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LOST| Chapter Finale – Holding On, Letting Go





"Yea... dad, it's me."

ACP Pradyuman slowly opens his eyes and tilts his head towards the side to find his son laying next to him on bed, with his head resting on his hand and looking directly at his father with a bright smile on his face.

"Nakul, is this you? Really you?"

Nakul laughs slightly at his dad's shocked expressions.

"Yes dad it's me."

"But how?"

"You called me."

"I did?"

"Yes dad. Sorry took so long to come but I now am here."

"I don't understand..."

"I know dad, me neither. But I am here, probably not for long, not forever but this moment we are together so we should make it count, right?"

ACP looks at his son with hopeful eyes, it seems God has bestowed him with some mercy and granted him with few moments with his son. He will not let this opportunity slip, not this time. He will make every second count.

"Yes, you are right. We should make every moment count."

"You know dad I used to imagine this, we both laying together and talking all night, till the morning. Talk about anything and everything, but we never got a chance."

ACP moves his one hand closer to his son and start creasing his hair, immediately Nakul starts to feel so relaxed as if he is in heaven.

"How is this happening Nakul? How are you here?"

"For once don't be a ACP dad, just forget about how, why and just live this moment."

"I'm sorry, I guess it's the downside of being an ACP."


They way Nakul says 'Yep' brings smile on ACP's lips; he looks just like a small kid when he does that.

"I made your life very hard, didn't I?"

"Well, to be honest not really hard but lonely yes. But someone has to pay the price in the name of duty, right?"

"Nakul, I am so so sorry for doing this to you. You did not deserve it, any of this; it was not your fault. It was entirely my fault..."

"It wasn't your fault dad. Well some but maybe if I had been more understanding we could've made it work."

"Let me say it, or else it will eat me alive for the rest of my life. It is my fault, I always gave you less attention, hardly any, you should have been my priority but you weren't and I do regret it. I do understand know that I was the reason for what happened to you... there is nothing more I want right now than to turn back the time and undo all of this."

"Life does not have an option of undo dad, though it would be nice if life came with an undo option."

Nakul looks at his dad, who hasn't lifted a gaze from his son's face since he has opened his eyes. Nakul can see the guilt, pain, redemption in his eyes it is breaking his heart seeing his father in such condition. This is why he is here, to free him. Free both of them from the guilt, this pain which both of them have been carrying for so long. It is time to end it; this is why Nakul is here.

"Dad, I never said how sorry I am for making your life harder than it was. I know being ACP isn't easy, but all I wished for that once you are home you are my dad not ACP, you leave ACP at bureau but I guess this never happened and that irritated me more. This and due to less communication between us one thing led to another and we lost the chance. Dad... I am sorry. I..."

Nakul feels a lump in his throat, he is unable to say another further but his eyes say it all. ACP moves forward and kisses Nakul's forehead.

"You know, you are the best son Nakul. I don't want anyone else my son but you, in this lifetime, in next and the next. It is always going to be you Nakul."

Tears slowly starts to form in Nakul's eyes, he always yarned to hear this from his father.

"Nakul I don't know if this will help or not but I want you to know I am truly sorry from bottom of my heart and if possible..."

ACP joins his hands together in front of Nakul.

"Please... forgive me."

Nakul shockingly sits up on bed, immediately holds ACP's hands in his hands and kiss them.

"What are you doing dad? Please don't do this."

"Nakul forgive me..."

ACP starts crying.

"Dad... it is alright dad, it's alright. Please stop. It's alright. I don't hold any grudges against you or anyone. "

He just can't take it anymore he moves closers and hugs his dad tightly. ACP hugs him back both of them stay like this for some time before Nakul gently breaks the hug. Nakul then places his head in ACP's lap and ACP carries on creasing his son's hairs. Both of them are feeling so peaceful for the first time in their lives. After some time ACP breaks the silence.

"I love you my son, very much. I am sorry for calling your music nuisance, I was being ignorant. Your music is very beautiful and I am proud of you for continuing with it. You are very talented; you should have played more often."

Nakul could not believe his ears; is he really hearing all of this from his dad? Nakul gets so happy, "Thank you dad." Nakul's voice is barely above a whisper but ACP still hears it, he just smiles in response.

"I never said it either dad, though I tried few times to say it but couldn't."

"What Nakul?"

"I love you so much, dad."

"I love you too my son."



"We both made mistakes but we can't carry the burden of past mistakes in our future. We have to let go. I have let go, now it is time for you to let go as well."

ACP looks at his son confusingly.

"Let go of what Nakul?"

"Let go of this pain, this guilt you are carrying in your heart which is a heavy burden."


"Dad, it's time... you have to let go... of me."

ACP is shocked at Nakul's sentence; he just keeps looking at him in shock.

"Dad... I don't mean that way but you have to stop with this guilt and pain. Hold on to the good memories. I know they were rare but come on, we had good times too, right?"

"Yes, we did. Nakul come back."

ACP looks at Nakul with pleading eyes. Nakul smiles at his father's request.

"I am not gone anywhere dad. I am with you always all you have to do is look in your heart you'll find me there."

"You are here to..."

ACP could not complete the sentence.

"Help you and myself... to let go. To tell you how much I love you dad."

ACP brings Nakul's forehead close to his face and kiss his forehead gently. Nakul then lays in his lap once again, both father and son experience the most quiet and peaceful moment and then Nakul closes his eyes.

ACP's eyes get shot open, he is breathing heavily. Turning his gaze around to see where he was, he still finds himself in Nakul's room, on his bed. ACP immediately turns towards the side of the bed where Nakul was sitting, the place is empty. ACP tries to feel the side of bed to see if he was there or not. ACP looks around the room to find anything which would prove Nakul was here, with him till few moments ago. Nothing he could see which would say Nakul was there but ACP's heart is telling him it was all true, Nakul was here and every word they spoke to each other is true. ACP sits there for a moment trying to process what just happened when he realizes something. He doesn't feel any pain or guilt, his heart is not under a heavy burden. He feels fresh and for once in his life peaceful. 'He was indeed here.' ACP smiles at this realization.

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody listening?
Does anybody really know if its the end of the beginning?

ACP gets up from Nakul's bed and walks towards the window, the view is getting clear as the dawn starts to spread across the sky; a new morning, a new beginning.

The quiet rush of one breath
Is all we're waiting for
Sometimes the one we're taking
Changes every one before..

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't
It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed

'Thank you my son.' ACP whispers as he looks up at the sky.

Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We're holding on and letting go

ACP continues watching as the morning arrives, the view is absolutely beautiful right now, a smile spread across his face, and ACP closes his eyes.

Nakul's eyes shot open and are immediately are closed due to bright lights and blurred view. Nakul opens his eyes again after few moments the vision is slightly better than before. He feels stuck and is feeling a lot of pain, he tries to move but is unable to. He looks around but everything feels strange, not right. It takes him a moment to realize what is happening. He is in his car, actually stuck in his car which is upside down. 'Accident' the first thought comes into his mind when he realizes his car is upside down. Nakul tries to undo his seatbelt, tries to help himself but due to stuck upside down and a lot of injuries he is not able to move very much in his struggle his phone which was on steering wheel hands free set falls from there and hits Nakul's head. After a lot of struggle he gives up. 'I'm not going to make it.' His breathing starts to slow down; he starts to feel less pain which isn't good sign.

"Bye Nakul."

Nakul gets flashes of her the last time they saw each other, she wasn't very happy.

Sometimes we're holding angels
And we never even know
Don't know if we'll make it,
But we know,
We just can't let it show

"Teja..y." Nakul tries to call her name one last time. He feels burning sensation in his throat, he is having difficulty breathing, but he tries to say something.

"I.. am sorr...y. I know I shouldn't have fought... with you Tejay... I just could not see you leave... like... this. I know... your dad needs you but I needed... you too. I wanted... to stay with you... forever. I... hate...everything... without... you. I... am... sorry Teja..li for hurting you... I l..."

Nakul's mouth gets very dry; his breathing is close to stopping, Nakul feels every drop of life from his body is being drained now, he feels his eyes slowly closing.


He tries to open his eyes at the voice but is unable to.

"Nakul... listen to me."

Nakul recognises this voice.

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't
It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed



Nakul doesn't know if his dad is really there or his brain is playing with him but right now all he can hear is his dad.

"Dad... I want to... dad... I don't have much...time... dad... I... am so...rry. I am so...sorry... for hurt...ing you. Dad... I..."

Nakul stops breathing and closes his eyes.

ACP opens his eyes and finds the beautiful view in front of his eyes once again.

Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We're holding on and letting go
Yeah, we're letting go

"Maybe one day... one day, I will find that girl who helped my Nakul who became his friend and thank for. Thank her for making my son happy even if it was only for some time. I will find her one day."

ACP looks across the sky with hopeful smile on his face.

We're holding on and letting go
Yeah, we're letting go

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