Hi guys! Hope you like this, I know it's too short but… I'm really tired X3 sorry

Draculaura's POV

We ran into The Wolfs and into Clawd's room, he gave us jeans and two shirts

"Go change and give me clothes Clawdeen!" he said in his new girly voice

"OK" she said going to her room I stood there and looked at Clawd

"How are we going to fix this?" I asked crossing my arms

"I honestly don't know" he said looking worried, Clawdeen came back and gave him a pair of jeans a blue skirt and a necklace

"Why a necklace?" he asked

"Cause it looks great whit that skirt, oh and this is pretty weird but here you have" she have him some panties and a bra color teal

"This is not funny" he said I repressed a laugh as he looked at me serious as death

"Clawd…just use'em please" Clawdeen said walking back to her room

"And what are we gonna use?" I said, she froze and came back

"She…he whatever is right" Clawd walked into his room and gave us a pair of boxers

"Here" he gave her brown boxers and he gave me black ones

"Once you use them I don't want them back" he said I smiled and followed Clawdeen to her room, we were changing when I asked

"What are we supposed to do now?" I said

"I don't know…maybe this is from what happened yesterday…about the fight whit the boys…oh well now the ghouls" she said, I nodded I was sure it was that

"Ready girls…guys?" Clawd asked from the door, we nodded and followed him,

"Wait!" said Clawdeen running back to her closet

"What?" he asked

"This" she said giving him a blue purse

"You gotta be really joking this time" he said, he looked inside and start pulling things out of the bag

"Make up?" he asked showing us the little bag

"Yeah it'll help you honestly" I said nodding, Clawdeen rushed to him and sat him on a chair

"We're not going out whit you whitout makeup" she said applying him base, he didn't stop her he just sat there and let her get him beautiful

"Now look at you!" she said showing him a mirror

"Yeah, yeah I look cute whatever!" he said standing up and getting out of the house, I checked if Howleen was still asleep and it sounded like that, we went, to Deuce's house, Clawd knocked and his mom opened a moment after

"Hi Maddy Deuce's home?" I asked smiling

"Who are you?" she asked

"Deuce's friends" said Clawd as he gave her a six-years-old-girl smile

"His room is the first one at-"

"Right" said Clawd running inside, we went into Deuce's room , we opened the door and saw something strange, his snakes where so much longer, his figure was weirder

"DEUCE WAKE UP!" Clawdeen shook him and he started to blink as he turned

"Hm" we saw him fully and gasped he had boobs just like Clawd, his pajamas were huge now, he grabbed his glasses saw us and blinked in confussion

"Deuce…maybe you wanna see this" Clawd said grabbing a mirrow from his purse, he blinked slowly and looked at the mirror, his eyes widened and he rubbed them

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" he yelled

"DEUCE THAT MOUTH!" his mother shouted, helike if he was aslpeep whit his image looked at me and I smiled

"Draculaura?" he asked I nodded then he looked at the girl in front of him and as a good guy he smirked

"Hi gorgeous" Clawd pouted and ran to my side

"It's weird that my best friend guy is flirting whit me" that left Deuce shocked


"It's as strange for me as it is for you" said Clawd

"What happened?" Deuce asked narrowing his eyes at Clawdeen like if making sure it was her

"We suppose it was the fight of yesterda-"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHH!" a sream so loud it made Wolf brother's had to cover their ears and pained look crossed boh of their faces

"Who's that?" asked Clawdeen

"Cleo" Deuce and Clawd said at the same time

"Oh God!" said Clawdeen we ran outside and Cleo or a guy that looked like Cleo came running it was scary he had dark hair and a coffe whit milk colored skin and was dressed in some ridiculous towel thing

"WHAT?! YOU TOO?!" she pointed at Deuce and at Clawd

"Yeah" said Deuce

"Okay right now we won't go out calling us by our real names, so let's get names! It will be weird to call a girl Deuce or a guy Cleo!" said Clawdeen "Clawd will be Clawdette, Deuce will be Dina, Cleo will be Chad, Lala will be Nicolae and me…Clawer" we nodded and went inside Cleo's

"So how are we going to fix it?" asked Clawd leaning on the door looking at me

"Why do you look at me?" I asked shrugging "I have as many idea as you!" Clawdette touched my shoulder and kissed my cheek

"Calm down love" she whispered in my ear I just smiled and nodded

"So by the way you two act" said Chad pointing at us "I guess that the couples stay normal" Dina nodded

"Maybe…oh no! The other guys Frankie,Jackson, Abbey,Lagoona…" said Clawer his eyes widening Clawdette gasped and looked at me I just gave her a reassuring smile and took her hand

"Hey guys just imagine…if Chad and me have sex and I got pregnant…but then I become a guy again…what would happen?" said Dina smiling at us, Clawdette giggled and said

"Even as a guy you have those pervert thoughts" I smiled and put my arms around her waist she smiled and pulled me closer, I just kissed her and thought 'Even as a girl he has the same way of kissing' she gave a tiny sniff and pulled away

"What?" I asked

"You don't smell like before…" she put her head in my chest and have me a sad smile "You changed" I nodded sadly and thought of it 'I'm a guy now…I really changed…how am I going to tell my father this? Maybe he can help us…or maybe he would be angry?...I'm really scared…what if I stay like a guy forever?...what if Clawd stays like a ghoul forever…I would still love him'

"I've got an idea" said Clawer "Lets text the others and meet in the Coffin Bean" Clawdette nodded and said

"But Cle-…Chad dress up first!" I laughed and went out following Clawdette

"I need to talk to you" she said, I nodded and we enetered a room

"What?" I asked leaning on the wall, she sighed and walked away

"You still love me even if I'm a girl?" her face, it just made me think of her question, this was really my Clawd? This is just a dream?

"Of course I do…I will never stop loving you" I said walking toward her and pressing out foreheads together "Remember that OK?" she nodded and blushed

"Even out attitudes changed…" I nodded and feathered a soft kiss to her lips

"Hmmm…" she said as it deepened

"I love you…" she smiled and broke the kiss

"I know…" I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled

Clawdette's POV

Even as a girl I loved Draculaura, she would always be my little girl, but now whit Nicolae…it was different, his fangs were sharper, his eyes were blood red and his hair was completely black

"You're still a vegan?" I asked caressing his hair, he shrugged and smiled

"I don't know…I feel…"


"Hungry" I smiled and whispered in his ear

"Bite me" his eyes widened and he pulled away

"No.I will never do that"

"Please?" I asked, he shook his head and narrowed his eyes at me, I just hanged my head and murmured


"Don't be…I love you, I just don't want to hurt you" I nodded as we walked out

"Ready?" said Chad, I nodded as we walked down the stairs