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Love Hina: KoolRon's Forbidden Love Part 1

(Warning! May not be suitable for the weak hearted, elderly aged and some Naru fans!)

"Gomen Urashima!"

"Ah! Motoko-chan!" Keitaro cried in utter terror as Motoko flung him at the possessed body of Naru…

They locked lips… and…

Motoko felt pain in her heart when she saw Keitaro and Naru lock…

What… what am I thinking…

Motoko wielded the katana backwards…

"Shinmeiryuu Ougi…" she chanted.

I don't have feelings for him… he belongs to Naru-sempai… I mustn't…

"Zanmaken… NI-NO-Tachi!" and the katana crossed Naru's and Keitaro's locked lips…

"AH!" the evil spirit of the Hina katana spelled out in agony and it was expelled from Naru's body. Naru slumped to the ground in a heap and a dazed Keitaro landed smack beside her, his right hand lying on her bosom…

Motoko dropped out of her stance as the Hina katana clattered to the rocky ground. Her knees shaky from the new move she acquired…

"I… I did it…" and Motoko collapsed flat on the rocks unconscious.

Tsuruko snapped awake and glanced at the Hina katana, which remained on the floor harmless, for now.

"Yokkata…" Tsuruko turned in time to see Naru launching Keitaro into orbit. The poor ronin disappeared over the horizon while all this while screaming injustice…

Naru grumbled and dusted her blouse as Tsuruko walked up to her.

"Daijobu?" enquired Tsuruko.

"Hai…" Naru replied sweetly as if nothing had happened.

"Naru-sempai! Tsuruko-sempai! Motoko-sempai is unconscious!" Shinobu squealed in a worried tone as the entire gang gathered around Motoko's body.

Tsuruko bent over and took Motoko's pulse.

"Motoko-han has expelled herself beyond her normal 'ki' level. She's fine for the moment… though…" Tsuruko's voice sounding a little raspy and dry.

"Huh? What do you mean? What will happen to Motoko?" Keitaro asked, spotting a HUGE plaster stuck on his forehead as he looked on.

Tsuruko turned gravely to face the Hinata crowd.

"She may not wake up soon."

Gasps erupted from the group. Naru shook her head in disbelief and laughed bitterly, "Tell me you are joking! It… can't be that… serious… can it?"

Tsuruko's face remained emotionless as she carried Motoko's limp body and begun the walk back to the dojo, with the tenants of Hinata Sou following closely behind. Even Kaolla knew the graveness of the matter and remained quiet.

"Neh! Tell me Tsuruko-san!" Naru insisted, keeping pace alongside Tsuruko.

"Basically, this only happens when a Shinmeiryuu stance is performed… 'half' correctly. Although no flaw can be seen, the person executing the move could only be faltering or not concentrating at the moment… and this could be fatal to the person executing the stance… but not the intended person to exorcist or defend against…"

Tsuruko stopped and turned to face Naru.

"Though Motoko saved you both…" and she laid eyes on the body in her arms, "… she was thinking of something, something that broke her concentration at the crucial moment."

"Motoko-chan…" Naru whispered silently, Keitaro laying his hand on Naru's shoulder.

"Its alright Naru… it isn't your fault…"

"No…" Naru lifting Keitaro's hand off her shoulder. "It isn't okay! She was fine a moment ago… if I hadn't lifted that katana…" and Naru lowered her head.

Keitaro watched helplessly as Naru burst into tears.

--- The following day…

Morning came in a desolate form. The dojo was eerily quiet and the sunlight penetrated slight gap in the wooden door to Motoko's room. Inside were four figures. Three pretty much human, the other simply lay still in the mattress.

"Her pulse is a little erratic…" Tsuruko sighed slightly, a tic escaping from her tongue, pulling the covers over Motoko.

Shinobu knelt down and took Motoko's paled hand into hers…

"Motoko-sempai…" was Shinobu's voice, on the verge of tears, while Kaolla whimpered quietly.

Naru stood at the doorway, silently watching Motoko.

"Motoko-chan…please wake up soon…" prayed Naru fervently.

"Naru…" Kitsune spoke, breaking Naru out of her thoughts. The floor board creakily desolately as Kitsune walked up to Naru and put her hands on the shoulders of her best friend. "Don't think too much. This has probably be fate's doing…"

"If… if only I had not pressured Keitaro… if I had not lifted that katana, everyone wouldn't be so moody now… and Motoko-" Naru said despondently, shaking her head, not finishing her sentence when Kitsune shook her, "It isn't your fault! I'm speaking from my heart! Its fate's doing that she's unconscious! Not that katana, nor Keitaro, especially you! It is not your doing!" Kitsune whispered harshly, yet somehow firmly.

Naru shook her head and wiped away tears that rolled down.

"Its no use Kitsune… no matter what you say to comfort me… I can't bring myself to come to terms with what has happened… only if Motoko will wake-"

Again, she didn't get to finish her sentence, and she was interrupted by Shinobu's loud shriek.

"Tsuruko-sempai! Motoko-sempai… Motoko-sempai is responding!"

Naru and Kitsune bolted into the room at the message. "Motoko-chan!" Naru called out her name, Motoko's fingers slowly curling up in Shinobu's hand, as her eyes slowly opened.

Who are these people… Motoko thought amongst the weird looks and curious stares in the room.

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