So, I´m gonna make the long waiting up to you by updating all of my stories at the same time.

So, thanks for everyone that gave me descriptions about your Christmas- traditions. But, I think I´m gonna make them open their presents in the evening anyway. I´ve also read the Tracy Beaker books, it is a while ago, and I read them pretty fast. Because I lent them from the library, and my lending- time was over, so I had to read the two last books in like, two hours or something. But I´m almost that when Tracy´s at Cam´s she opens her presents in the afternoon. Of course, it could be the Swedish versions that says so. But that´s not so believable. (is that the word?) So, well, I´m doing this my way. As usual. And, I´m sorry I made you write your descriptions.

When I woke up the next morning, I pulled a hoodie, over my pajamas, and walked downstairs. Where Mike and Melanie were in the kitchen.

"Good morning Andie," Mike said when I came. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Mike… Melanie." I leaned against the kitchen- bench. "Mike…" I began. "I know we´re supposed to open our Christmas gifts tonight, but I bought a shirt for Sunny, and I was hoping she could wear it today so…"

"You wonder if you could give it to her now. Sure, it´s your choice." Mike smiled. "Could you wake the others up afterwards, and tell them to take all their Christmas gifts and put them under the tree, it´ll be breakfast- time afterwards."

"I´ll do that." I turned around and walked out of the kitchen and upstairs. At first I went to my room to get the gift for Sunny, then I walked to Sunny´s room.

"Oh, Sunny." I went into Sunny´s room. "Sunny." I shook her shoulder slightly, "Sunny, wake up," she started to open her eyes. "There you are. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Andie." She mumbled, and opened her eyes fully.

"You know what, I´m gonna give you one of your Christmas presents now." I held it up, and helped Sunny to sit up with the other hand. She took the parcel, and looked up at me.

"I had only the time to make a gift for you." She almost whispered. "I haven´t got anything for the others."

"Oh, they´ll be alright sunny. They´ll understand." She nodded, and started to open the parcel with her good hand.

" Thanks Andie." She laid the hoodie next to her onto the bed.

"So…what do you think?" I patted her shoulder. "Should I help you get dressed and then, we´ll go wake the others." She nodded. I stood up, and opened her wardrobe, and pulled out a pair of black pantyhose, and a black/red skirt. I helped Sunny to get dressed and then I took her hand and walked out in the hallway. We went to Tee´s room first.

"Tee, " I went in and shook her shoulder. "Tee,"


"Tee, wake up. Good morning and merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "And merry Christmas Sunny."

"Merry Christmas Tee." Sunny smiled.

"Mike says, that you should get yourself dressed, and then take the gifts you´ve bought, and go downstairs, put them under the tree. And then, breakfast in the kitchen. We´ll go wake the others up."

"Oh, ehrm. Andie." She began. "Would you mind if I wake Johnny up myself."

"No," I said. "Of course you can, he´s your brother. We´ll go wake up Harry next." I and Sunny turned around and walked out in the hallway.

We went to all of the other room, except Johnny´s to wake the rest of the house up. Then I went to my room, to pick up all the gifts I had bought. I let Sunny take a few, with the one she had made for me. And then we went downstairs, to the living room to put the gifts under the tree, then we went to the kitchen, Tee, Johnny, Harry, Carmen and Tyler already sat around the table.

"Is Gina coming today?" Sunny asked when we sat down by the table.

"I wouldn´t think so," I said. "You know, she´s celebrating Christmas at home with her husband and kids."

"I wouldn´t be so sure." Mike said. "She said that they´d maybe come over in the afternoon, she wanted to show her children and grandchildren what´s it like where she works."

"Why would she wanna show her grandchildren what´s it like when parents don´t want their own children?" Johnny asked.

" Don´t go there now Johnny" Mike said. "It´s Christmas The happiest time of the year." The rest of the people at the DG had come down to sit down by the dining table. Mike and Melanie came too and we sat down to eat.

So, the third chap of my "update-all-of-my-stories-at-the-same-time-project." Just four more to go.