Phoebe's POV:

My cell phone kept annoyingly vibrating in my pocket; I looked at the caller ID and ignored the call. I brought my attention back to Nathan, a hot college junior that I just met. We were at a local dance club, grinding our little hearts out. It was great to be around people who didn't know who I was; Phoebe Grey, daughter to multi-billionaire extraordinaire, Christian Grey. Nathan's hands rested on my thighs and I could feel him planting soft kisses on the back of my neck.

"You are easily the hottest girl in the bar right now," he breathed.

I turned back to him and gave him a flirtatious smile and winked. All of a sudden the club's dimmed lights became bright and the DJ stopped playing music. I saw my father walk onto the stage, Taylor faithfully by his side; the two of them looked pissed.

"Is there a Phoebe Grey on the dance floor right now?" my father said into the microphone.

I shrunk into Nathan's chest, praying that no one recognized me.

"She's seventeen, so if you're dancing with her, it's illegal and I will fucking sue your ass!" my father yelled.

"Turn the music back on!" Nathan yelled, "She's not here."

I widened my eyes; I had told him that my name was Ashley Reynolds, a college freshman. My father's icy grey stare searched the crowd for the source of the voice. Taylor's eyes found me before my father; he leaned in and pointed at me. A shudder passed through me when my father's glare of death landed on me. He walked off the stage and into the crowd, everyone separated and watched for the person he was going to pick up.

"Phoebe," my father grabbed a hold of my left arm, "Get your ass in the car now."

"Whoa man, I think you got the wrong girl. This is Ashley Reynolds," Nathan stepped up to my father.

My father cocked an eyebrow at me, "She told you that her name was Ashley Reynolds? Did she also tell you that she's underage and if I find any trace of alcohol in her system, I'll charge you for endangering a child?"

"You're seventeen?" Nathan looked at me.

Regretfully, I nodded.

"Say goodbye Phoebe," my father snapped before pushing me out of the club.

He refused to let go of my arm until he had me in the car. Taylor climbed into the driver's seat and began driving home.

"What the hell were you thinking?" my father roared.

I saw Taylor cringe, he had to be used to this by now.

"Have I not explained how dangerous it is to go out without any security guards or your mother and me?"

When I didn't answer my father's voice only got louder.

"Answer me!"

"Yes father," I stared out the window.

"And yet, you continue to defy everything I tell you not to do. Do you enjoy making me and your mother nervous? How do you think we felt when we walked to your room to say goodnight and you weren't there?"

"Worried, I guess," I rolled my eyes.

"Do not roll your eyes at me!"

Taylor pulled up to the front entrance of the house. I ran out of the car and didn't stop until I reached my bedroom. I had already locked the door when my father's fists started pounding on the door.

"Open the goddamn door right now or god so help me, I'll break the door!"

Meet Christian Grey, Mr. Overdramatic.

"Christian, calm down," I heard my mother say.

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down! Do you know where I found our daughter? In a fucking dance club with some boy from college! He could've slipped something into her drink or forced himself on her or," my father's voice cut off, "He could've hurt her."

"I know Christian, but he didn't. Give her some time to calm down and then we can talk, calmly, with her."

"Tomorrow? She could sneak out again tonight!"

My mother sighed, "Phoebe do you promise not to leave again tonight?"


"See? She'll stay. Not let's go to bed and give everyone a chance to calm down. Goodnight Phoebe, your father and I love you."

"Love you mom," I tell her, "Hate you dad."

My mother pulled my father back to their room before he had the chance to respond. Early the next morning, I awoke to the sound of drills. What the hell? I shot up in bed to find my father and Taylor unlatching my bedroom door.

"What are you doing?" I ran towards them.

"Oh, good, you're up. Your mother and I would like to talk to you downstairs in five minutes," my father said, "And if I were you, I would be down there in four minutes."

"You can't take my bedroom door off!"

"Like hell I can!" my father shot back, "I pay the bills for this house and can do whatever I want with it."

He turned away and walked down the stairs, "You have four minutes!"

Taylor gave me an apologetic smile, "Sorry Ms. Grey, boss's orders."

"I'm not mad at you Taylor," I muttered, "I'm mad at my lunatic of a father."

"He means well."

I rolled my eyes, of course Taylor would agree with him. My father signed his checks. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I walk down to the kitchen to face my parents. Gail was cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. She gave me a knowing smile before returning to the stove.

"You're late," my father snapped.

"You're observant."

My mother sighed, "Phoebe, please don't start with this again. You know your father and I love you very much and want what's best for you. But you can't sneak out whenever you please and think that there won't be a consequence."

"But mom," I whined, "Dad embarrassed me, did he tell you what he did? He walked into the club, turned on the lights, and sought me out! I was dancing with this really cute guy and dad threatened him. I'll be the laughing-stock at that dance club and I'll never be able to go back!"

"You'll manage!" my father spoke up again.

My mother shot him a glare. Sometimes my mother was scarier than him.

"While I don't think your father's approach was the best, you did sneak out of the house. You're grounded for the rest of the weekend."

"Do I get my door put back on?" I stared at my father.

"Not until we can trust you enough to not leave the house by yourself," my father said.


Gail placed a plate of food in front of me, I just stared at it.

"Do you not like pancakes?" my father asked.

"I do, I'm just not hungry," I shrugged.

My father had this weird thing about eating. Everything had to be eaten or he would flip out. I was doing this just to annoy him.


"No thank you."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my father run both of his hands through his hair and take a deep breath, "You need to eat."

"I'm not hungry," I told him through clenched teeth.

He stood up from his spot, "Deal with your daughter, please. I have to go work for a little while."

Once my father left the room, I picked up my fork and began eating. My mother shook her head and giggled.

"I don't know why you do this to him," she said, "You know defying him will only make things worse."

"Doesn't mean I can't have fun with it," I smiled.

People said I was like my mother, always doing whatever I wanted; ignoring my father's rules. She and I had the same colored hair and small frame but I had my father's grey eyes. On some occasions, I also had his temper.

"I have to work as well," my mother kissed my forehead, "Please don't leave the house. Give your father some time to cool down before talking to him."

"Okay," I ate another piece of pancake.

My mother smiled before leaving the room. Gail turned to face me from the stove, grinning.

"You had your father searching all over town for you," she shook her head; "He woke Jason up to help him find you."

"He's crazy Gail! Why does everyone defend his stalkerish tendencies? I'm under constant watch with him! Everything I do, he knows about. I can't ever go out with my friends without the Christian Grey Army following me. All of my friends get to go to parties, meanwhile I have to stay at home and do nothing. Do you know how afraid guys are to ask me out because of my dad?"

"He means well Phoebe, he really does," Gail patted my hand, "You're his baby girl, he wants to make sure nothing bad happens to you."

"There're kids all over the world who don't have security detail following their every move and they survive," I tell her, "Why can't I live a normal life?"

She gave me a sad smile before cleaning the rest of the kitchen. After I finished my breakfast, I went upstairs to my doorless bedroom and sat on my bed. When Teddy lived here, it was bearable, not all of the attention was focused on me. But now that he was in college, I had my parents' full attention. I leaned back onto my bed and screamed into my pillow.

My own personal driver, Jenkins, dropped me off at my school, Seattle Prep on Monday. This was the first time I had been out of the house in two days. I lived in solitary confinement at casa de la Grey all weekend. I busied myself with homework, playing the piano, watching movies, and throwing darts at a poster I made of my father's head.

"See you after school Jenkins," I tell him.

"Of course Ms. Grey," he pulled away.

My three best friends, Darcy, Brianne, and Cheyenne were waiting for me on the school's steps. The three of them were discussing the party they went to on Saturday. Not that I went of course.

"You'll come to the next one," Darcy smiled encouragingly.

Her annoyingly upbeat attitude made me want to rip out her strawberry blonde hair out. Instead, I smiled.


Darcy has been my best friend since first grade when no one else would play with me because I had three security guards around me at all times. Even back then she was gorgeous. She had natural strawberry blonde, curly hair and big blue eyes. Guys loved looking at her; I had even caught Teddy looking at her for longer than needed from time to time. But she was always welcome in the Grey house, mainly because our fathers did business together. Brianne became friends with us in third grade. She is a native Columbian and still has a thick Columbian accent. Brianne had long, light dirty blonde hair and a heart-shaped face like an angel. Her hazel eyes were always bright and energetic; I hated yelling at her. Out of all of my friends, she was the most considerate and voice of reason. Cheyenne's parents were from Cambodia, which explained her long, silky, jet black hair. She had warm brown eyes that could figure out a person in a matter of seconds. She joined our group last, her father moved to Seattle when her mother died in fifth grade.

All day I had to listen to different people talk about the party I missed on Saturday. By the end of the day, I knew enough stories that I could tell to pretend that I was actually at the party. I was standing with Cheyenne at her locker when Ryan Yunker, another senior and a great basketball player, started walking over to us.

"Incoming," I muttered to Cheyenne.

He was probably coming to talk with her. Not that I was jealous or lacked self -confidence but guys stopped asking me out back in freshmen year when my brother told anyone if they dated me, he would break their dicks off. None of the guys wanted to risk losing their favorite part of their body. So I was shocked when Ryan approached me.

"Hey Phoebe," he smiled.

I couldn't help but blush. Ryan was gorgeous, he was well-built, tall, caramel colored, and had warm, chocolate-brown eyes.

"Y-yeah, hi," I tried to act natural.

It was one thing to talk to people that I didn't know outside of school. They didn't know that I was Christian Grey's daughter, school was different.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go and get some coffee after school tomorrow," he rocked back and forth on his heels, "If you don't have any plans."

"I'm sure that'd be fine," out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cheyenne grinning at me, "We can meet at my locker after the last bell."

"Awesome, see you tomorrow," he smiled once more before walking out.

Cheyenne closed her locker and squealed, "Oh my god, Ryan Yunker just asked you out!"

I giggled, "I'm going out with Ryan Yunker!"

We ran and told Darcy and Brianne, who were equally excited. But then Brianne had to ruin the moment of happiness by bringing up the fact that my father wouldn't let me go out with him.

"You have to convince him to let you go!" Darcy said, "Hell, make up an excuse so that you don't have to go home straight after school. But you have to go on that date."

I knew she was right, but my father wouldn't see it from my point of view. Teddy of course didn't have this problem. He started dating when he was a freshman, girls loved him.

"I'll see you guys later," I said when Jenkins pulled up to the parking lot, "Wish me luck."

"I'll see you guys later," I said when Jenkins pulled up to the parking lot, "Wish me luck."

Both cars were in my driveway when Jenkins pulled in. The whole ride home, I had prepared a speech on what I was going to say. My mother would be easy to convince, it was my father that would be hard.

I heard my parent's voices in the kitchen and sighed.

"Father, mother, I have something I need to talk to you about," I walk into the kitchen.

My father was sitting at the countertop and my mother was slicing apple wedges.

"Yes?" my father raised an eyebrow at me.

"It is no secret that I am getting older and will soon be going to college. In college, you won't be able to control everything that I do. But I'm giving you a chance to prepare yourself by dating someone in my school. You could even meet him. I just want a chance to have friends of the opposite sex without you threatening to chop every body part of they have off."

My mother looked at my father who was rubbing his chin considerably.


I chocked in my own spit, "W-what?"

"You can have friends of the opposite sex. And if you wish to date them, bring them by the house for us to meet them. No sneaking around."

I ran to hug him, "Thank you daddy."

My mother was watching my father carefully but said nothing. I ran over to hug her and gave her a kiss on the cheek before running up and telling my friends via four-way.