1. Fancy

Aqua Hikari. Princess of the Light. Not only was she a Princess, but she was born with orders to protect the people that lived in her land, from the forces of Darkness. You see, Aqua was one of the chosen few who wielded a weapon called the Keyblade, one of the most powerful weapons known to man. She lived in a castle with the other Keyblade wielders, Sora, Riku, Aqua's little sister Kairi, Xion and Roxas, and Terra. Their Kingdom was hidden away, so they couldn't be attacked easily without them knowing that an attack was coming.

Kairi tightened the midnight blue dress around her older sister's waist. It had recently become Aqua's favorite dress, but it was still big around her petite waist. Too small around the chest, too big around the waist. That was what complicated the dress, and Aqua's figure.

The blue haired woman clenched her teeth, only slightly, "Damn it."

"Sorry Aqua!" The young teen waved her arms, as if Aqua would turn around and hit her for no real reason, "It's not my fault! The dress just doesn't want to cooperate…"

"It's fine," Aqua said, turning and patting the young girl on the head, "You act as if it's a crime. Why do you always do that?"

Kairi rubbed her arms and looked around. The strap of her pick satin dress fell, and she moved it back into place, "I…I don't really know. I guess I just get scared easily."

Aqua breathed out and looked at herself in the mirror. The dress looked nice, but at the same time it looked as if she was too big for it, and Aqua self consciously sucked in her gut. Today was her twentieth birthday, and it was vital that she look nice. Eraqus had sent up the ballroom so all of her friends could come over, and she was happy to hear that she was going to have an actual birthday party. Usually, she didn't get the opportunity.

Sadly, Vanitas would be there. He was, in Aqua's honest opinion, a spoiled brat that was never satisfied with what he had. That was why Aqua hated him. Maybe if she ignored him, he wouldn't be able to ruin her night. One night without fighting, without the Keyblades. That's all she really even wanted. One peaceful, nice birthday. All she wanted.

Aqua nodded to Kairi, and both girls started to walk down the stairs. Kairi met up with her date, Sora, and Aqua looked around for Terra. He was nowhere in sight. Where could he have gone?

She looked around once more, before catching Vanitas glaring at her. She shot him a glare back, then walked away.

Vanitas was the only real person she ever hated.

Yet another challenge I'm doing. I know, i really need to stop, don't I?

Well, today was my first day of eighth grade, and it sucked. I really don't have much to say about it.

Also, the challenge didn't have a word limit, so I put it as 700. The challenge is from Sunset-Wolf on DeviantArt.

So basically, Aqua is a princess, but she's still a Keyblade Wielder. Vanitas is a prince from a different family, and as it says, he's spoiled. Can you blame him? XD And yes, he's 18. That why you people can't call me a hypocrite because I don't like AkuRoku for being a pedo relationship. Vanitas is legally an adult, and that's why I write A/U stories.

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