Its finally here! Enjoy people


" No way….!" I say as I realize what car they were standing by
Kates Lamborghini
The guys look at each other and grin evilly they have a death wish obviously

"Yes way" Elijah says "You in?" Emmett says and raises his eyebrow. I sigh.
" Yea, you'll need someone responsible to make sure no damage comes to it, which is why im driving." I say walking towards the car.

"WHAT?! No way!" They both shouted Still walking toward the driver's side I smirk "Yes, or I go wake up Kate" I say

"You wouldn't dare" Emmett says I raise my eye brows
"Try me" I say then they both get in the back seat while swearing under the breaths I get in the driver's seat and start up the car, I use the remote to open the garage and I quickly pull out and I close it, but before I backed out of the drive way I see a red car coming down and I see jake in it to my surprise. He parks his car and gets in the passengers seat. "Hey guys you ready to die!" He says and fist bumps us all and then with that we were off. This car went 0 to 80 in .6 seconds and it drives soo smoothly . I have to say this suicide mission is worth it so far.


Zanes POV

We are so freaking dead….well..dead for good when Kate sees this…

Man this car drives so amazing! I now see why Kate loves this so much. Its almost 5 am now, so it was still dark out.
"ughhh.." Emmett groans from the back seat. "This is so boring Zane, why don't you let me drive the rest of the way back?" Emmett whines.

I glance at him for a second

"Hell No." I snap back at him as I put my eyes back on the road. I hear him groan again
"Please please please please please, C'mon Zane , whats the worst that can happen to a bunch of vampires, half breed, and dog" I glare at Emmett for a second thinking of all the possibilities that could happen
"C'mon man it won't be THAT bad" Jake speaks up for Emmett . I shoot him a doubtful look and I look to Elijah who just shrugs nonchalantly.


"Fine Emmett, but I'm in the passenger seat" I stop the car on the side of the road Emmett and Jacob fist bump as we all switch seats.

"WOOOOO!" Emmett shouts as he gets settled into the passengers seat and with a high squeal we were off.

"damn this drives smooth! I am a master at this!" Emmett says for the 50th time since hes been driving. I hit my head against the dashboard "Emmett will you shut up and just drive" I mumble to him. I hear sounds of agreement from Jake and Elijah.

Emmett smirks at me " Don't be jealous guys, "

"Hey Emmett since you're such a master, I bet you can't drive with your eyes closed , bet you won't leech" Jake says to Emmett. I turn to glare at Emmett

"No!" Elijah shouts

"Don't you fucking think about it Emmett" I say simultaneously with Elijah Emmett glares at Jacob through the rearview mirror
"You're on dog" Then Emmett closes his eyes, I instantly go for the wheel.

"Hell no Emmett! Open your eyes!" I shout as he and I wrestle for the wheel.
"Let go! I can do this I'm a master, Its not like we can die, we're dead already!" Emmett shouts back with his eyes still closed
"Hey! I haven't died yet leech! Let go of the wheel and open your damn eyes I was just bullshitting you!" Jacob shouts from behind. The car starts to swerve as we wrestle for control. That's when

The steering wheel breaks



"EMMETT!" We all shout at him as the car goes complete out of control

"Hit the breaks Emmett!" Elijah shouts

"I got this!" Emmett replies we hear crunch as his foot slams down breaks the breaks.

My mouth drops

"Son Of a bi-" The impact of the air bags from the car crashing into the tree cuts me off mid-sentence.

"Way to go Emmett" Elijah says breaking the silence giving Emmett a slow clap

Emmett instantly rounds on me "It was Zanes fault! He kept wrestling me for the wheel!" I instantly glare back at him

"Bullshit! You wouldn't open your eyes, I was trying to keep us from wrecking! Plus you smashed the breaks! Brilliant!" I snap back .

Now we're all standing outside the car looking at Kates now, completely totaled Lamborghini still wrapped around a tree. The front is all crumpled around the tree, the mirrors on both sides are cracked, and one is hanging by a thread. Plus The air bags are all out.

"We are all so freaking screwed…" I groan aloud as I look at all the pieces scattered on the road

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, Bella's name shows up on the screen I hold up my phone to the guys.
"shiiit…" they all sigh

Sigh.. "Yes Bella..?" I hear take a deep unnecessary breath

"Where. Is. Kates. Car. I go into the garage to grab something and I see not only Jakes car here but Kates baby gone, along with you, Emmett, and Zane." I comes the bad news. I pause and rake a hand through my hair.
"You see Bella…we kind of took it for a drive…-" she interrupts me in the middle

We all wince as she starts yelling


"Bella!"-I interrupt- "yell at us when we get back when need to figure out what to do" I hear her growl on the other line which makes me wince.

"Bye" She snaps and hangs up

"Nice idea Elijah, now her car is totaled, and we are all going to die, some of us for the first time" Jake glares at Elijah who glares back just as hard.

"Yes blame me because I was I was the one who physically forced you into the car. Funny dog, who was the one who came up with the BRILLIANT idea to suggest Emmett drive with his eyes closed?!" Elijah says sarcastically

I interrupt before Jacob could respond "Guys! We need to get back. Emmett you're pushing" I snap at him

His head instantly jerks up "Why the hell should I push?!"

I sigh impatiently and push the car away from the tree in one shove "Because you were the one wrecked, you're pushing so shut up so we can go face our doom" without awaiting his response I climb in the passenger's seat, and wait as Elijah and Jake climb in the back. Emmett soon begins to push running at vampire speed which causes a few more pieces to chip off but what the hell we're dead already.


After a long time of riding in silence we finally get back to the house where Alice was standing outside waiting for us with her jaw hitting the floor. Bella soon ran out as she heard us arrive. Her mouth dropped just like Alice's. Edward soon followed after. As we all got out bella was the first to recover.

"You..fucking…idiots…" We all look at each other none of wanting to be the first to speak up. At the same time we shout "IT WAS EMMETT!" Emmett instantly puffs up

"BULL SHIT ! IT WAS JACOBS IDEA!" Emmett starts pointing at jake who instantly puffed up

"WHAT?! YOU BROKE THE FREAKING WHEEL AND BRAKES! Besides it was ELIJAHS IDEA!" Jake shouts back and goes to glare at Elijah


Which is what starts a huge argument

"Its was all Elijahs idea I'm just the victim!" Emmett says which caused Elijah to slap him upside the head

"Shut up dumb ass!" Jacob shouts
"I should just turn into an Eagle and Fly to Italy while I still have a chance.." Elijah mutters
"idiots.."Alice mutters

""How can you guys be so stupid?!" Bella says as Edward just shakes his head at us I run a hand through my hair.
"Guys Kate is going to wake up soon-" I start to say then all of a sudden my whole body is frozen in place, and all my senses besides my hearing are gone.

"Crap…" We all mutter. Then I hear a high extremely pissed off voice

"What. The fuck. Have you idiots done."

Well looks like kates awake now.

Kates POV

I was just waking up from a weird dream , one that I don't even want to think about now, when I hear shouting from out side. I looked out of my window to see everyone surrounding by my car, my BABY that was completely totaled. I made my way down stairs barely managing to control my anger. As I reach the door I feel Jasper try to work his calming mojo on me. I quickly turned to glare at him
"Jasper-" I start but he cuts me off

"Kate, I know you're seething mad, and you have a right to be, but keep in mind that is your mate, brother and friends out there. Don't do something you'll regret,-" when I start to interrupt he holds his hands up

"-Hey, I didn't' say not to knock them around a bit, but don't make it too hard to put them back together alright? They are your family darling" Jasper says softly. My eyes softened just a fraction and between clenched teeth I was able to mutter out a "Fine"

The shouting outside got louder

"Guys Kate is going to wake up soon-" I hear Zane start to say but stopped because I caused their whole bodies to become frozen in place, and all their senses besides their hearing are gone.

"Crap…" I hear them all mutter. Then In an extremely pissed off voice that sounded foreign in my own ears as I look at all the damage as I say with clenched teeth

"What. The fuck. Have you idiots done."

"It would be easier to explain if we weren't all frozen…" Elijah mumbles
Instantly I unfroze them , as I took a deep breath trying to control my rage

They all sighed in relief as I gave them their senses back

"Sweetheart.." Zane starts but I put up my hand and he instantly shuts up

"No! Don't EVEN give me that! I want to know, What exactly happened, and who the fuck came up with the idea –Elijah- to take MY car –Elijah-." I snarl at them. Fear instantly is reflected on their faces

Then before anyone could respond I made a root by a near by tree grab each by the ankle and chuck them into another tree causing it to instantly break from the force.

Well, I did promise jasper to not make it TOO hard to put them back together..

I take another deep breath and my glare turns to bella
"Did you know about this?!"

"No Kate, I was a bit preoccupied" She says while meeting my glare ,she continues on "Those idiots left before anyone noticed" Bella says as she jerks her head towards the guys who are cautiously walking back over to us and they as instantly rush to explain
"We can explain..!"
"you see Elijah came up with the idea.."
"Hey! It wasn't all me!.."
"Sweetheart…I was just trying to make sure they didn't do damage.."
"It was all them I was just the victim!.."
"We had no idea this would happen!.."
"Emmett tried to drive with his eyes closed!..."
"Jacob told me to!.."

I flick my hand instantly freezing them all mid-sentence . I look to Bella and I lift my hand up to hers
"May I?" I ask . instantly understanding what I was asking she nodded and touched her hand to mine.
I walk over to Zane and touch his face as he watched me cautiously. Instantly I picked out the memory from when Elijah came over up until now , which caused me to realize the amount of stupidity I was surrounded by.. I mean driving with your eyes closed?! The amount of parts that flew out of my car is un-freaking-believable .I remove my hand from his face but not before a string of thought hit me

I love you ,I'm so sorry
I glance at him again which caused my steely gaze to soften from steel to rock.

"You guys…are going to buy me a completely NEW car, and you will not go anywhere NEAR it again or I swear on my life I will de attach all your asses all piece by piece and spread you so thin it will take eons for you to just put your fingers back together, understood? " I unfreeze the guys again and they mumble an "Okay" and "sure sure"

"Damn..she is scary.." I hear Edward mumble from behind me I flash him a small grin and then turn back to the guys with my arms crossed

"AND It better be JUST as good if not better than the one you DESTROYED, I mean your eyes closed?! Are you guys stu- UGH CRAP" Instantly my rant was interrupted by a stabbing pain in my head which was getting worse by the second I feel my hands clutch my head
"Ughhh, please..make it stop!"

Instantly everyone ran to me I couldn't make out what they were saying due to the unbearable pain, ugh what the hell is going on?!

My vision starts to blur then all of a sudden I see a blinding white light. I close my eyes tightly to block it out. The white light dies after a bit and I squint my eyes to see that I am in a completely different place

the acute pain in my head continues on as I try to make sense of my surroundings. I blink away the blurriness and I notice that I am in a dim lite area with stone walls, and apparently marble floors. I hear footsteps come towards me. Confident, footsteps. I try to sit up from my fetus position but my throbbing in my head prevents me from doing so.

"Well, well, well, look who I have here…Hello Kate long time no see!...You know its rude not speak back" The voice says from above me. It was obviously masculine, with a pleasant sinister tone to its voice. His voice had an accent to it, a scary family accent, Romanian.. I grit my teeth against the pain. This was not a time for weakness

"Who…the..hell..are you" I manage to spit out, hating how weak my voice sounds. He chuckles at my discomfort which pisses me off more..
….ass hole...How I would love to wipe that amusement off his face…

"You my dear, have been causing a lot of problems for us, but nevertheless I found you…. Get comfy we have a lot to discuss."

Oh great


Bella's POV

What the hell just happened?! One minute Kate is standing here yelling at the guys then the next minute shes on the ground clutching her head in obvious pain. Her body is trembling as she mutters incoherent sounds of pain.
"Guys! What do we do?1 Call Carlisle! Bella, what the hell is happening?!" Zane says frantically trying to hold kates shaking body. Edward is instantly on his phone talking to Carlisle. I crouch down and try to get Kates attention, in vain.

I groan in frustration
"I don't know, I don't know! Jasper can you stop the pain?!" I shout out. Jasper stares intently at kate for a moment and roughly shakes his head, his face scrunches in shock
"I can't even feel her here!" My eyes snap to elijahs who was filled with worry on his normally confident face. "Elijah, you said you can feel when shes hurt , whats going on?! You have a twin connection you have to tell us something!" Edward says voice filled with concern I look desperately at Elijah
His eyes snap to mine and I see him visibly wince. "I..feel something. Our connection is weaker now, I don't know why" His visage is filled with worry and anger but his voice is emotionless.
I look to Jacob who is standing there motionless " Jake, this may be an attack from the ass holes whose been hunting Kate, go tell sam whats going on" That snapped him out of it because he instantly refuses at first. I sigh impatiently

and look to Edward for help "Jacob we need the pack ready for these guys, kate would understand" Edward says gently. Jacob nods once and runs into the forest phases after a few feet away
My eyes goes back to Kates body , Zane tries to pry her hands from her head but stops shortly after he realizes it wasn't working. He looks at me desperately
"Bella we need to do something" I look at Alice whose face is scrunched up in concentration ,
"I don't see anything Bella, I can't see Kate, I'm looking though" Alice says in frustration
I look down back at Kate and idea instantly comes to mind
"I'm going in, I'm going to see if I can get into her mind to see whats going on. I probably can," I say without looking at anyone
"Bella, No! I don't think that's a good idea.." Edward says instantly
"Do you have something better?!" I snap and without waiting for a response I close my eyes and concentrate . Instantly I felt a mind numbing pain , its acute pain causes me to scream out. I mean picture someone taking a hammer to your head, while pounding it with a bad as it drills into each side of your times that by 8 and you might understand a fraction of the pain.

"Bella!" I hear from somewhere. I grit my teeth against the pain as images start to appear
"I…almost…see..something AGHH" I take a slow breath and continue to push past it

"Bella stop it!" I hear , probably from Edward
"No! Almost..there.." I weakly manage out. I briefly see kate crouched in a fetal position, theres a dark figure infront of her , I can't make out the words yet. I feel a hand on my shoulder

"Bella? Bella! whats happening?" Zane says I think from my side. The pain is getting worse as I try to concentrate on words. I take a shaky unnecessary breath

"Kate…is..crouched..fetal position…a .dark figure..can't make out words…"I say with grit teeth.
"here...consider it..a gift from me, I hope to see you soon…and just for somemore inspiration" I hear kate gasp at whatever hes showing her, his voice alone causes chills to run through my body, I listen harder
" hell.." Kate says, despite the pain I feel my self chuckle at her words, her voice sounding weak and tired he chuckles amused The pain grows and I can't make out the last few words he says then I feel a jerk and I'm instantly back by kates body. The impact causing me to collapse in a fetal position beside her.

Kate's POV

"You my dear, have been causing a lot of problems for us, but nevertheless I found you…. Get comfy we have a lot to discuss." I hear him pace beside me

"I must admit you're a clever girl. Hiding from us. I was waiting. Waiting for your defenses to slip up , which they did .-he pauses- tsk tsk tsk don't be like your father Kate, we could accomplish So much together! Think about it!" I clench my fists

"Go..die" I mumble in response .

He chuckles and continues as if he didn't hear anything. " Or watch-"
"Watch what? –I interrupt- my loved ones die? What is this a DC universe movie? What a typical villain move" I say through gritted teeth
he stops pacing "Death is too easy, and a waste of talent! Torture..thats how you get responses. I will torture them until they beg..for death, after I have used them ofcourse. Theres something greater happening Kate..and I need you for it to you have two alternatives in one you're dead and I get what I want, the other you're alive and I get what I want, which I much prefer actually.. "

He continues to pace

he speaks after a moment of silence " I have something for you..its a bracelet , the gem on it is a way for you to tell me you have accepted my offer, after you have, I will send something and we'll go from there. All you do is press it and I'll know you have accepted…-he pauses- hmm looks like your little friend is trying to ease drop on 's quite powerful herself you were smart to keep her hidden as well…any who , here..consider it a gift from me..I hope to see you soon..and just for some inspiration…" his body turns to the right

the pain dulls a fraction for a second so I use this to look to where his body I faced and what I see is like a punch in my gut

I gasp Holy..shit..

"Dad…" I barely make the words
The pain in my head intensifies again, I clench my fists causing it ache " hell" I spit out to him
instantly slumping against the floor in pain the image of my dad still fresh in my mind. I feel his lips close to my ear
"I look forward to seeing you soon" I use my strength to life my chin up, I get a quick glance at his face which was well structured, deviously handsome in a sinister ass hole way, his eyes were dark ruby red, which was the last thing I saw before I felt him touch my face and the blinding white light was back. The pain intensified and I fed into the darkness and the exhaustion of my body then finally I was numb.
I have never felt so happy to be numb in my life.

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