Summer Ice Cream

"Whew! This is the best!" Yuma shouted as he lay in front of a fan. "Why is it so hot out!"

"It can't be helped! Summers are just naturally hot! And stop hogging the fan Yuma!" Kotori called.

They were on Yuma's back porch with Tetsuo trying to cool off.

"Yeah Yuma! Me and Kotori are hot too!" Tetsuo said, fanning himself with his hand. "Summers are too hot!"

"Ah, fine!" Yuma passed over the fan and it spun around Kotori and Tetsuo.

"Yuma!" Akari walked out with a try. "Here!"

"What's that?" Yuma asked.

"Ice cream!"

"Woah!" The three shouted together.

Akari set the tray down, showing many different flavours of ice creams in small cups. "It's hot out, so ice cream's good at a time like this!"

"Yeah!" Yuma nodded and grabbed a cup of strawberry ice cream.

"Yuma! At least say Itadakimasu!" Kotori yelled before grabbing his ear.

"Ow ow ow ow ow okay Kotori!" Yuma shouted. Akari sighed.

"Itadakimasu!" They all shouted together.

"Man! Ice cream's the best in summer!"

Me: I love ice cream! What's your favourite flavor? Mine's Cookies and Cream and Raspberry Cheesecake!