24. Snow

Aqua had noticed something. There was never any snow here in the Dark Kingdom. From what she remembered, it should be winter by now, if she had been here that long. This place, even though she hated it, was starting to grow on Aqua. She hated that fact.

Word was that Vanitas was up and doing missions again. Like nothing had ever really happened. He was fine now, apparently. That was what he was telling everyone, and no one was going to contradict him on that matter of course.

Except, Aqua might, if he ever came to see her. Demyx had been the one that was bringing her food lately. Once or twice Larxene had, or once Axel. Vanitas hadn't come to see her once. It was almost as if she didn't exist anymore. Maybe, to him, she didn't. Aqua hoped that soon Vanitas would come around, that he would come and see her.

Was he angry with her? He might have finally wanted her dead, like she had predicted so long ago. In the weeks that he said he was okay, and that he was doing his missions again, she thought that he wanted her dead. The one time he looked her way before she was pulled out of his room sent off a vibe…something that she didn't like.

Something that made her feel hated. She didn't know of anyone who had ever hated her, not in her home kingdom at least. No one she personally knew. As far as she knew.

She decided that she would continue to wait for him to come and talk to her. Even if it meant a very long time. A life time. It didn't really matter to her as long as she could see him again. No matter how much he hated her, she still loved him. She was starting to realize how much she really loved him…he was the only one who ever really talked to her.

Aqua may have really been a lost cause, but even she still had hope that everything was going to be okay. It had to be okay. Eventually, Terra and Ventus would come to get her.

In the meantime, she would wait for Vanitas.

She looked out the window. A little snow could brighten this place up.


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