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You're Gonna Love Me

Jennifer Jareau wanted to beat her head against the desk in front of her, though if she did her head would just land on stacks of paper and files. Her desk was so far buried that she wasn't even sure where it started and the stacks of work ended. Maybe it was always like that but this once it was really playing on her last nerves.

The work of the BAU's media liaison was never ending even after a slow week. Slow weeks often meant only one case but this week the team didn't travel anywhere but from her line of sight she didn't know how they didn't.

"Whoa! What happened in here?" Emily Prentiss poked her head in the door.

"Tornado" JJ grumbled getting a laugh from the brunette.

"Looks like it. What is all this? It can't be cases." Emily walked in shutting the door behind her and climbed over the mess spilling over to the floor.

"Cases, victim reports, witness reports, basically anything that has to have a report." JJ waved her arm showing off the stacks and stacks. "I can usually get all this squared away but today I just want to scream." She laughed in vain.

Emily smiled sadly at her best friend. "Want help? I just finished up so I'm all yours if you want."

JJ nodded appreciatively and handed Emily a stack to sort. "God bless you!" she laughed.

The office fell silent as the two women got to work sorting, filing and filling out missing parts. JJ glanced over after the fifth time Emily sent her cell phone call to voicemail. She didn't know if it was really her business or not but she gently asked, "Is everything okay?"

Emily bit her bottom lip out of habit. Exhaling she nodded, "Yeah, it was only James."

The blonde pressed her lips together. The boyfriend. Since Emily started working for the BAU a few months ago JJ learned the fiery brunette had a long time boyfriend. It wasn't that he was a bad guy but something about him rubbed JJ the wrong way. When she was around him, which wasn't that often, she would notice the way her looked at Emily. Like some piece of meat or arm candy for him to show off. It made her sick.

But that also could be her jealousy. It was a well known fact to everyone, except for Emily, that JJ had feelings for the woman. She wasn't sure what they all meant and she knew she would never get to find out for sure if it was just attraction or something that could be more but seeing James with Emily always burned her. She kept her cool most of the time but on occasion Garcia or Morgan would have to rein her in.

"Why do you keep dodging him?" she tried to keep the glee she felt inside that Emily was clearly upset with him from her voice.

Emily didn't answer for a few minutes then turned to her friend. "Honestly I don't know. He's great, right? I mean I love being with him and he treats me well but sometimes…" she paused gathering her thoughts. "Sometimes I feel like some things, I don't know, missing maybe?"

JJ didn't speak. If she did she knew she would only hurt her friend but that doesn't mean she could think happy thought.

The brunette blew out a breath, "Am I crazy? I have something really good right in front of me so I should be happy right?" she looked to JJ for an answer but nothing came. She knew the look on her best friends face though. James and JJ had never gotten along since they first met which only made it difficult of her. She had to watch what she said around both of them or one would get mad and leave.

Her mother had set her up with James eight months ago and since then it had been smooth sailing. She was happy and so was her family. They took him and his family in with open arms. Of course his parents being big in politics didn't hurt much. As a child she tried to stay away from her mother's social circle but after a couple date with James she relented. He was good to her.

But after starting in the BAU something changed. Emily wasn't sure if it was her or him but something was off. Her girlfriends all asked about the passion between them but honestly it had dwindled. She did work long hours that really wasn't contusive to dating which caused issues but she thought they would go away with time. She thought wrong. It only got worse and now she was avoiding him like the black plague. "I don't even know why I'm talking about this with you." Emily sighed.

"Excuse me? Why can't you talk about this with me?" JJ finally spoke up taking offense but understanding what Emily was getting at.

"You don't like him and I get that you can have your own opinion but sometimes I wish you could just be my friend and help me. Can't you hate him later and give me advice now?" Emily played with some of the papers in her hand before glancing up at the blonde.

JJ's face softened and her voice was kind, "Of course."

"What do I do?"

"I don't think it's that easy. What do you think is missing?" JJ asked though inside she was weeping like a baby not wanting to hear any of this.

"I don't know. That's the problem." She stood up and started pacing in the small space between JJ's chair and the clear part of the floor. "If I don't know what is miss how do I fix it?"

"I don't know if you can fix something that's broken." JJ mumbled then realized she said it out loud. Her eyes darted to Emily's just in time to see the brunette process the words. Hurt and anger crossed her eyes and JJ stood. "Em, I didn't…"

"Yes you did." Emily stopped her before she could take it back. "Why do you hate him so much? Why can't you just be happy for me?" she yelled right before turning for the door. She didn't need answers to the questions, she just needed out of there. Climbing back over the stacks she cursed the silently until her foot got caught and she went tumbling back.

JJ was there in a second catching Emily in her arms. Carefully she helped her to her feet and looked up into her dark brown orbs. "Emily, I…" she started but didn't really want to apologize for hating James.

"Just save it." Emily glared turning on her heel again only to have JJ's hand grab her arm. She quickly pulled loose and took a step away.

"I hate him because he's not good enough for you." JJ stated not letting too much emotion into her voice. She wants sure where she was going with this but she had to stop Emily from hurting. "You are… amazing, and smart and maybe a little nerdy but you're the best person I've ever met. You deserve better that some scum bag only with you for your trust fund."

"Well if there's someone better I haven't found him." Emily wiped a loose tear away.

"You haven't been looking in the right direction." With that said JJ lunged forward and captured Emily's lips.

Emily froze as JJ molted their lips together but relaxed into the kiss when the blonde swiped her tongue across her bottom lip begging for more. A soft moan came from the brunette as she let JJ in. her hands reached for blonde hair and JJ's hands on her hips pulled her closer. Just before their bodies touched Emily pulled back.

Shock it her first as her hand flew up to her mouth and her eyes found JJ's lustful blue ones. "I can't." She whispered then ran out of the room.

"Emily!" JJ yelled after her but it was a lost cause. She sat on the edge of her desk with her lips still tingling. She knew it might blow up in her face but she couldn't stop the slight smile of the feeling of Emily that close to her.

Emily ran from the JJ's office straight to the bullpen and gathered her things in record speed. She heard JJ yell for her but she didn't turn back. Soon she was in the walking to her car. It had fallen dark by now and in early fall it was getting chilly. She pulled her blazer tighter as the winds picked up and the smell of rain flowed around.

Pulling out of the parking garage she relaxed into her chair as her left hand held the steering wheel tightly and her right made its way to her mouth. She could still feel JJ's lips against hers. She couldn't believe the blonde kissed her but more than that she couldn't believe she kissed back. Her mind swirled with worry and confusion so much so that she didn't see the eighteen wheeler jack knifing on the freeway next to her or the swerve of the black SUV that came right at her.

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