Nick had no idea how it happened. It was unexpected and well… unexpected… Monroe had no idea how it happened either. When they began this relationship they knew what they were getting into. They knew what they could have and what they couldn't. They could have the love they'll share. They'll be able to buy a bigger and nicer house. Nick will eventually get Monroe to ditch his Volkswagen for something classier and brand new. They'll continue to hunt wesen together. Nights will be shared in the warm embrace of the other. Mornings will be filled with sweet kisses and nuzzlings before breakfast. Showers will be more entertaining and time apart will be rough and endured. They could have all that. But the one thing they knew they couldn't have was their own biological children. They were both male. Anatomically it was impossible, no questions asked.

However being the weird couple they were, Monroe and Nick had to get weirder. It was a year and half into their relationship when Nick started to feel unwell. He awoke every morning to bile rising up his throat. He'd rush off into the bathroom, leaving Monroe to conduct their morning kisses and nuzzling by himself. The Blutbad followed him every morning to make sure he was ok. He'd rub his back and kiss his temple as Nick bent deeper and deeper into the porcelain bowl to regurgitate his last meal and his stomach. To say Monroe was concerned was an understatement. After two weeks of Nick throwing up his stomach, Monroe was breathing down his neck about seeing a doctor. He hovered over Nick during the morning when Nick was able to leave the bathroom. He hovered once more when Nick returned from the police station exhausted with a sore stomach. Monroe protested and lectured the Grimm when he asked for some ginger ale to ease said sore stomach. When Nick still refused to go to the doctor's by himself, Monroe did the last thing he could. He scheduled an appointment with or without Nick's approval and dragged the Grimm there.

There was a lot of kicking and screaming involved of course. Nick hated going to the doctor. The only time Monroe's ever seen him at the doctor's was after he received a good beating at a case or it was time for his check-up, even then he was grumpy and fidgety. It wasn't an easy task getting Nick into the car. It only got worse and harder for Monroe to drag him into the office when they go there. But eventually they were checked in and waiting in the waiting are. Nick was still unhappy though. He grumbled at Monroe as he watched the Blutbad flip through the newspaper.

"I hate you." He muttered.

"You'll thank me later." Monroe countered.

"No I won't."

"Yes you will."

"I hate you." Nick muttered again. He crossed his arms and glared at the floor. Monroe resisted the urge to chuckle. The Grimm was acting like a child. He's seen this side before but not like this. This was purely child-like, no pretending on Nick's part. He wasn't gaining anything from acting like a child. He was just acting like a child.

"Nick Burkhardt," the nurse called from an open door. Nick stood slowly. "Follow me please," she said once she saw him walk towards her. Nick did as he was told but stopped at the door. He turned back to look at Monroe. The Blutbad stared back.

"Mr. Burkhardt?" The nurse called. Monroe arched a brow before waving his hand at Nick to go inside. The Grimm glared but the door eventually shut behind him. Monroe shook his head before flipping the page.

"Big baby," he muttered under his breath.

Nick followed the nurse down a long stretch of hallway. There were doors on either side in a zigzag formation. Each door held a small examination room identical to the next. She led him to room 10 and placed his folder into the bin on the door.

"The doctor will be right with you." She smiled before leaving him to his own devices. Nick took a seat on the uncomfortable chair beside the doctor's table. He stared at the computer and then at the sink. Then the cabinets above and below the sink caught his eye. He tapped his fingers on his thighs as he peeked out the opened door to see if the doctor was coming. Nope, empty as the desert. His patience began to wear thin after five minutes. Just as he was about to get up and go the doctor came walking in. He was a tall man with graying hair and a nice tan. His white coat fit snugly against his form. The doctor pulled out the folder from the bin and shut the door.

"Good morning, Mr. Burkhardt," he greeted once he sat down at the table. Nick's folder was opened to the last time he had an examination, date said two years ago.

"Good morning," Nick answered.

"I see here that you're complaining about a sore stomach and you've been throwing up a lot lately." The doctor looked at him with a little concern. Nick nodded.

"Yes, I have."

"How long has this been going on?"

"About a month… maybe longer…" Nick suddenly felt shy and embarrassed.

"Why did you wait so long to see a doctor?" The question was asked automatically as if the doctor was expecting to hear that answer.

"I-well-I…" Nick shrugged. Silence prevailed. Then the doctor smiled sympathetically and got up. He patted the hard stiff bed.

"Mr. Burkhardt, if you'd be so kind as to hop on and lay back and lift up your shirt." The doctor stepped back for Nick to get onto the bed. Once he had his shirt pulled up, revealing his stomach, the doctor removed the stethoscope from his neck. He listened carefully to Nick's stomach. His eyes narrowed and looking at the wall as he examined him.

"Hmm…" The doctor pulled away. "I don't hear any irregularities. Everything seems fine. Everything's moving as it should but since you're complaining about incessant regurgitating I'll have the nurse draw your blood and I'll run a blood test to make sure everything's fine."

"When will I know what's wrong with me?" Nick asked as he watched the doctor scribble something down on his folder.

"In three days, we'll have results. Come back then." The doctor smiled before getting up to leave. The nurse came in behind him. She already has the needle and vials ready. It was the same nurse as the one who brought him in.

"This will only take a minute." She assured him when she saw him shift when she moved to tie the rubber band around his arm. Nick grumbled but stayed still and endured her taking his blood. He watched the dark rose red blood run through the tube and into three vials. He didn't know why they needed so many but he wasn't questioning. Once she was done he practically hopped off his seat and raced for the door.

Monroe was where he left him, reading the last bit of the papers. The Blutbad looked up as Nick walked towards him, unfolding his sleeve over the bandage.

"Everything alright?" He asked.

"Not sure, they took my blood and I have to come back in three days for the results."

"Oh, well…" Monroe folded up the paper and they both headed for the door silently. They had three days of constant worrying to look forward to.

Those three days was hell on Earth. Nick spent it fine. He went to work. He came home, watched TV, ate dinner, showered, and then headed off to bed. Monroe, on the other hand, didn't do so well. He was worried. Nick didn't seem to be faltering in health. He did everything he normally did. But there was something off about him. Monroe didn't know what until he nuzzled the Grimm in bed one night. It was his smell. Nick's smell was changing. There was some sort of shadow over it, if that made any sense. It wasn't that his smell was changing completely. There was just something masking it, sitting atop it, camouflaging it. Does that make sense now?

Monroe took a long whiff at Nick's neck, where his scent was the strongest. Yup, there was definitely something different. Nick stared at him weirdly.

"Monroe, what are you doing?" He asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm sniffing you." Monroe answered as if it was the most natural thing to say and do. Nick turned so he was facing Monroe. Concern was written all over his face.

"Monroe… people don't just sniff each other randomly. I know you're a Blutbad but I also know you don't sniff people randomly either, even if it's me. Now, what's wrong?" Nick placed a hand on Monroe's cheek and rubbed his thumb against it soothingly.

"You smell different." Monroe confessed.

"… I didn't change shampoo or body soap recently… our laundry detergent and softener is the same…" Nick listed off things that would change his scent. Monroe shook his head to each one. He growled in agitation and soared over Nick to straddle him. His fangs peeked over his lips as he nibbled on Nick's neck.

"It's not that." He whispered. "There's something… added to your scent… as if it was masking it or… melding into it." Monroe was finding it hard to explain to someone who couldn't smell what he smelt. However Nick did understand even when he wasn't sure what Monroe was describing. He patted Monroe on the head and hummed as he shifted the Blutbad off him and they lay face to face.

"We'll figure it out in the morning after we get my results." Nick kissed his forehead and smiled. Monroe smiled back tiredly.

"Alright," he whispered before closing his eyes.

The Next Morning –

Together they sat in the doctor's office across from the doctor who was reading Nick's results silently as if he didn't know what it said already.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Monroe spoke after minutes of silence. "What is wrong with Nick?" The doctor looked up.

"Ummm… I'm sorry to ask this but what is your relationship?" He asked with worry. The two looked at each other.

"We're in a relationship." Nick said as he made a grab for Monroe's hand. The Blutbad strung their fingers together. The doctor sighed.

"I was afraid you'd say that."

"Why?" Offense was in both their voices as they demanded it together.

"When I first got your results back Mr. Burkhardt I wondered if they had misplaced your results with a woman's. So I had another test done immediately. However the results are the same."

"Which is?"

"You're pregnant."

"…" The urge to laugh was intense. Nick clamped his teeth onto his lips to prevent his rising laughter. Monroe's hand gripped his painfully.

"Excuse me?" Nick squeaked.

"I know this sound like a joke but blood results don't lie." The doctor pushed his results across the table to show Nick he wasn't lying. Unfortunately neither of them knew how to read the chart except for the words "pregnancy – positive".

"…" Neither said a word.

"Pregnancy is not in my realm of expertise so I'll be referring you to a gynecologist. She'll know what do with your situation." The doctor handed Nick a card. The Grimm took it with a dazed look. The doctor sighed. "I'm not sure to congratulate you or to say I'm sorry… I guess it depends on how you feel about this situation…"

"Thanks doc…" Simultaneously they got up robotically and walked out the door.

They sat in the Volkswagen staring out at the busy street. Nick had no idea how to start a conversation and neither did Monroe. It was unexpected. Nick was pregnant! Actually pregnant! The Blutbad turned towards the Grimm and eyed him. His eyes narrowed as he leaned forward and took a whiff of his scent. The mask was still there, shadowing over Nick.

"I think I know why you're scent changed." He said. Nick whipped his head over to him.


"I think I know why you're scent changed." Monroe repeated himself.


"Because you're pregnant," the answer was simple now that he had it. Monroe hasn't been around many pregnant women in his lifetime, other than his mother who had one more child after him. He's never been near his sister-in-laws. He was estranged when he decided to become a Wieder Blutbad so his chances of recognizing pregnancy have been diminished to zero, which is why he was stumped when Nick's scent changed. He couldn't have recognized it as pregnancy because the last time he was around a pregnant woman he was three.

"Why didn't you know that last night?" Nick asked.

"I don't have a lot of experience recognizing pregnant people." Monroe said. "The last person I was around that was pregnant was my mother and I was three."

"… How can I be pregnant?" Nick wrapped his arms around his mid section.

"Perhaps it's a Grimm thing?" Monroe suggested. They fell silent then looked at each other. Silently they conversed with thoughts. Understanding flooded their eyes and Monroe turned the ignition on and pulled the gearshift into drive.

"The trailer?" He asked as he pulled away from the curb.

"The trailer," Nick confirmed.

There was nothing much in the trailer. Most books were on wesen, very few on their own kind. Nick found it stupid that Grimms investigated wesen but never themselves. There are so many questions about Grimms that they needed answers to. How come they can see wesen? Are Grimms humans or wesen? Where does the power of the Grimms come from? Who are the Grimms? So many questions but there were only one question Nick desperately wanted an answer to: can male Grimms get pregnant?

Together they poured over book after book, looking for one page even a segment on Grimms and pregnancy. Books were thrown on the floor carelessly, the bed was messy and the blanket hung halfway off the bed for dear life. They had spent at least two nights in Aunt Marie's trailer. So far they got nothing until Monroe tripped over the bed and landed face first into the wall. Nick rushed over with worry as Monroe detached himself and rubbed his nose.

"Monroe, you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah… I'm fine…" Monroe muttered. He shook his head to get rid of the dizziness but his eyes landed on something wedged between the wall and the bed. "What the—"The Blutbad stuck his hand into the narrow space and pulled the object out. It was a book. It was leather bound book with no title and yellowing pages.

"Nick, did you drop this in there?" Monroe lifted the book for the Grimm to see. Nick grabbed the book to look it over.

"No… I didn't… I've never seen this book before…" He opened it. The first page had only one word on it: Grimm. Nick's eyes widened. This might be the book he was looking for.

"I think you've found it!" He said excitedly. "It's a book about Grimms!" Nick flipped through page after page. There was a lot about them and he was interested but he was only interested in one thing. It took a while but eventually he flipped to the right page. It explained everything about Grimms and pregnancy.

Nick read aloud "Though rare and unusual male Grimms are able to mother children. The Grimm bloodlines are different from humans and wesen. Over the years Grimms have made a point to always reproduce to ensure there will be a next generation of Grimms. However there have been several cases of male Grimms entering same sex relationships. Though unknown why and how this has caused the Grimms' genes to evolve; it's as if the genes have a life of its own. When a male Grimm enters a same sex relationship his body automatically alters itself to allow the Grimm to bear children. The pregnancies have proved to be safe and last as long as a woman's."

"… Perhaps we should have read this book first…" Monroe commented.

"We should have." Nick agreed.

Nine Months Later –

Monroe stood over Nick as the Grimm fed Alex, their new born son, his milk. Alex had his eyes closed and suckled greedily at the bottle. The Blutbad reached out a finger to caress Alex's soft cheek.

"He's so beautiful." Monroe whispered. Alex had his wild brown hair and Nick's pale complexion. His eyes were still a mystery though. Alex has yet to open his eyes. He cried a couple of times and they found out he had Monroe's loud vocal cords. They weren't sure if he was Blutbad or Grimm. They couldn't tell at such a young age. Monroe says Blutbad because he claims he can smell it on him. Nick didn't claim Alex was anything. He was hoping, secretly, that Alex had some kind of mutation that left him human, away from the wesen world. However he knew the chances of that were slim. Alex had both Blutbad and Grimm genes in him. He was bound to be one or the other.

"He is," Nick answered back as he smiled softly down at his son.

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