Yeah, I´m still kind of depressed, still one more week to go on this job I am on right now. That´s why I decided to make a chapter, that´s kind of happier then I´m used to write… well, at least until the end…

Two days later

I sat in my room, throwing a tennis ball against the wall and making it bump back to me, over and over again. But my mind was somewhere else, how on earth was I going to prove that the Daniels hurted Sunny? I still hadn´t come up with any ideas for that.

"Andie?" Tee opened the door and came in. "Do you wanna go to the mall with me, buy some Christmas presents?" I shrugged.

"Oh, please Andie, Carmen´s at Lily´s and I don´t wanna go on my own."

"Ok, then. If Mike agrees." I stood up, and pulled a hoodie over my head.

"MIKE?" we went downstairs.

"ANDIE." He smiled.

"Can me and Tee go to the mall, to get some Christmas presents, pleaeaease." I smiled from ear to ear.

"You know I can´t say no, when you´re looking at me like that. Ok, then. Tee do you have your cell phone?"

"Be back at dinner-time."

"We will." We walked out of the house and to the bus stop.

A while later we sat on the bus.

"Who are you going to buy Christmas presents for?" Tee asked me.

"Well, there´s you, Lily and Carmen. Gina, Melanie and Mike, and Sunny of course. You then?"

"You, Carmen, Lily, Tyler, Jody, Harry, Sunny, Gus, Mike, Gina, Melanie, Sapphire, and Johnny."

"Suppose I better would buy for Harry and Gus as well, but that´ll be easy. To Harry, we´ll just need to go into a toy store and buy some stuffed giraffe. And Gus just want notebooks for next year." We jumped out of the bus.

"Hold on a minute." I stopped. "Do you know were the best place to get fun Christmas presents are, and the cheapest place."


"The second hand stores. Come on." I started walking in the other direction, down the street, to the second hand store. There were not many people in there when we arrived, actually the only people in there before us were an old couple, about 75 years old, and the people who worked there, me and Tee started with walking to the right, where all the shelves, with books, Cd:s and movies were. And, suddenly, I saw a framed picture, I walked to it, and held it up.

"I think I´ve found the right present for Harry."

"Definitely." I looked at the picture again. It had a painted picture of two stuffed giraffes, that looked like they were sleeping, with their backs leaned against a wall, and their back feet at the front of the pic, one of the giraffe had its head leaned against the other ones shoulder.

We searched through the shelves for a while, I found, except the painting for Harry, a cd for Lily, a pair of ear rings for Gina, and a scarf for Melanie.

"Hey Tee," I held up a pink writers block. "What do you think Gus´d think if I gave him this?"

"I have no idea, but please don´t try. You never know what he´ll do or think about it."

"I was only joking." I put it back in the shelf. "So, for me it´s only Carmen, Mike, you and Sunny left. Who have you got left?"

"Tyler, Johnny and Mike. Got any ideas?"

"Buy some practical-joke stuff for Tyler. It will give him a laugh. Have you got any idea of what I should give to Carmen?" ´

"Carmen loves jewelries, and anything pink. But you know that the only thing she really wants is to hear you sing."

"I know, but I´m not doing it. Hey, I wonder how long I can refuse to sing for her before she stops begging me to."

"She won´t stop, believe me. And it makes her really angry, that she had just gone out for a walk with Lily and Shadow when we others heard you singing."

"yeah, and it makes her furious, but it doesn´t make any sense. I´m not singing, and that´s it. You weren´t supposed to hear it either." I walked over to a box full of necklaces, I pulled out a necklace, with a pink heart hanging from it.
"she´ll like this one, so just Mike, Sunny and Gus´s notebooks left then."

"Mike´ll be glad if you so gave him something you´d done yourself, he always is. But I think I´ve found what to give him." She walked past me, and grabbed a wallet, made of fake- leather from a basket on a shelf.

"Why didn´t I think of that?" I sighed and started searching through the book cases. I pulled out a book showed it to Tee, and said.

"The way to make easy dishes, without screwing it up." Tee laughed.

"I don´t think even that would help Mike cooking, but you could give it a try." I smiled.

"So, only Sunny´s left then, except for Gus´s notebooks, and some gift wraps, which I guess can be found in the book store. And yours of course, but I´ll have to buy that some other time. I searched through the store, and had soon found a red hoodie, with a print of Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, a teddy-bear and a book, with all the stories about Pippi Longstocking for Sunny. We paid for the stuff. (And the most expensive thing I bought was the hoodie for Sunny, for five pounds) then we walked out of the shop, and towards the bookstore. After buying each notebook for Gus, and gift wrap, we sat down in the bus on the way home. The bus driver played some Christmas songs on a cd, and Tee started to sing along on "jingle bells"

"Tee," I whispered. Because I recognized that the other people on the bus started looking funny at us. "Tee, stop it. You´re embarrassing."

"Come on Andie, sing along you too. I know you know this song."

"Ok, then. But only for now… Jingle bells, jingle bells." A smiling old lady that sat on the opposite side of the bus, and an about- seven year old that sat behind us, started singing along too, a second afterwards, we could hear the bus- driver singing along. I smiled, and started singing a little louder. And when it came to the next song on the cd, let it snow. Every person on the bus was singing along, from the little, about four year old boy in front of us, to the old lady, about eighty years old were singing. The ones who didn´t know the lyrics were just humming along, and we were all having a great time.

"Wow," I said when I stepped out of the bus, behind Tee. "I don´t think I´ve ever been on a bus-ride like that."

"Me, neither. But it was fun."

"Yeah, it was." When we came through the door at the dumping ground, it was still a while until dinner, so we ran up to Tee´s room with the things we had bought. I pulled out the gift wrap from one of the shopping bags, and Tee grabbed tape, scissors, and stickers to write on from her shelves.

"What did you buy then?" I asked when I started to wrap the hoodie I had bought for Sunny.

"Wallet for Mike, jack in the box for Tyler, book about giraffes for Harry, bracelets for Gina and Melanie, skirt for Carmen, paint- brushes for Sapph, T- shirt for Lily, chocolate for Jody, sunglasses for Sunny and trainers and a movie for Johnny, I´m also going to buy some hair wax for Johnny. Next time I go to the mall."

"Can I see the sunglasses you bought for Sunny?" Tee turned around and grabbed one of her plastic bags and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. They were only made of plastic, they were red.

"Yeah, Sunny´ll love those. She loves anything that´s red."

"Andie? Are you in there?" we could hear Mike knock the door.

"Yeah wait a minute." I hid the book and the wallet under some Christmas wrap. "Now you can come." Mike sounded a bit out of breath.

"Good you´re home, they called from the hospital just now. And Sunny´s been coming there with ambulance a while ago."

"Is she ok?"

"I don´t know, but we better go there, come on."

Well, writing this chapter really made me smile, especially that part about the bus-ride. It made me forget about work for a while, hope it made you smile as well.

And, in case you haven´t noticed, the book that Andie buys for Sunny, is about Pippi Longsticking, Pippi Longstocking original name is Pippi Långstrump, and was written buy a Swedish author named Astrid Lindgren. Or actually, Pippi came to earth when Astrid´s daughter Karin was home, ill one day. And she asked her mum to tell a story, Astrid wanted to know what the story should be about, and Karin answered "about Pippi Långstrump." Well, thank god...oops, I meant thank Karin for that.

And, while writing this, this memory popped up in my head, a memory about my sister telling my mum about a busride, where all the people on the bus started singing along to the radio. I wanted to make something fun about a busride and that memory just, popped up in my head, The name of the chapter, "merry busride" it may sound weird. But I mean, Merry Christmas... you get it.

I will stop writing, just one more thing. If you think it´s weird, that they find stuff like gift wrap in the bookstore. Well, such stuff can be found in bookstores in Sweden.

I´m stopping...I´m stopping,