Phoebe's POV

I stabbed my pork with my fork. Why did I have to be here for this? I had no desire to befriend Blake, Bill, or whatever his name was. He seemed uptight and didn't talk much.

"Your dad tells me that you're into photography, if it's alright with you, I'd love to see some of your photographs," Blaine said.

Before I had a chance to protest, my father spoke up for me.

"She'd love to show you them after dinner."

My parents and Blaine talked for the rest of the meal, I lost interest. Instead, I took in Blaine's appearance. He wasn't that bad looking, okay he was hot, but he worked for my father. He was probably all business and no pleasure just like my father. I became distracted by Blaine's jet black curls; I could picture myself running my fingers through his hair. Wait, what? I barely knew the guy and I wanted to jump his bones. He already had the Christian Grey stamp of approval and my parents seemed to like him. Through the rest of the meal, I pictured me and him together.

At the end of the meal, Gail and my mother cleared off the dinner table while my father practically insisted that I showed Blaine my photographs. It was weird considering the fact that he had never seen them.

I brought Blaine to the mini dark room my father had installed off of my room. I watched Blaine look through the pictures that were hanging up nervously. What if he thought they were bad? Most of the photos were of my family and friends. Some were random people in the park or mall.

"Well?" I broke the silence.

"These are good. Like really good. Do this for pure enjoyment or do you want to make a career out of it?"

No one had ever asked me that before. Suddenly I became glad that the room was too dark for him to see me blush.

"Well, I would like to travel the world as a photo journalist but I doubt my father would let me. I just think that there's something so liberating about travelling and meeting new people. It makes you thankful for what you have when you see how little some other people have," Blaine's intense gaze made me uncomfortable, "What?"

"Nothing, it's just that I didn't picture you this deep."

Anger rattled inside of me, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I didn't mean to offend," Blaine came over to me.

"Well you did!"

"What did I ever do to make you hate me so much?" he snapped, "I've been nothing but nice to you but you already determined that I was not worth your time."

Taken aback, I stood stunned. No one talked to me like that.

"I don't hate you," I mumbled, "I'm sorry; it's just how I am."

"No you're not. You're the girl in these pictures. In these you look so carefree and happy. Not this 'daddy's little devil' act that you like to put on from time to time," Blaine continued when he saw that I wasn't going to say anything, "Why do you do it?"

"You don't know what it's like living under constant scrutiny. Everything I do has to be perfect and if it's not, I'm considered a failure. You don't understand the pressure my father puts on us. So don't pretend that you get me," I shoot back once I find my voice.

"I have you figured out Phoebe Grey," he leaned in closer.

"No, you don't. You don't even know me," I leaned away, backing away from him and into a wall.

"Well if I don't I'd like to get to know you," his voice was low and seductive.

"Not a chance," I breathed.

Blaine was mere inches away from me; I could feel his body heat from where I stood. He lifted a finger to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, I gasped as our bodies came into contact. He must've felt it too, but he was better at controlling his expressions.

"I'm going to kiss you now," Blaine said before crashing his lips onto mine.

His body pinned me tightly against the wall, I could feel his muscular body through his t-shirt. This wasn't my first kiss but the kisses I had before were never like this. Nothing ever made me this turned on and begging for more. I ran my fingers through Blaine's hair, accomplishing my desire from the table, groaning at the silkiness. Blaine brought my hips closer to his as he travelled down my neck, stopping right above my collarbone. All of a sudden, he pushed away, breathing heavily.

"I have to go, see you tomorrow," he ran out the room.

Blaine acted like nothing had happened the next day. Jenkins dropped us off at school and we walked in silence to where my friends were waiting. Their mouths hung agape at the sight of him. So did other girls as they walked by. He wasn't wearing anything eye grabbing. Just a white V-neck t-shirt and black jeans. His aviator sunglasses rested on top of his curly black hair.

Blaine's eyes seemed to be searching throughout the whole campus. He needed to calm down; there were no threats on campus.

"Guys, this is Blaine," I said to my friends, "Blaine, this is Darcy, Cheyenne, and Brianne."

He waved, his eyes still wandering around campus.

"Did you ask your dad about the date yet?" Darcy asked.

"Yeah, he still isn't too fond of the idea of me dating, so I told him that I was going with you guys," my eyes were still on Blaine, trying to figure out if he would tell my father.

"You lied to your father?" Blaine snapped.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes Blaine, that's what teenagers do. I've lied to him more than once believe it or not."

The warning bell rung before he had a chance to respond. My friends left, all except Brianne; we had a class together next.

"You go ahead; I have to bring him to the office. Save me a seat."

Brianne nodded and followed the rest of the kids into the building.

"You know, you shouldn't lie to your dad. He worries about you," Blaine muttered.

"You don't know anything about me and my dad's relationship," I snorted, "And I know he worries about me, too much. I'm not this fragile little girl he wants people to see me as."

"I don't think you're fragile, in fact, you're a lot tougher than I imagined."

I rolled my eyes to hide my smile, "Keep talking like that and we'll have a repeat of last night."

I don't know if it's a figure of my imagination or not but I swore I heard him mutter, "I wouldn't mind that."

Somehow, Blaine and I had every single class together; even my elective, photography. I felt like I had a puppy following me around all day. Girls would giggle and war at Blaine but he ignored them. Our last class of the day was study hall. We sat in the library trying to finish translating French phrases. Blaine was done in ten minutes. Every few minutes he would look around the room, he was driving me crazy.

"What is your problem?" I whispered, "People are going to think you're crazy!"

Blaine sighed, "Are you almost done with your homework?"

"I have a few more conjugations to do. You do know you can leave, right?"

"No, I can't. I'm not leaving you here alone."

I felt a warm pair of hands wrap around my shoulders, "She's not alone, I'm here."

Ryan sat down next to me, flashing a perfect smile. A scowl appeared on Blaine's face.

"Who're you?" Blaine questioned, "She needs to study."

"I'm Ryan Yunker," Ryan extended his hand towards Blaine, "Nice to meet you."

Blaine stated at Ryan's outstretched hand. The final bell rung, school was finally over.

"I'm going out after school with Ryan. You can catch a ride with Jenkins back to my dad's workplace. Bye!"

I took Ryan's hand and pulled us out of the library. Annoyingly, Blaine continued to follow us.

"After we get some coffee I can drive you back," Ryan offered, "I just got my motorcycle license."

I agreed at the same time Blaine objected. I shot him an annoyed look, he had to go.

"Can you excuse me for a second?" I ask Ryan.

He nodded before walking ahead.

"What the hell is your problem?" I shoved Blaine, "You don't control what I do! Just go to my dad's office and file contracts or whatever you do. I'm going on a date, you're making this awkward."

"I don't like that guy," he ignored my comment, "I don't trust him. Why don't you bring him to your dad's work?"

"You're infuriating! I'm leaving to go back and enjoy myself. Don't follow me."

I took a few steps and paused to make sure Blaine took the hint. Ryan was waiting for me outside, motorcycle helmet in hand. The way he leaned against it made him ten times hotter.

"You ready?" he handed me the helmet.

Eagerly, I accepted it. I had never been on a motorcycle. My father said they were too dangerous. But my father wasn't here, was he? I straddled the motorcycle, clutching onto Ryan. He smelled like Abercrombie.

Blaine exited the building, his hands folded across his chest. There was a smug look on his face. I turned to see what he was looking at. My father was storming out of his SUV with Taylor.

"Don't you dare start that motorcycle!" my father hollered.

Ryan slid his helmet off, "Is this your dad?"

"Yes," I hissed staring at Blaine.

Who the hell did he think he was? My father stood in front of Ryan's bike, foot on the wheel.

"Let's go Phoebe," my father ordered.

Knowing it wasn't worth the argument, I stood up from Ryan's seat.

"Say goodbye to your little friend," my father continued.

I waved, embarrassedly at Ryan. Blaine was standing near us now, looking pleased.

"See you later Phoebe," Ryan zoomed away.

I could feel tears running down my face as I stormed towards Taylor. My father and Blaine followed closely behind. I refused to be near the two of them. I sat next to Taylor in the front and stared out of the window.

"I don't care how mad you are at me Phoebe. You are to never ride on a motorcycle, do you hear me?" my father continued to yell, "Those things are dangerous! What were you thinking?"

"That I could get away from you, instead you have mini Christian follow me around."

"For a good reason! Thank god he called me before you fell off and hurt yourself."

I glared at Blaine from the window, "Yes, thank god for Blaine. Taylor, can you bring me to my grandparent's house?"

"No Taylor," my father interjected, "We are going home."

"Either drive me now or I'll sneak out in the middle of the night and never come back! How does that sound? Find a pimp somewhere and sell my body for coke. I'm sure they'll welcome me, especially since it runs in the family," I say before I realize it.

My father's body goes frigid.

"I didn't mean that," I turn to face him.

"Bellevue Taylor," my dad's voice is silent but cold.

The rest of the car ride was quiet. I shut the door and walked into my grandparent's house.

"Grams? Grandpa?" I searched through the house.

No one was home. I walked out back and into the boathouse. My dad loved to take us sailing and I grew fond of the ocean because of it. Sailing was a thing my father and I did to bond. Teddy was too much of a mama's boy to enjoy the thrill of the ocean. I survived through thrills.

Nestling into one of the hand carved wooden boats my father and I built together. I remembered getting so many splinters and my father became worried that I was going to get an infection. It took Grams to convince him that I was fine and that he was being over dramatic. I fell asleep remembering the happier times.

My phone's vibrations woke me up. I had thirty missed calls, eight voice mails, and ten worried text messages. A majority of them were from my father, then my mother, Grams and grandpa, and one from Teddy. My voicemails consisted of my father begging me to answer my phone and that he loved me. What were they going so nuts about? Then I remembered that I was sleeping in one of the boats in the boat house.

Back when I found out that my father tracked my calls and messages, I shut off my phone's location finder. A girl needed her privacy from time to time.

I walked down to my grandparent's house. I could hear my whole family in there. All eyes turned towards me at the sound of the door opening. My father was the first one to hug me.

"Dear god," he kissed my forehead, "Do you know how much trouble you're in?"

"Christian, she's finally home and you're worrying about punishing her?" my mom wiped her tears and hugged me tightly.

"Where have you been? When I called your grandparents they said that they haven't seen you so I became worried," my father explained, his eyes still wide with worry.

"I fell asleep in one of the boats, I'm sorry," I apologized.

My Uncle Elliot rolled his eyes, "I got called out of work for this? She's clearly fine; Christian was overreacting; just like he always does."

"Elliot," my grandmother frowned.

Uncle Elliot and Aunt Kate left, leaving me, my parents, and my grandparents to talk. Oh, and Blaine.

"Would you care to explain how in the hell you figured out to turn off your tracking service?" my father got back into his usual self, "What if something had happened? We would have no idea where to find you!"

"I'm sorry," I mumbled.

My parents sat in front of me, my grandparents sat protectively by my side.

"So are you still not coming home?" my father asked.

I could see the look in his eyes; he was trying to not show the fear in his eyes.

"Correct, I'm staying here tonight. I'll think about coming home tomorrow."

"Phoebe, please come home. We can talk everything through," my mother begged.

"I can't," I shook my head, "You guys treat me like I'm still a child. I don't need you guys monitoring my every move; especially you dad. You make it impossible to make any friends, you took my door off in my bedroom, and then today, you completely embarrassed me in front of Ryan! And yet, you don't get it when I say you guys suffocate me."

"I do understand Fee, but I won't apologize for wanting to keep my family safe. You staying here won't solve anything, you should come home and we can all talk," my father basically begged.

Again, I shook my head, "I'm sorry but I'm staying here."

My father's eyes fell to the ground, "If that's what you want. I'll have Jenkins pick you up tomorrow and bring you to school."

I nodded, "Okay."

My parents stood up to leave.

"We love you Phoebe," my mother hugged me.

"I know."

My father leaned down to hug me, my arms stayed slack to my sides. My grandparents escorted my parents out, leaving me and Blaine alone. He was hovering in the corner, still wearing the clothes from earlier today.

"I feel bad about the whole Ryan situation. I really am sorry," he apologized.

"It's okay," I lied.

"You suck at lying, that's why you always get caught," he smirked.

"I'll work on it."

Blaine shook his head and stalked off towards the door, "Your dad really does just want to keep you safe. You should be lucky that he cares."

The whole mercurial trait I inherited from my father kicked in, "If it weren't for you, none of this would've happened. I don't understand why you feel the need to protect me all the time."

"I needed to protect you today because you were going to get onto a motorcycle with that idiot jock!" Blaine snapped, "Honestly, you should be thanking me."

"You were just jealous! Admit it, you didn't want me to go on the date with him just to annoy me."

"And why would I do that?" he challenged, "I think you got it all wrong, you're the infuriating one! I saved your life. You could at least thank me."

"You like me, that's why you didn't want me to go on a date with Ryan. Isn't it?" I glared at him, "You really were jealous!"

"What're you talking about? I think you're a little full of yourself," he crossed his arms over his chest.

I stepped closer, teasing him, "Admit it, you were jealous!"


"Yes you were."

"No, I wasn't."

"Uh huh," I stood in front of him.

"No way, your psycho."

"Want to know how I know you're lying?" I stepped closer, "Because when I do this…"

I kissed him, surprising him for a second. It took him a second to respond. Next thing I knew, he was pressing me against the marble column. The kiss was just as good as I remembered. He was gentle but rough at the same time. I've made out with some guys who wasted no time before putting their tongue down my throat. Blaine wasn't like that. His strong hands pulled me against him, I felt so safe in his arms. Blaine pulled away, softly biting my lower lip before coming back for more.

"Blaine, are you ready to," my father paused at the entryway to the family room.

We sprung apart from one another. My father had clearly seen what we were just doing, but he pretended that nothing had happened.

"You ready to go?" my father asked, with a small smile on his lips.

Blaine coughed, "Yeah, see you tomorrow Phoebe."

My father turned back one last time, a grin still threatening to leave his lips, but he just shook his head before walking out the door.