A/N: A.) I don't write poetry often (as in, almost never). B.) I wrote this quickly early in the morning and then polished it later. C.) It's DESTIEL POETRY. So yeah.

I felt myself fall twice from Grace

Twice from Heaven's reach.

Surely I fell hard into

The cold and I beseeched

My Father that He take me back

Into his waiting arms,

But I kept falling down to Earth

And down into the swarm

Of dangers, fears, and turmoils

That ravaged this dark land.

I was trapped in prison flesh

And worked with mortal hand.

A borrowed heart beat fast anew

Against these stolen bones

When I met you, again, at last

And found I could see home

Outside of Glory and far from Grace.

Though surely it was a sin

It was one I would not take back

And I would commit again.

For I fell twice, now, don't forget,

For you, from up above.

For first I fell from Heaven

And then I fell in love.