The FireRed/LeafGreen/WaterBlue Chronicles

Chapter I

The Adventure Begins

Hello, welcome to the world of Pokémon. My name is Samuel Oak, and I am a Pokémon Professor.
This world... is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokémon.
For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for battling. As for myself, I study them as a profession.

But this is not my story. This is a story about three teenagers who's very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold. A world of dreams and adventures awaits...

Red Jackson opened his eyes and stood up. He looked around in his room. The place was actually tidy for once. His mother had wanted him to clean it up before he left.
As he walked down the stairs toward the front door, he felt a sting of bittersweetness.

He looked up at the photo of his father. "I guess it's finally time, huh? I'm actually going off on my own adventure."

"Are you going off on that adventure without saying 'bye?"

His mother was standing behind him, leaning on the wall.

"Of course not, Mom. I'm just excited to get going."

The two embraced in a long hug, and Red's mother kissed his forehead.

"Come on, Mom," he complained, "I'm thirteen now. I'm too old for the forehead kisses."

"Red, you're my only child. You're never going to be too old." she said. "You know... you look so much like your father."

He grinned proudly.

"You know what?" his mother asked while walking over to a cupboard.
She pulled out a red cap and dusted it off.

"Here," she offered, "take his old traveling hat."

Red took the cap in his hands and stared at it. He looked up at the wall again. There were several photos there. Most were of him and his mother, but a few had his father in them. One of the photos was of his father as a teenager. Wearing the same cap Red was holding in his hands.

He put it on, smiling proudly.

"Thank you, Mom."

His mother started crying. "I'm sorry, Red. I'm just so proud of you."

Red opened the door.

"You think you're proud of me now?" he asked. "Just wait until I'm the Champion!"

Madison Blue was woken up by her alarm with a smile on her face.
The thirteen year old girl stood up and looked over at the mirror on the wall, giggling as she noticed how unkempt her hair was. She grabbed a brush and started combing her hair.

Her nice clothes were resting on a chair. Blue knew she had to look her best today.

This was the day she had been looking forward to for a long time.

This was the day she would receive her first Pokémon.

As she walked out of her room she grabbed the white hat resting on her desk.

When she came downstairs she noticed the kitchen table. On it was a plate with sandwiches, and a glass of oran berry-juice.

Her parents were already sitting by the table, eating their own sandwiches.

"You guys made breakfast?" Blue asked, pleasantly surprised.

"You're going away for quite some time, young lady." her father replied.

"The last thing we want is for you to leave the house on an empty stomach" her mother added.

Blue grabbed a sandwich and gave her parents a hug each. "Thank you. You're the best."

She walked to the front door and put on her shoes. "See you later. Love you."

Green Oak woke up. He put on his black shirt and spiked his gingerish brown hair with hair wax.

He walked downstairs and almost bumped into his older sister.

She had her nose stuck in a magazine, reading about the latest fashion trends.

Green rolled his eyes and kept walking to the front door.

"I'm leaving now." he told his parents, who were sitting in their living room, watching TV.

"Don't slam the door, honey." his mother replied.

"I'm thirteen, mother. I know I'm not supposed to slam the door," he answered, before he slammed the door on his way out.

Pallet Town was a small, quiet place. In fact, it was one of the smallest towns in Kanto.

There were only eight residences, which is why Prof. Oak had decided to set up his lab there.

With few people around, the Pokémon living in the nearby wilderness would be more prone to acting like they naturally would, rather than if they had regular contact with humans.

The professor was sitting by his desk checking his research data when his grandson came in through the door.

"Hey, Gramps. I'm not late right?" Green asked grumpily.

"It seems like you're the first one to arrive." Oak answered unenthusiastically, not even looking up from his data.

The sound of the doorbell chimed, and Oak looked up from his research. "Speaking of. That must be Red and Maddie."

Green sat down while Oak walked to the door.

"Hello, kids."

Red and Blue both stood on his porch with their backpacks. The two neighbours had met each other on the way.

"Professor, we're not kids anymore." Red commented.

"We're thirteen. Teenagers." Blue added.

"Well, to me it's as if it was yesterday that you two and Green were playing around in here." Oak paused. He lingered on the words he had spoken, as if recalling a bad memory.

Green stared down Red and Blue as they entered the room. The two stared right back.

Though Red and Blue were still friends, Green hadn't been on friendly terms with the two for a while.

"Okay, Gramps. Now that we're all here, can we do this?" Green demanded.

Oak waved his hand, turning their attention toward a table to his right, a mahogany table with three Pokéballs resting on top of it.

"Alright kids, I've got three Pokémon here. The grass type Bulbasaur, the fire type Charmander, and the water type, Squirtle. To make this as fair as possible, I've decided that you will pull straws to decide the order you get to choose in. Longest straw gets to choose first, shortest last."

The three proceeded to pull straws.

Red jumped out of joy when he saw the long straw in his hand.

Blue felt nervous about having pulled the shortest one, while Green smirked at the medium length straw he had pulled out.

Red walked toward the table. His hand hovered over the Pokéballs, lingering, as if he couldn't decide.

"Would you hurry up?" Green complained.

Red smiled crookedly, and picked up the Pokéball containing the Charmander.

"A fine choice, Red" Oak congratulated.

Green strolled forward and grabbed the grass starter. "Let's face it, Red. I don't need to have an advantage to beat your ass."

Oak frowned.

Red and Green continued to stare each other down while Blue picked up the Squirtle.

"You have no idea how happy I am that you guys picked those two. I wanted the cute one."

"Very well, now let's just get you going!" Oak exclaimed. "These are for you."

He handed them five Pokéballs each.

"And one more thing." he added.

The professor hurried over to his desk and picked up something before he returned to the three teenagers.

"These," he explained while showing them three nearly identical gadgets, "are Pokédexes. They will be of tremendous help. I should know. I made them. Take good care of them."

He handed them a Pokédex each.

A red one for Red, a green one for Green, and a blue one for Blue.

"Wow, pimped out Pokédexes!" Red cheered.

"I don't know what that means, but I did make these three with you three in mind." Oak replied, slightly confused.

The three thanked the professor, and left the lab.

"So guys, what's next?" Red asked.

"I don't know about the two of you," Green replied, "but I'm gonna do this on my own. I'll see you suckers later."

"Why do you always have to be like this? Why can't we let everything go and just go back to being friends?" Blue asked in frustration.

"You know why." Green was looking down on the ground. He looked up again. "Goodbye."

And just like that, he ran off, and Blue and Red were left by themselves.

"So," Red turned to Blue, "what's your plan?"

"I want to defeat the gyms so I can qualify for the Indigo League Championship." Blue answered.

"That sounds almost like my plan." Red replied. "Except I'm not just going to qualify for the championship. I'm gonna win it!"

"You're going to have to beat me first then." Blue said slyly.

They both laughed as they walked out of the town, but stopped when they saw Green standing in front of them again.

"Didn't you just dramatically run off so you could do this on your own?" Red wondered.

"Yes," Green answered, "but I realized this Pokémon hasn't gotten any experience yet. I figure fighting you will guarantee it wins its first battle. Don't you agree, Red?"

Red stepped forward. "Honestly, I'd love to fight you. But you're not gonna win."

Green smirked. "Really? You think you're going to be able to defeat me?"

"It'll be a piece of cake!" Red said confidently.

Blue sat down on a tree stub and released her Squirtle. "Hey there, Squirtle. I'm your trainer, and my name is Blue. Wanna be friends?"

Squirtle smiled and shook her hand.

"You know what? Squirtle is what you are, not who you are. I want to give you a name, is that okay?" Blue asked.

Squirtle nodded.

"You look like a Mary to me. Does that sound good?"

The turtle Pokémon grinned and jumped into its trainer's lap. They gave each other a hug, and prepared to watch the battle.

Red released his Charmander. "Hey dude. I'm Red, and... we're gonna be a great team, don't you think?"

The fire lizard nodded eagerly, and they focused their attention on Green and his Bulbasaur.

"Let's do this, Green!"

"Attack now!" Red and Green shouted simultaneously.

Charmander and Bulbasaur ran toward each other, both not taking a second to blink. The two starter Pokémon leaped up toward one another, clashing in mid-air.

"Come on, Bulbasaur!" Green yelled.

Bulbasaur heeded the command of its trainer and managed to get on top of the other Pokémon. Gravity kicked in and the two started falling to the ground again. Bulbasaur, being on top, adjusted its weight to slam Charmander into the ground as hard as possible.

Charmander coughed in pain.

Bulbasaur didn't let up, and it jumped up and landed on Charmander again.

"Charmander, you've gotta do something!" Red screamed.

Charmander managed to shift around as Bulbasaur jumped up a second time. After Bulbasaur landed on it again, Charmander scratched its face.

Bulbasaur retreated and stepped back. It licked its wound, and smirked.

"Tackle it, Bulbasaur!" Green ordered.

The seed-Pokémon rushed over toward the fire lizard. Charmander tried to dodge, but was too slow. Bulbasaur slammed into it and Charmander fell down.

Charmander tried getting up, and Green gave his Pokémon a command. "Growl!"

Bulbasaur opened its mouth and let out a piercing yell that distorted the air. It made it just hard enough for Charmander to get up, and it fell down again.

"Come on, Charmander!" Red tried cheering his Pokémon up.

Green laughed. "Jeez, Red, you're so bad at this! You haven't given your Pokémon a single real command yet!"

"What?" Red exclaimed.

"Didn't notice until now?" Green smirked. "All you've done is asking it to do something, to come on. No real commands. Pathetic."

Red realized his mistake. "Charmander, Growl back!"

Charmander let out a piercing scream of its own, distorting the air and making it harder to stand for Bulbasaur.

"And now, right away, Ember!" Red added.

Just as the scream ended Charmander released bolts of fire from its mouth at the unsuspecting Bulbasaur. It was hit straight on, unable to move quickly enough due to the Growl.

Green frowned. "Bulbasaur, shake it off and Leech Seed that lizard!"

Bulbasaur literally shook off the ash covering its face. A seed sprouted from its bulb, which it shot out toward Charmander.

"Dodge it, Char!" Red warned his Pokémon.

Charmander tried, but once again, it was too slow. The seed hit its foot, and it became quickly wrapped in thin vines and leaves that started to restrain it.

"I think it's stuck, Red." Green mocked. "Now, finish it!"

Bulbasaur started running toward Charmander.

Red could see how Charmander struggled to get free from the vines. How it failed. The next thing he saw was Bulbasaur crashing head-first into Charmander, snapping the vines and launching Red's Pokémon off its feet and into the ground again.

Charmander didn't move. It was still conscious, but beaten.

Red ran over to it. "I'm so sorry, Char. I... I failed you. It won't happen again."

He remembered that Oak had given them a few potions each, and he grabbed one and sprayed his Pokémon's wounds.

"That looks so sad." Blue said to her Squirtle.

It nodded.

Red looked up at Green and gritted his teeth. "You won this time, Green. Next time, we'll be stronger!"

Green laughed as he turned around, ready to walk away. "Yeah...good luck with that."

An hour had passed since Red and Green's fight.

Finally, Red and Blue had reached Viridian City. They located the PokéCenter and left their starters in the nurses' care so they could heal, and sat down on a bench to wait.

"There were so many Rattatas..." Blue sighed.

Red laughed. "Hey, at least we got some training out of it... and hey, did you see when I mopped the floor with that kid who kept going on about how his Rattata was in the... what did he call it?"

"Top percentage." Blue answered.

"Top percentage," Red giggled, "... that's so stupid."

"Sure is." Blue laughed, and then she got quiet. She was staring at the floor. "How did you feel after you lost to Green?"

Red stood up. "I'm not sure. At first I was sad, then angry. Now I'm just disappointed. Charmander lost because I didn't do my job, but that's not gonna happen again!"

The nurse strolled over to them with a huge smile on her face. "Hello sweeties, here's your Pokémon back, but sweeties, I've got this little thing to ask you. Prof. Oak forgot some of his research papers here the other day, and he called and said he needed them back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to deliver it to him. Do you think maybe one of you sweeties might be able to do it?"

Red turned to Blue. "I don't see why we can't both do it together." he said with a smile.

"You're a cute couple, you two sweeties." the nurse commented.

"Oh, we're not a couple," Red replied immediately, "she's just a friend. Nothing more."

Red didn't even notice how Blue's expression changed completely.

"You know what?" she asked with a bitter tone. "I can take them. Goodbye, Red."

She grabbed Oak's papers from the nurse, and ran out before Red could say anything.

"What just happened?" Red wondered.

"Typical men. Even the sweeties turn out to be assholes." the nurse mumbled as she strolled back to her desk, leaving Red even more confused.

The sun had begun to set when Blue was on her way back from Pallet after delivering the papers. She could see Viridian from where she was walking.

She wondered if Red would still be there when she came back. She was ashamed of how she had acted.

"I know how I feel about him... I just wish he felt the same." she thought.

Suddenly, Blue heard a twig snap behind her. "What was that? A wild Pokémon? A trainer? A crazy ax-murderer?"

She turned around and saw Green standing there.

"Green? Why are you still here? I figured you'd be halfway to Pewter City by now."

Green chuckled. "I've spent some time here, battling low-level Pokémon to hone my skills as a trainer. To let my Pokémon get some experience before we take on a gym."

Blue was thinking about Red. "Maybe this is how I can make him notice me?"

"Hey, Green!" she raised her voice. "How about a battle?"

Green smirked. "Really? After you saw what happened to Red?"

Blue positioned herself, ready for a fight, and proclaimed, "You might have defeated Red, but I won't lose! Mary, attack!"

Red checked his surroundings. He was standing in the middle of the Viridian Forest.

After he lost against Green, he'd been thinking about ways to improve as a trainer.

Earlier, after Blue stormed off, Red had been walking around in Viridian City when he had met an old man. The old man had been complaining about being thirsty, so Red had bought him a coffee. The old man was so grateful that he had taught Red how to catch a Pokémon.

That was the reason why Red was in the forest.

He was going to catch a Pokémon.

Red continued to check his surroundings.

He heard a sound coming from behind, and turned around to see a Pikachu. He reached for a Pokéball in his backpack, and threw it. The Pikachu dodged it and ran behind him, jumping onto his back. He frantically tried to get it off, but it didn't let go of his backpack.

Red grabbed the single Pokéball in his belt and released Charmander.

"Char, get it off of me!" he yelled.

Charmander jumped up and grabbed the Pikachu, pulling it off Red. The two Pokémon stared at each other.

"Char, Ember!"

Charmander opened its mouth, but Pikachu reacted quickly. Its body glowed before it released a lightning bolt from its body into Charmander's mouth.

The fire lizard growled in pain, and the Pikachu ran off.

Red noticed that the Pikachu had a scar on its tail, but his attention moved to Charmander.

"You okay, Char?" Red worriedly asked his Pokémon.

Charmander nodded, but was clearly in pain.

Red returned it, and started walking back to Viridian to visit the PokéCenter.

"Oh man! I suck!" he screamed in a moment of frustration, and kicked a bush.

Right after the kick, he heard an almost inaudible sound. Like a quiet whistling.

He noticed a Caterpie lying in the bush; It was hurt.

He realized he had kicked it. "Oh no! Did I... did I just hurt you?"

The Caterpie looked up at him, and he picked it up.

"I'm really sorry, Caterpie. I'll make sure you'll be alright again." he promised, before he ran back toward Viridian City with it in his arms.

Meanwhile, the battle between Blue and Green was nearing an ending.

Squirtle was looking tired, while Bulbasaur hadn't even broken a sweat.

"You know Blue," Green said, "the reason your Squirtle is so tired is because it's too weak, too slow. Bulbasaur's been pulling its punches the whole match. Honestly, I don't think this is a fair match."

Blue got upset. "Oh yeah? Well, what else is Mary supposed to fight?"

Green laughed. "I've got that covered. Bulbasaur, return."

He held out a Pokéball that enveloped Bulbasaur in a red light and absorbed it in, then he threw a different Pokéball into the air.

A Pidgey materialized.

"Pidgey, finish the turtle with a Gust." Red ordered.

The bird Pokémon flapped its wings quickly and created a miniature tornado that sucked up Squirtle and sent it slamming into a tree.

The water type fainted instantly.

"Wha-... can you do that?" Blue stuttered as she returned it.

Green smirked. "Blue, as we never set a limit to how many Pokémon we could use in the battle, it was perfectly legal for me to switch out Bulbasaur. It's too bad you haven't had the foresight to capture anything. Now you're down to nothing. You lose."

After Green stepped back into the bushes where he came from, Blue opened her bag. She stared at the five Pokéballs she had received from Prof. Oak.

The still empty Pokéballs.

"Maybe I should fill these with something." She looked at Squirtle's Pokéball. "After I've gotten you healed, Mary."

She ran into the city and found the PokéCenter. Once she entered she was greeted by a surprising sight.

"Red?" she called out.

He had a worried look on his face, but it seemed to disappear when he heard her. "Blue? Hey, you're back!"

He ran over to her and gave her a quick hug. "Look, Blue, I'm really sorry you got upset, even if I'm not sure why."

"Red, it's okay. I mean... I can't believe you waited for me here this whole time."

He chuckled nervously. "Uh, actually, I was in the forest, trying to catch some new Pokémon, when I accidentally hurt a Pokémon."

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you try to catch something?" Blue asked.

"Not by kicking it." he answered. "So anyway, I did that, so I had to come back here and get it and Char healed."


They stood there for several seconds. Seconds that felt like minutes.

"I-...I have to go heal Mary." Blue mumbled awkwardly.

"Yeah, sure... you go do that..." Red mumbled back.

As Blue walked to the desk, the nurse passed her and walked over to Red.

"Hey sweetie, here's your Caterpie back." the nurse told Red and handed him a Pokéball.

"Oh no, it's not mine, it's a wild Pokémon."

"Really? I did wonder why it didn't have a Pokéball, so I asked it if you had lost it somehow. It gave me a nod, so I assumed it was yours and gave it a brand new ball to stay in. Guess this means you've gotten yourself a new Pokémon, sweetie."

Red grabbed the Pokéball proudly and put it in his belt next to Charmander's.

"That's not exactly how the old man told me to do it, but I don't mind..." He paused, and looked over at Blue before he turned back to the nurse. "I'm sorry, you know that girl over there?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"She's been acting really weird since we got here. Do you think it's because of... uhm... a lady-problem?"

The nurse sighed. "You're not the brightest bulb in the box, are you sweetie?"

Not long after, Red was back in the forest, this time with Blue by his side.

He noticed that she was shaking.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked.

"It's just... the bugs. I don't get why we have to catch a Pokémon here, there's practically nothing but bugs here, and they're so nasty."

"I'm glad Caterpie didn't hear that. First he's kicked, then he's nasty. Best first impressions ever, don't you think?" Red laughed. "Listen Blue, you said you need to build up your team, right? What better place to start than here? Bugs are easy to catch, just look at Caterpie."

"You didn't exactly catch it, but I get your point. Why don't I go out on my own to do this, and you can train or something in the meantime?"

Blue walked deeper into the forest, while Red was left on his own. He kicked the dirt for a few minutes.

"Jeez, this is so boring." he complained.

"Pika pika."

The high-pitch voice came from behind him. He turned around.

"Is that you?" he asked with a grin on his face.

He turned around and saw a Pikachu with a scar on its tail.

The same Pikachu from before.

"Are you back for more?" Red asked confidently.

The Pikachu started running toward him, and he grabbed a Pokéball on his belt and released Caterpie.

"Oh no!" Red shouted, "I was reaching for Charmander!"

Pikachu smirked as it saw the bug, and tried to tackle it, but to both its and Red's surprise, Caterpie dodged.

Red was fast to grab the opportunity. "Caterpie, String Shot!"

Caterpie shot white string from its mouth at Pikachu, tying it up. It tried to escape the string, but it couldn't manage.

Red noticed sparks starting to form in the red centers of Pikachu's cheeks, and knew he had to act fast. "Caterpie, cover the red spots!"

Caterpie shot the white string at Pikachu's face, covering it with the goo. Pikachu was both blinded and muffled, but most importantly, the red spots were covered and it was momentarily unable to produce electricity.

Caterpie's teeth glowed white and grew slightly longer before it started biting Pikachu repeatedly while dragging its head back and forth where it was biting.

"Whoa, Bug Bite. Didn't know you knew that." Red commented. "Finish it, Tackle!"

Caterpie tackled the Pikachu, making it fall over.

The bug started glowing white.

"What's going on?!" Red wondered aloud.

He started to realize what was happening when he saw the glowing shape of Caterpie starting to change, and when it stopped glowing, it looked completely different.

It had evolved into Metapod.

"That's great!" he laughed as he returned it, and bent down to face the Pikachu.

"So, you pretty much got beaten by a larvae. How does that feel?"

Pikachu rolled its eyes, clearly embarrassed. Red grabbed an empty Pokéball and tapped it on the head with it, and the mouse Pokémon willingly got absorbed into it.

"Bluuuueeee! Check it out!" Red found Blue sitting by a tree, and showed her his Pikachu.

Blue was impressed. "Not bad. It's not even a bug."

"So?" Red was anxious. "Did you get a new Pokémon?"

"Sure did." Blue stood up, as if to give a presentation.

Red trembled with anticipation. "Show me!"

Blue slowly picked up a Pokéball from her bag, and slowly started preparing to release the Pokémon inside.

"Quit stalling already!" Red was so excited he could cry.

Blue threw the Pokéball into the air, and once it landed on the ground it flashed a bright light which manifested into... a Wartortle!

Red stared at it, confused. "But... I thought you said you had a new Pokémon."

Blue got on her knees and hugged her turtle. "She is new. Mary evolved, therefore she's a new Pokémon."

"But... why didn't you catch something?"

Blue grimaced. "I told you, I think bugs are creepy, and I couldn't find anything else. So instead, I fought every last one I could find and eventually, that resulted in Mary evolving. What do you think?" She smiled innocently at Red.

"Well, I guess different trainers does things differently." he replied dumbfounded.

A day later, Red and Blue walked out of the forest.

The two stared at the next part of their journey; Pewter City.

Red beamed with glee. "This is it, Blue. This is where I'm gonna get my first badge."

Blue grinned. "Yeah... ditto."

Red perked up and started looking in different directions. "A Ditto? Where?"

"No, it's an expression. I meant me too. I'm going to get my first badge here too."

"Oh... right. Cool" Red replied, somewhat disappointed.

The two gave each other a smile, and stared at the city.

Red pumped his fist up into the air.

"Pewter Gym, here we come!"

To be continued...

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