PAIRING: Martha/Jack (future fic)

PROMPT: Amongst the stars

Notes: Many thanks to my beta for this story Pixie Blue on ffn and persiflage_1 on LJ for the brit-pick. Written for LJ Comm older_not_dead & stories_a_z.

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Looking up at the stars was still one of her favorite pastimes, had been since she was a child. Although now she knew those millions stars shone on many different kinds of species. Aliens of all shapes and sizes, going about their day-running to and fro, getting on with their lives and maybe, just maybe, at night they looked up at the stars and wondered as she did. She had once thought she had found love amongst the stars, with a Time Lord in a blue box who would take her on both grand adventures and horrible journeys. He showed her wondrous sights and wretched happenings, but never really saw her so she chose to walk away.

It was only when she walked away that she found her true path, and eventually many years and a few grey hairs later found the man she truly belonged with. A man whom she had liked from the start and who would offer her his friendship and support. A friend who she cared for, laughed with, and fought beside. Those feelings would ultimately turn into love and this kind, special man. He not only saw her for who she was, but he also loved her for it.

"A penny for your thoughts," interrupted a voice off to her left.

Martha turned her head and smiled into the brilliant blue eyes of the man lying next to her, and, rolling to one side, she propped up her head with her hand in order to get a better look. The red picnic blanket they were lying on perfectly outlined Jack in the gathering darkness. He had both hands behind his head, the night air gently ruffling his dark hair as he smiled up at her. Not the charming faux-smile he employed everyday to flirt with, but his true smile, the one he only used with those he loved. She loved that smile and loved that she could bring it out.

Reaching out, she slowly brushed his hair off his forehead before drawing her fingertips down the side of his face, and sighing gently, she simply said, "I love you."

Jack reached up and cupped the side of her head with the palm of his hand and gazed up at her with such a look of tenderness, that Martha felt her breath catch. He slowly slid his hand to the back of her head and drew her down into a kiss. Losing herself in the always welcome onslaught of desire and love that came with kissing Jack, Martha poured herself into it, trying to convey all that she felt for the man beneath her. She must have been at least partially successful if the tightening of his arms about her and his gasp of "My Nightingale" was an indicator.

As she was rolled onto her back she forgot about everything else, except for Jack, who proceeded to show her exactly how much he loved her too.