunny, and if I ever hear someone call me Andromeda, I´m gonna rip that person´s head of."

"Oi" Mike said, "That´s not the kind of language we use here."

I was going to answer him, when I heard that Sunny began coughing. Between every cough, when she breathed in, it almost sounded like she was getting choked.

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